Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!


Gong Xi, Gong Xi (:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Happy Birthday and Guess My Age

Happy Birthday to myself! -_-"
You, you and you, I demand you to wish me now! :P

Alright, birthday is nothing big for me. I've been saying this from day one. Coz my family don't really celebrate birthdays. Birthday is just another day in the calender. Anyways, my birthday came rather early for me this year. I've received my 2009 presents in 2008. On Juan's 2008 birthday -_-"

Thanks for the Esprit bag, SLK and Charlene, although I bising the size is too big for my body to carry. Haha. The chocs are souvenirs from Aussie actually and that's the Leona Lewis CD that I won at that time. And a big thank you to Juan and Lizzie for subsidizing the Malacca trip early this year as my birthday present. But looks like Juan is not making me a cake and the colourful HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles will be kept for next year. LOL.

Of course, thank you all for all the wishes and blessings. SMS, phonecalls, FB, blog, whatever way you guys have used, trully appreciated :)

Now, guess my age! :P

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

School And Certs

I was supposed to go to Putrajaya to settle my SPM and PMR cert. However due to some reasons, we head to CBN first to settle my Testimonial, Kerja Kursus cert as well as my Taekwondo cert. feels good to be back to school. Everything was so so familiar! The canteen looks a bit different though. The food doesn't look as nice as how it used to be. I bet it doesn't taste as good either! :P Uncle Christopher and his family is not in charge of the Chinese food and snacks section anymore, I didn't see Pakcik Yusoff around nor did I smell any of his keropok lekor, tempura nuggets or hotdogs, I didn't notice my favorite ayam masak merah booth and the one selling chicken chops and ice blended was not there anymore!!!!! They must be crazy to change all that. I've tried foods from a few other schools and ours was the best so far. Booooo~ Lousy changes!

Anyways, the people in the office was much help to me. I collected my 1119 cert *happy* and Miss Choo helped me on the Kerja Kursus cert as well as the Testimonial (they are going to fine me for that! -_-"). But my favorite Mr. Hoo so no luck that he can't see me coz he has already went back home. Therefore I need to go back to school to see him to see if he can do anything about my Taekwondo cert since he is in charge of that co-curriculum activity. I'm excited to see my Taekwondo sir once again as well! Hehe.

Oh oh oh... After that, I brought my friends to see see look look my primary school. Not much changes except for the new paints. And my art piece that has been exhibited along the corridors for years was not there anymore! :(

We didn't expect to spend so much time in school and we ended up not going to Putrajaya as it was already quite late. The Putrajaya office closes at 4.30pm. Sigh. Need to plan another trip to go there after CNY.

P.S: Congratulations to Mr. Hoo on his soon-to-be-born baby girl! :D
P.S.S: My Diploma cert will cost RM300! Crazy! :(

Friday, 16 January 2009

First Haircut In 2009

Finally, I got my hair cut and I learned something. Don't ever demand so much in a saloon in order to not get disappointed. Especially if the person you are demanding something from is a Professional hair stylist. The last few times I talked to him, I got really frustrated as he has his own opinion and always going against my will. My hair always end up looking the way he wants it to be.

You must be wondering why don't I just changed to another stylist or go to another hair saloon. Well, I'm just too phobia to try other places coz I've got my share of bad experiences on this matter. Moreover, this particular hair stylist did cut my hair nicely and professionally. The only problem is it's not the way I want it to look like. Hehe.

Anyhow, this time I did not demand much. "I want to grow it long before cutting it short again. But I don't want the process to be ugly." Fullstop. And it turned out nice. Not nice on photos though.

Here's the most decent photo:

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Let's All Move

I'm soon going to start my job hunt. Yes, I've been saying this for God knows how long. I'm a procrastinator you see. Every little thing gets to me easily and greatly. I tell myself "Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. And that's the day I'm going to find out ways to get the replacement of the lost certs. That's the day I'm going to write my resume. That's the day I'm going to start sending it out to companies. And soon, very soon I will be off to one interview after another." Well, it is nothing unusual for a procrastinator to repeatedly tell themselves the same thing everyday. And so this is the result. No certs yet. No resume yet. No interviews yet. Gosh, this is seriously bad!

Despite the fact that I've not gotten myself a job yet, I already have plans on buying my own houses. You read me right. Not one, but one after another! Haha. Not any house, but landed properties. My future houses will be everywhere in the world. I want to stay a month in Boston, the next in Newton then I'd move to another area as I wish. I dream big! *grin*

However wonderful this dream could be, the image of moving everything from one house to another is really horrible. Imagine having to move everything all by yourself. Alright, there may be a solution for that matter. There are always moving companies ready to be hired. But hey, what about trust? Are you not afraid that the driver will damage everything that belongs to you? Not to worry as boston moving company not only provides storage space, strong backs and trucks, but they also deliver trust to your door step by taking extra care of your things.

As for now, I should really move into the working world.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Applying for new PMR and SPM certs

I finally found out the place to apply a new PMR and SPM certs. Hooray. But the problem is it's damn far la. Putrajaya.

I need a driver! Application for the post is now open.

What I really need to know now is how to get to Putrajaya by public transport. Help.