Tuesday, 30 September 2008

MIA, That's Me

Sorry for MIA for some time. Truth is, I'm coping very well since the departure of Spicy-B to the land far far away for another year. I didn't feel like talking, socializing or even blog about anything. I've been very emotional (will not go into details what happened) and I still am. Ugh. I serious hate LDR! I'm lost of words to express myself. Keeping quiet might be the best thing for me for the moment. Some feelings and thought are better to be kept for myself.


Went to submit ACCA examination fee today then head to Mid Valley with a man who suddenly has saggy breasts and a bunch of people whom I enjoy crapping with :) I shall threaten that man first before blogging about it. Hehe. My dear friend, this is what you'll get for trying to embarrass me in the shopping mall. Beg me to not publish you photo! :P Never mess with girls ok! Most importantly, never mess with me! Haha.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Disney Bingo With My Favorite Characters

Growing up watching Disney cartoons and movies and listening to their songs was one of the best things in life for me as a kid at that time. I never have the privilege to own a whole lot of toys to play with, so Disney played an important role in my life when I was young. I salute Disney for not failing to produce great movies till today.

These are my all time favorite Disney movies and cartoons in random order (I had a hard time deciding which is my number one as they are all really good):-

1) Wall-E
2) Ratatouille
3) Mary Poppins
4) Finding Nemo
5) Sleeping Beauty
6) The Chronicles of Narnia
7) Beauty and the Beast
8) The Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale
9) Enchanted
10) Alice in Wonderland
11) Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
12) Cinderella
13) National Treasure
14) Peter Pan
15) Hercules

I could easily list down more of the cartoons and movies that I enjoy watching. Let's not forget the songs as well. I used to go "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A,
My oh my what a wonderful day....", "A whole new world....", "Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, The medicine go down-wown ...", etc every single day. Disney songs are just so good to sing along! :)

How about you? What are your favorite 5 Disney songs, characters or movies? Let's compare and see if there are any matches with mine.

In addition to all these, there is also a new Disney Bingo DVD game available now. The game involves those cartoon characters and movies. I can now have heaps of fun playing with the characters from my list of 15 favorite cartoons and movies. You can purchase your Disney Bingo game at or at this instant.


Sunday, 21 September 2008

UK Is Just Too Far :(

I'm missing you so badly already! ;(

Friday, 19 September 2008

My Kreativ Blogger Award

It has been long since I've received any blog awards. Thank you, thank you Spicy-B for sharing the Creative Kreativ Blogger Award with me :) I honestly did not force him to give it to me, but I guessed it's implied? :P

Now i would love to give this award away to readers and bloggers according the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on his or her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

I am sharing this to Joshua, Via, Kenny, Marcus, Canny

Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Rock, The Candle And The Light

I was supposed to put this under auto-post but thanks to my lazy self for packing at the very last minute, I did not manage to complete the post before departing for Lang Tengah. Sigh.

Mid Autumn Festival was a little different for me this year. I ended up at Spicy-B's friend's house on the eve. A little weird. A little out of place. A little extra. But who cares, the house rocks! A great place to sit around and hang out there. Having Spicy-B there definitely made it a lot better a big difference.

Now, now, let's have a look at our work of art :)

A light that shines the whole house :P Yeap, that's a house formation done by Spicy-B and I. I just realized the one candle that was lit looked like the sun :) Spicy-B + QS = houses -_-"

Anyways, he then destroyed the house due to the imperfection of the structure. Never argue with him when it comes to buildings and its structures =X

Take a good guess what we were trying to make in the picture below!

No idea? A little help from me...... How about this picture below?

It's written "MID AUT FES". The short for MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL :D Very jadi, right? Just use some imagination. If you still can't see it, it's not because we were bad in arts. It's just that you might be lacking in imagination :P

I looked satisfied with the work done :) Or does it look like I was making a wish with a birthday cake in front on my birthday? Hehe.

I'm not a stingy person. I borrowed my "cake" to another person. Sharing is caring. And caring spreads happiness :) Here you go Meng Zhee, you can have my birthday cake!

He being the person to blow the candles on the cake in the end has got the consequences. He ended up being the one scrapping off the candle wax on the rock. Hehe. I'm smart! I'm so smart to share the work . Wakakaka*

Hope the coming days will be filled with lights :)

Brighter than ever :)

Notice how many smileys :) I had in this post? It shows that I'm happy at this very moment :)

Happy Bulan Purnama To All :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!!

Enjoy your moon-watching -_-", the mooncakes and the company of your loved ones :D

P.S: I'm going Lang Tengah tomorrow.

P.S.S: I'll try to write some posts and put it on auto-post *don't you all just love me* :)

Bitch In Pink

Last time, if I were to choose between a female dog and a male dog, I would definitely pick the male instead. I find it easier to say "Come here, boy!", "Fetch, boy!" or "Hand, give me hand, boy!". But if you let me choose NOW, I would rather have a female dog at home. There are easier to take care, more gentle and er.... I don't like bathing male dogs =X

Another t-shirt we got for Kobe. I used to wear it to tuition classes when I was still in secondary school. It was passed down by SlowCatchUpKuan to me, then me to Kobe. Hehe. Pink sure shows the gentle side of Kobe.

She even sleeps well at night wearing the pink shirt. The material is super soft and it covers her well. No mosquitoes bite. The best is, it prevents her from biting on her wound :)

We always said that she looked like a big fat rat in pictures. The picture below proved it true. But the fact is, she's not fat, she's a medium size and she is definitely a DOG! No doubt.

Looking so feminine but yet annoyed. She never liked me taking her pictures -_-"

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Blue Defines Rugged

We must be fair to the dogs. It's Pou Pou's turn! Wakakaka* We just can't stop laughing seeing them in our t-shirts.

You see, Pou Pou was simply excited to see Kobe in her new attire. She was wagging her tail all the while, which shows that she's happy right? So, we get her a shirt that suits her skin fur colour.

Blue! She looks good in all colours actually. Don't you girls out there envy her? I do! Haha. I mean, who would look good in ANY colours, eh? Even Kobe doesn't have that advantage. Imagine the combination of blue (the shirt) and black (Kobe). Yuck*

She got a little emo when one of the sleeves dropped down.

She looked like she got raped or something. Hehe. SOoo miang....

Absolutely gorgeous in blue. And very rugged looking too XD

Cambodia Cuteness

There's nothing much to do during raining season. Can't wash clothes, can't bring the dogs for walks, can't bathe the dogs, can't go wonder around outside, etc.

When boredom strikes we seek for entertainment. We clowned our dogs :P They were cold lar... We kept them warm as they were shivering. Serious, shivering!

I never liked the idea of putting on clothes on dogs. But I find it cute now that I've tried it on Kobe. Haha.

Kobe is such a poser when she wears my sister's Cambodia t-shirt. Showing some cleavage. Very sexy :P

She watches videos of her own too. But never more than a few seconds. Talk about short attention span -_-"

Off-shoulder!! Tsk*tsk* How can anyone tell me she's not cute?! Now you tell me truthfully, is she cute or what?

Haha. One of my favorite pictures of her. Cacated. The shirt is really over-sized for her little body. What to do, people at home are all equally big in size :(

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I Tag Myself. WTF.

Answer the questions below, do a google image search with your answer and do it with minimal words of explanation.

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday.

I'm old ;(

2. A place you’d like to travel to.

Italy! Let's start with Venice?? :D You should know what to do boy! *cough*

3. Your favorite place.

For now, it would be KL. A place where you can get just about everything you needed. It's all about familiarity -_-"

4. Your favorite food.

Japanese food!! And spicy food! The spicier the better... *yumyum*

5. Your favorite pet.

A very loyal one.

6. Your favorite color combination.

No specific combination. As long as it's not ugly, I'm ok with it.

7. Your favourite piece of clothing.

A comfortable, nice looking, body fitting tee. Cutting is very important too.

8. Your all-time favorite song.

Cry On My Shoulder

9. Your favorite TV show.

Love almost all reality show. Love the drama that comes with it. Oh yeah, and Heidi Klum is millions times hotter than Tyra Banks.

10. First name of your significant crush/other.
I don't even remember if there was one. LOL.

11. The town in which you live.

I googled the town I'm living in now and I found this! My very smart dog that has gone missing. Am still cursing the one who stole her.

12. Your screen name/nickname.

blurryhunniee (found back my own picture.LOL)

13. Your first job.

Not so accurate. I've never worked in a shop that sells clothes before. I sold travel packages.

14. Your dream job.

Is there a vacancy for the BeingRichWithoutWorking position?

15. A bad habit you have.

Can never decide on one thing for certain. I only start thinking the details after making a decision and I often question what I've decided. Sigh.

16. Your worst fear.

Loneliness :(

17. The one thing you’ll like to do before you die.

Travel around the word :D

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Merdeka Caused Congestion

This is the punishment to Spicy-B and I for forgetting that day was Merdeka eve. Jam. Jam. Jam. We were forced to join in the countdown with those very free patriotic people who parked their car at the road side to watch the fireworks. Our car was moving s.l.o.w.l.y but not s.l.o.w enough. We did not catch the fireworks and we missed our movie -_-"

How I spent my Merdeka day?
Standing at the roadside eating luk luk in Aman Suria and mamak-ing there with Spicy-B. Oh yea, and also a phone call from a friend in Australia who needed someone to talk to :D

That wasn't that bad of a night. I enjoyed my supper, the company and the phone talk. Hehe.