Saturday, 19 December 2009

My Bad (Pssst... I had my hair cut and dyed! =D)

I bet nobody's reading my blog anymore since I've not written a single thing for about half a year or so (excluding the one last post before this).

Lots of changes in life. Needed time to get used to things. OK, not that much of time needed for that, but I just lost the mood to write after that. I think I actually do like writing although my England is nowhere near powderful :P Hopefully this time, I'm staying.. for a longer time at least. Hehe.

Skip the past and come to the present. I've tried temporary curling my medium length hair done by the saloon, and it was unbelievably cute. Narcissism is necessary, they say. Then played with the curlers at home, and THAT was a disaster. My dog likes it though, she was wagging her tail >.<

In the end, I had my hair cut short and dyed today. Dark purple! Absolutely loving it! :) It looks as though I had it dyed dark purple with PINK highlights when I stand under the sun! Serious! No kidding.

Oh by the way, Miss Blurry will be in Kebaya this Sunday! *yay* I'm so so excited!