Monday, 31 March 2008

Late Gathering

BatuBZ being his funny-weird usual self again sending out formal invitations last Friday for a casual and informal gathering -_-" That was definitely not the first time me receiving such SMS. When there's transportation arranged, nobody would even think of not appearing on that night.

It was one tired Saturday. I had class from 2 to 9.30, and the gathering was held right after my last class. Konon don't want to waste any time. Konon wanna fully utilise our time! Surprisingly I didn't fall asleep in class. In the last lecture class, the lecturer said, "Everyone is wide awake today, unlike last lectures. Today's topic must be interesting." *Sarcastic betul!* Here goes my confession. HungryJess, FairYan and I thinks that the lecturer have a thing for us. Not the good kinda 'thing' but the negative kind! She does not like us. We can never pay much attention during her lecture and it has been very obvious. We carried our no-tulang belakang (backbone) culture from college to the tuition class. So we were the only ones who can't sit still and have a tendency to lean in front or rest our heads on the table while we write. I guess that's enough to make her not like us. But I would rather reason that she hates young people! We are the youngest among the students in the class. Others are already working, studying part-time. She do not like us coz we're young! I feel much innocent now! Haha.

Call us lazy if you want, but our backbone really can't stand to be straight for long periods! Lack of calcium perhaps :P Or let's put it this way. If only she can make her lectures more interesting and cut down the lame jokes in the class, our souls might be able to stay with our body longer.

Back to the gathering. As planned, HungryJess, FairYan and BadBoyVincent went home with me to wait for the others to fetch us to KTZ near my house. Like what used to happen in every gathering, there was some miscommunication between the drivers of the night! We end up meeting at about 11 something. We ate tong sui while waiting for BatuBZ to come. According to him, he was on the way. But he reached at 12 something instead! The workers have already started cleaning the place -_-" That's the reason for the "konon" above. Ironically, the person who sent the invitation being the last to arrived.

We went to William's Corner for second round and had supper. There goes my diet plan again! Fail... Fail... Fail... The portion was extremely big! (The pictures are with BadBoyVincent. Will do the review once I get it) Our conversation went from gossiping about some girl in the class's butt to some creepy scary ghost story.

"Hey, don't talk about ghost anymore! Scared. I still need to bath later!"
"You not staying alone wert! So many people in the house. Not like me."
"Yea, but I don't bathe with them k!"

Reached home around 3am. Everyone was sleeping soundly already. So I took a quick shower coz I was indeed scared to be alone in the bathroom! Hehe. Hmm.. I miss going out till late at night! *Yalar, good girl ma. Haha. Serious! Not lying* I'm contented, so far.

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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Tamago Boro - Japanese Biscuit

I had a real bad gastric last night at about 3 something in the morning when I was halfway blogging my previous post :( Luckily I had these cute little Japanese biscuits (TAMAGO BORO) I bought from Jusco, Mid Valley the other day :D Let's not mention about diet when I'm eating at 3 a.m and headed straight to the bed after that! -_-

Tamago Boro... SLK's favourite

I ate almost half of the content only remember to take a picture of it. Hehe. Jaga perut dulu mar! :P

Puff........ Puff.......

From the colour of it, I thought it would taste rather bland. Surprisingly, it was sweet. Tasted a bit like those white biskut bangkit we had during Chinese New Year but just not as sweet as those. I honestly prefer these! Mostly because of the size of the biscuits and the cuteness effect it has! Haha. And it's quite soft and melt almost instant in the mouth. I think it is suitable for young children and even babies to munch.

Cute biscuits helped me through the night :D

Pick-up Line?

My date with SLK went well the other day :D I never complained going out with her. What is there to complain when you're out with a good companion?! OK, I'm not being completely honest here*blush*. I did feel reluctant to take the KTM to Mid Valley. Hehe. Nevermind about that, the important thing is I always end up taking it no matter how unsafe I felt walking behind those alleys in order to get the nearest station. That's the only I can get there nowadays. I do not have a car and I can't drive, plus I have no sense of direction. I have driving license though :P

Some guy approached us as we were walking in the mall and said to me, "Hey, you look familiar. I must have seen you somewhere!" No, he's not giving me his deadly lame pick-up lines. If it were, my advice is to make more effort in creating one. Being lame is alright, but let the effort be noticeable. How about "Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?" or "Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here." -_-

Let me give you guys some hints. He and his friends are all wearing similar black t-shirts, holding a bottle of something in his hands, and a few strips of white papers. Yes, he was working in Mid Valley on that particular day. Yes, he's a perfume promoter! That's the reason why I looked familiar to him on that day! He must be desperate for the commissions, hoping either SLK or I will buy from him. Perfume is not something you can force someone into buying. But he just couldn't understand when I told him I do not like how it smells on my skin! Hard-sell just won't do! He kept saying, "Have you heard of Burberry? You know the brand? Ever heard of it? Have you been to the shop?" Hello~~ It's Burberry! He must have thought I just came out from a jungle or something and am so jakun not to know the brand. Anyhow, the point is when I buy perfume, it's the smell of it that I like, that's the reason I'm buying it. I'm not going to buy it just because of the brand when I do not fancy the smell that much! I'm sure most consumers are like that as well. I would rather pay more to get something that I like than to buy one that I do not like even if it's at a cheaper price. It is also a NO-NO for a promoter to criticize perfumes of other brands. He picked on the wrong perfume to talk bad at! He picked at the wrong perfume! Do not criticize one of our favourite perfume, Delicious! Conclusion, no purchase was made! :P

Back to my date. The purpose we went to Mid Valley was to post things over to Charlene. But mission not accomplished as we can't find a perfect box to put the things in. Responsibility then passed to SLK to post it hopefully by Saturday. SLK loves to food. So as usual, we indulged in various foods. All we did was eat, eat and eat. Then shop, shop and shop! Hehe. Shopping makes us very happy little girls! We fell in love with so many heels, wedges, pumps and flip flops!! But due to the long list of other things that we need to buy and the limited ka-ching ($$) in our wallet, SLK only managed to get a pair of flip flops. So sad! I might go back for one of the heels soon. Give me some time to do my budgeting first. I shall post up my list then you'd know I'm in such dilemma. I favourite item on that day was the dress I tried on!! I love it so so much! But it's a bit pricey :( Will do an individual post about the dress when I get the pictures from SLK.

We decided to pamper ourselves with a healthy drink from JuiceWorks before heading home. We got to take a longer way to get to JuiceWorks to avoid from getting attacked by that bunch of promoters again! Hehe. It's all worth it! JuiceWorks, my favourite healthy fruity juice! *yummy*

Friday, 28 March 2008

Office Storage

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Furthermore, comfortability of employees must also be taken into account. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing office furniture. Comfortable employees usually are more productive and they work more effectively and efficiently.

All these you could get it in


I am very HUNGRY!!! Mom came home late today. Dinner is not cooked yet :(

I can feel gastric pain already... Sobs*

Thursday, 27 March 2008

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Sexy Allergy And Love Bite

I'm prone to getting all types of sickness and diseases! Fever is exceptional though. I usually will only get serious fever once a year. As for those not-so-serious type where it comes and go, it does come once in a while.

I was once admitted to the hospital for dengue. I do not like hospital at all! All hospitals are haunted! At least that's what I think it is. Besides that, there have been so many problems with my teeth since young due to the weak foundation. Don't ever think that I'm already used to visiting the dentist. It still scares me. The sharp sound from the sharp thing (whatever it's called) when they do the fillings, the smell of the medicines, the cold feeling that the dental clinic gives is enough to make my hair stand! Oh yea, I'm soon to achieve having a million dollar smile! A million dollar WORTH of smile :D*

Did I mention I'm experiencing joint pains on the knee at such young age?! *Cry*

What's next? Hmm... I'm the queen of allergies in the house. My skin is ultra sensitive especially to products. I get all sorts of allergies. Itchiness is one of the things that I cannot accept. Allergies lead to so many other consequences. You itch, you scratch, sometimes till you bleed, you have scars, you get sleepless nights which then leave you two dark circles circling your eyes!

Some of the causes of allergies I've experienced could not be identified even by the doctors. I've tried several products on my face and body, which causes redness and itchiness altogether. That includes SK II *stupid hor... expensive things also cannot use!* So, the process of getting new range of skincare always gives me a headache.

A glimpse of what I'm having

As for the latest allergy, it's the lower part of the lips to the neck. I couldn't control my hands from scratching. So now I end up getting a love-bite look-alike at the neck! Such sexy area/spot for allergy to occur! >_<

The so-called love bite mark is not as obvious as this lar!

But that didn't stop me from going out to Mid Valley today! Hehe.. Updates on that as well as my crying session will be coming soon. As for the other sickness that I had and have, I'd post it up when I don't feel as lazy as I'm feeling now :P

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Itch- The Multiplayer Game Site

BigJeff once sent me an online games website in case I get bored sitting at home. Most of the games were more suitable for young kids aged below 12. I was grateful though despite it being childish. Yes, I was childish! So?! I even get hooked on it for some time. Mostly because I did not have any initiative to explore what other games available on the internet.

I was not even exposed to those various multiplayer online games that everyone has been playing and battling together. Itch is a website that is worth visiting in order to play multiplayer online games such as strategy war games as well as racing games for free!

I may not be much of a strategist or do I have the skills to drive in reality, I guess it wouldn't hurt me to do it in the cyber world! I could imagine myself behind the wheels already!! Vvrroooomm........

A Quickie

I'm having another type of ALLERGY AGAIN!!!! Damn! Fuck! *itch*scratch*bite*itch*scratch*bite* - I've learn well from Kobe @_@

I better get changing. Running late for my date with SLK. The Gardens......... here I come..........

Just Random

A random something that I've said more than once within this week.

"We were not born with handphones. So, before we has our first handphone, we were without it. I'll live! I'll survive"

"Before we get attached, we were single. So, if things don't work out, don't worry. You're just getting back to the position where you were once at. It's not something new at all."

P.S: *Yawn* It's time to sleep. I have a date with SLK tomorrow. Nitenite~

Hello, Miss M

Follow up with the "Letter To Miss P" post, I here announced that Miss M finally made it here for a visit! Let's all cheer for her! Woohoo~

I forgive you for being late. Just make sure that you're punctual the next month alright! You wouldn't want me to miss you that badly, don't you?! I prefer the stomach cramps that you are giving me than the ones Miss P has been giving me. Now Mich, this is what makes a girl a lady! Er, I think it's suppose to be - this is what makes a lady a LADY! :D The effective ones from Miss P made me feel abnormal. Nowhere near lady for sure.

Oh, I so want to express my love for your visit, Miss M! I don't think I need to say more. I'm sure you could feel me :P

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

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Monday, 24 March 2008

That Looney Spinster Is A Pest!

A conversation I overheard some time ago when I was bathing. It was between the two of my agony aunts. And NO! I DID NOT eavesdrop! The bathroom was as big as it is, where else can I hide, right?! If you don't want to be heard then talk elsewhere, somewhere private! Oh wait, there isn't any private place around this house, is there?!

Agony Aunt #1: Look. I bought something new to catch cockroaches! (talked very excitedly in her usual annoying voice)
Agony Aunt #2: Oooo... So it doesn't kill the cockroaches? Then no use lar.
Agony Aunt #1: Of course not! Animal lovers don't kill them k! I am an animal lover!
Agony Aunt #2: What?! Then catch for what?
Agony Aunt #1: I'm going to set them free in some jungle! There's one like a jungle next to my office. I'd let them free there!

-_-" I almost fainted in the bathroom listening to the conversation. Agony Aunt #1 has always been a pain in the ass for as long as I know her (which is since birth), so I was not surprised at all to hear her say that. The only thing I can say is- her screw up there was never tight! Pardon me about the name "Agony Aunt". I'd think of something more suitable to her in near future. It's beyond words how much mental and emotional torturing she has put onto my family. It is not easy to find a word or a name strong enough to describe her!

Friday, 21 March 2008

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A Letter To Miss P

Dear Miss P,

Why oh why must you visit me every month? You were never and will never be the main character here! You're just an unwanted extra! Despite being unimportant, you forcefully pay me a visit rather early and left me almost only a week to rest each month.

You make me feel so tired! You make me eat so damn much! You make me bloat! I hate the water retention effect. You make me sleep so much! Worse still is, you make me head straight to the bed after each meal. And I feel so fat now due to your presence. Why can't you go bug others and leave me alone?

You gave me chest pain! Or rather breast pain! I can't run that much when you're around. I miss chasing Kobe around the house. I have always envied those with small breasts, but you give me a total opposite effect when you visit and the worse thing is you stay for such long duration. You even give so cramps! I would never thank you for this. Never!

I have a feeling that you're jealous of me. Whenever I'm feeling OK, you pull me straight down to negative-heart-tearing land. You play tricks with my emotions, feelings and mood. You make me feel as though I have been abandoned by certain friends. You make me feel that the boyfriend do not care as much anymore for no reason. You make me feel pissed and angry for God knows what reason. I can't seem to get myself to talk properly to him.

It is dreadful to have you around, Miss P! I hope I am given the choice to skip you and meet the main character directly. I assure you I'd live better without you! Please don't take over my life! I hate you! I really hate you, Miss PMS!!!!


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fashion Schools California

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How I wish I'm taking fashion courses instead. I want to be a designer too!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


needs some TLC!!
I really do........

Monday, 17 March 2008

$ 8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

I am safe to say that I have no sense of taste when it comes to eyeglasses when friends asked me to select the best that suits them. There is a possibility it is due to the limited choices to choose from. I really hope that wouldn't be the problem when the next friend asked for my opinion when they want to change their eyeglasses. Or worse still, when it comes to my turn in future to get a pair of eyeglasses for myself although I do not wish I would have any eye sight problem.

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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Tagged! Random Questions

Instruction: Remove ONE from below and add in your own personal question, make it a total of 20 questions. Then, tag 8 people in your list and list them out in the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

The person who tagged you is: Canny

1. What's your favourite anime at the present time?
I'm nowhere near to becoming an anime fan.

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?
The ability to have all the abilities that I want, whenever I want it! :P

3. What's your favourite colour? Why?
I like almost all.. Since I can only choose one, Black then. It goes well with everything!

4. Where is the place you want to go the most?
Anywhere far from here. Preferably the beautiful ROME! :D

5. If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
Only one?! It better be for my every other dreams to come true! Haha.. yalar, I'm greedy :P

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yeap.. but make sure the sun is there! Rainbow appears when the sun shines onto droplets of rain in the Earth's atmosphere.

7. Do you think friends are important?
Totally! I value each of them!

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy a landed property first, then invest the rest.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I think I'd just keep it to myself. Someone commented that I'm not too open about my feelings. It might be true after all =/

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
She's nice, kind and don't really get mad at anyone so easily.

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?
A person who is arrogant, inconsiderate and pretentious! *there are more to be said about the person I'm referring here.. Long list!*

12. What is your ambition?
Be a rich housewife who doesn't needs to do any house chores :D

13. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Pointing out would be good.. but you gotta have the skills to say it the right way. Hehe.

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Studies for now. But am still not doing anything about it. Sigh~

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
I don't consider myself as one. But shopping always puts a smile on my face (:

16. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Can God take back all the mood swings?

18. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?

19. What makes you different?
I'm not too sure. Friends could give better answers to this question.

20. Do you feel good to be friend with the person who tagged you? Why?
Of course! She's one of the sweetest person I know :D

Alright.. I am done! I'm tagging...

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Friday, 14 March 2008

Please Let It Not Be Canine Distemper

The vet we usually go to in Sri Sinar was not opened on Mondays now. So we went to another one located in Bandar Sri Damansara instead as Kobe was in a really bad condition. Tears kept coming out from her eyes, she has been sneezing quite a lot, having difficulty in breathing, she wasn't active like she usually is for few days already and worst of all is we smelled blood in her tears! Even her body has a weird fishy smell =/

She used to enjoy her visits to the usual vet. But this time, she was rather scared. She kept climbing back, putting her front legs on my shoulders wanted me to carry her. No idea she if she doesn't like the new place or it's natural of her to do so when she's sick.

It's not abnormal for animals to fall sick. People must be wondering what is wrong with me getting all worried over small matter. But what got us worried was when the vet shaved off a small part of her fur in her ears and pokes a needle there in order to get some blood sample! Now, THAT's serious! Even you and I don't get our blood taken for tests.

Our hearts literally stopped when the vet is done looking into the microscope and started to explain what is going on with Kobe. He gave us a lecture on one of the chapter from the Biology text book. -_-"

Vet: Ok. I'll let you know what I found out. You know our blood consist of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, right? Dogs have the same thing.
Us: Yeah. Ok.
Vet: And white blood cells are divided into a few types. You know what are they, right?
Us: (We had the blur-est looks on our faces!)
Vet: This is in the Form 5 syllabus. You guys took your SPM already?
Us: Er... yeah. But we forgot all about it already. (this is where we felt stupid *blush*)
Vet: Hmm.. Ok. They are Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Basophil, Lymphocyte, Monocytes and Macrophages. And those 3 up here is in the same group, where the rest is another group. What I found was she has lumps like we do when we have sore throats. Two at the neck and another two right behind her front legs.
Us: Uh huh.
Vet: From the blood samples, I found that there is an increase in Lymphocyte which is normal since she has sore throat. But another thing is, there is also an increase in Eosinophil, which deals with parasitic infections. I think she might have Distemper.
Us: What?! What's that? (very worried looks on our faces)
Vet: It's a type of parasitic infection. It is not certain. I'll be giving her antibiotics. You monitor her for 2-3 days and get back to me or Dr. Sit if she gets worse.

We just couldn't hide how worried we were. It's all written on our faces. The vet kept telling us that it is not a confirmation that she is infected. And we told to keep her rested and avoid playing with other dogs because it is contagious. This includes Pou Pou.

I'm not feeling well.......

We kept her indoors. Only let her out to poo and pee in the garden once in awhile. We had such hard times cleaning after her since she likes to go into the kitchen and pee on the floor when we were not looking! We googled about canine Distemper and we found that she has 6 out of the 10 symptoms of the disease! Even her paws are cracking and swollen! Distemper can be treated but not cured. Death is the only answer if you found out about it late :(

I'm bored staying indoors! But I can't go out :(

After two days on the medication, she got better. But her paws are still the same. We don't know what to expect. We'll soon find out when she's done with her antibiotics coz that's when she'll be getting her second shot of vaccination. Then we can ask to vet about it. I hope she'll be alright :(

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bad Credit Offers

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If one day my luck gets so bad that it puts me into such situation, will definitely be the website where I'd look for the best bad credit offers!

Kobe Talks

Mom always talks to Kobe as though she is a real baby!

Me: Miii, if Kobe suddenly can talk and tell you "Yes mom, i love to chew on cloths!", how?
Mom: I straight away sew clothes for her and change her name to Cheong Cheong...
Me: Cheung Man Yuk?! (name of a famous Chinese actress)
Mom: Ahhh... Yes!! Cheung Man Yuk! Hahahahaha.........
Me: -_-"

Post on Kobe's sickness will be up soon.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

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Sonic the Hedgehog, Meta Knight, Donkey Kong, Mario, Princess Zelda, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, etc. Sounds familiar? Yes, these are some of the famous Super Smash Bros Brawl Characters. All the characters in the game have their own specific strengths and weaknesses. Therefore you need to learn the strengths of each character and take advantage of them to fight the opponents. Like any other fighting games, you need to strategize your moves to ensure victory to be on your side!

There are forums on the internet that allows players to have discussions on everything that has to do with the game.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Sick Puppy

It has only been a month since we've adopted Kobe and she has been to the vet for more than 3 times already. Now, she's sick again! I feel so sorry for her. Maybe didn't treat her nice enough.

My precious.....

I'm a worried mom now. Worried sick for my baby Kobe :(

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Online Slots City

You go into a casino. You look around. You're excited to win some money there but then you found out that you do not know what's going on at most of the tables! Now, that's a mood spoiler. What's the next thing you look for? The slot machines, of course!

Slot machines are one of the famous, as in the most played game in casinos. This is because not much skill is needed to play the game. Due to the simplicity of slot machines, it is highly addictive among players. You do not have to think much and enjoy the process of the playing slot machines to the fullest with the company of some of your favourite snacks and drinks. However, I'm sure nothing compares to the comfort of your own home.

Online Slots City exhibits a list of best online slots provided by the online casinos. It is categorised by the best payouts, best rates and the best bonuses offered by each casinos. With easy access to the online casinos at your home, you can now play slot machines and win big money at home! You can play any time as you wish while hugging your favourite pillow! That's what I call enjoying your slots to the fullest!

I Hope Cotton Is In Good Hands

SlowCatchUpKuan has already updated on this in The Day Cotton Found a Home post. *I'm forever outdated wan lar.. Haha*

Yeap, finally Cotton found a home! In Subang Jaya. So far from our house! :( Hope she's in good hands. Look at the sad look on her face. Heartbreaking~

Bye Bye Cotton :'(

Cotton was not the only one who has a sad look on her face. You should see SlowCatchUpKuan and KidCheng , they were crying! Looks like I'm the strongest among us, eh? :P

LifeLock Coupons

I bet there are still many out there who have not purchased or registered yourself for an identity theft protection system. Why is that? Are you not convinced yet that everyone in the world is exposed to such unfortunate events no matter who you are? Or are you just not willing to spend money in getting the protection?

You might not see the impact of getting your identity stolen yet. But I assure you, it is not as simple as you thought. You could get into a really big trouble if it happens to you! Imagine, someone using your identity to rob a bank, to get a loan from illegal financial institutions or to get into a really expensive long term insurance contract! Now, you think who will be responsible in settling all these debt. You or the "thief"?

Like I said, this could happen to anyone. So, your family members are well exposed to identity theft as well. You might think that getting such protection for all family members are costly. But it is all worth it!

If money is what you're worrying about then a thing called Coupon is just the right thing for you. The LifeLock Coupons allow you to have the deepest discount for new LifeLock customers. Here is your chance to save money and get the protection needed for you and your family! Hurry up and grab a LifeLock Coupon now!

Friday, 7 March 2008


1. A very own laptop
2. A new handphone
3. A full Marie France package! * at least I admit I'm fat aightz! :( *
5. A landed property! * I would really really love to have a longer list here! I have so much more to write! *


A good blogger friend, who has much to said, with good photography skills, a friendly girl who can mix with just about anyone *I think..hehe* and she values frienship!

Er...consistently leave some words in my chatbox? Does that count?

Wait till I meet her in person, then I let you know alright :)

Question myself whether I'm straight, a lesbian or a bi-sexual..

The only reason could be coz she wants it to be like that? * I never liked having or making anyone enemies *

1. Spicy-B
2. TheKingOfJackpot
3. SlowCatchUpKuan
4. Canny


I have no idea.. let me know if you know

Er.... I think the age gap would be a real problem

I think No.4 is already taken... Yeap, I saw your MSN display photo, Canny! :P

No longer studying

Communicate through blogs considered? Well, it has been quite some time already



But he's not available now. How? :P

IF I'm single, why not? Haha


No.2 through MSN chat and no.4 and I used to be classmates

Seri Kembangan.. but Newcastle for now

MSN, right Kenny? Right? I'm quite sure it's not ICQ

I bet he is! In a man-ly way I mean. Haha

LifeLock Promotion

I have been writing so much on identity theft nowadays. I've read a number of posts about such issues and I realize how crucial it is to know how to protect yourself and also your family members against the consequences that arise from being a victim of identity theft. I used to think if my wallet gets stolen, I only lose the amount of money that is kept in it and also some cards that replaceable. But now I know that it is not as simple as that. It involves not only money but the security of yourself as well as people related to you.

Therefore, identity theft protection is very much important in our lives now. However, nothing comes free as you should know by now. This kind of protection is usually very costly. Promotions on such protection systems are now so valuable.

LifeLock is one of the best identity theft protection systems available in the market. Besides providing the best service to their customers, LifeLock Promotions also offers you the service at a discount. Promotion Code gives you a full package of their services eventhough you are paying at a lower rate. Even WalletLock that provides function in replacing the documents in your stolen wallet is included in the package mentioned.

Check out the Promo Code yourself if you have any doubts!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Grab The Chance To Be In A Magazine Cover!

One little thing I like about tags is the fact that I do not have to be creative in what I write! All I have to do is just follow the instructions given. *Oh no, that's not called cheating!* Hehe. Here goes a tag by SlowCatchUpKuan.

My chance to be in the front cover of not just one magazine, but a few! XD

This is a once in a lifetime chance for you to grab tickets to my very own spectacular rock concert! Unsure if I can rock? Join me and witness it! :P

Big rockstar coming to town soon.........

A rockstar-cum-model! Wakaka.... What more can you ask for? *grin*

Super model-in-making... Kekeke

Being famous is not that easy. Once in a while being a geek can be so much fun! :)

I'm a noob when it comes to PC stuffs actually -_-"

Here's my very own Tinkerbell. Haha. Alright, alright, mine is Kobe! And she's so much cooler than Paris's lil evil-looking Chihuahua! :D

She's one smart puppy there!

Jealous already? See if you've got what it takes to be in a mag cover at *winks*

1) KennyTheKingOfJackpot
2) Wenzi
3) Adrian
4) Flux
5) KimFei
6) Mich
7) Joshua

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Music Or The Weather?

One day, you listen to a song of any kind, it doesn't matter what type of music, the language might even be foreign to you and you might not understand at all what the lyrics of the song is about. You can feel tears in your eyes or you're plainly holding back your tears. You know that if you let your emotions flow, you'd find yourself crying like a few months old baby hungry for some affection. That's a sign that you are not happy. Or, perhaps there is just something that is bothering you?

The reason could be as simple as not getting what you want for breakfast, not getting the chance to talk to your best friend for a very long time or it could be as big of a deal as losing someone dear to you. There's no existence of any rules that forbids anyone to feel such way in any circumstances. What is significant to one person might not be significant to others.

Could it be the weather playing tricks on us? The sky has been sobbing for days~

Monday, 3 March 2008

Online Casino List

Too many to choose from is not always a good thing. I get frustrated all the time when I need to make decisions on which to choose out of countless numbers of options given. I would feel that everything is equally as good compared to one another at that particular moment. This applies to online casinos as well.

There are numerous online casinos in the World Wide Web now. It has become a difficult task to choose which to play at. It is also hard to decide which online casinos are providing the best graphics, the best games, the best bonuses, the fastest speed, etc. Therefore website like the should very well be appreciated.

Online Casino List provides a list of best voted casinos by players. This also means that it is based on the experiences of players all around the world. Hence, you can choose accordingly on the type of games or features that interest you.

As for your winnings, it is just as far as a click away only. You can either have your cheque sent to your mail, through the Neteller account withdrawal, Wire transfer or through Firepay withdrawal.

If what you're looking for is the best in choices and also ease in making decision, then you should visit


The book that caught my eyes when I was out at the bookstore yesterday:-

"Girls are weird, but they smell pretty."

How true is that? I kind of agree with that statement especially the "weird" part =S

I'm no pretty girl here, but I hope I do smell pretty at least! *grin*

LifeLock Promotion Code RD 32

"Hi, I'm Lap Sap Tung from the New Valley."
"Hi, I'm Lap Sap Tung from New Valley too!"
"No! I'm the real Lap Sap Tung!"
"No, you're not! I am the real one!"

What comes in your mind if you happen to meet two persons who have the same name, same address, and basically they have the same legal details about themselves? Two persons with the same single identity! One of the possibilities is that an identity theft had happened!

Identity theft doesn't only happen to famous people. It doesn't only happen in rich countries. Identity theft can happen anywhere to anybody. You might think that you are insignificant and who in the world would steal your identity. But do think twice, because those who steal identity do not really care who they steal from. There is a high chance of them using the identity to commit fraud or any other crimes. Now, you see the danger of identity theft.

We are lucky that there is now a protection against such mishap happening to us. LifeLock is the industry leader in Identity Theft Prevention. They are offering a discount for their customers. By using the promotion code RD 32, you are able to get 30 days free and an exclusive discount!

Check out their website at

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Balenciaga, Paris

My new wallet!! My Balenciaga, Paris! I was in Paris!! *In my dreams though.. -_-" * Loving it!

I love my new wallet!

Thanks a bunch to my darlings, Charlene and LaiKuan! :) Oh yea, to Ken as well for being so sO patient and walk so long hours for the first time to look for the wallet! :P

From Paris wey! :P

Standing tall

P.S: Yea, yea. This post is just to show off! Hehe. *Don't like this post? Too bad! :P*

The One In A Million

The winner for the second season of One In A Million is.....AYU!!!! Yay!! *clap*clap* My vote was not wasted! *I voted, so what?! :P*

My all time favourite singer in the competition. She has a great and powerful voice and she has the skills to control it! Not only does her singing give me goosebumps in almost every episodes that I've watched, I love her personality as well! :) She's humble and she's real! *unlike the other finalist! :P* Just like what Paul said, you can really feel how real she is even through her singing.

If not mistaken Ayu said something about her wanting to prove to the world that although she's not pretty, she CAN SING! She is no ugly duckling there. Her bubbly personality shines and I find her kinda cute. Hehe.

Well done, girl! Continue to sing your heart out......... ;)