Sunday, 30 December 2007

Viagra In The Clinic! [Part2]

This relates to my sick laptop. Most of my photos gone missing. So this Viagra post won't be as interesting as you hope it would be.

Why would a girl like me look for a clinic that specializes in selling Viagra, eh?

Not Viagra lar... It's my antibiotics!

Well, Viagra was never not the reason I was there. It was just a PoliKlinik and Surgery where people go for whenever they have any kind of sickness. There I was waiting for my turn to be registered, as my eyes and KidCheng's wander around every corner in the waiting area. Shamelessly we took some shots that I've posted in Viagra In The Clinic! [Part1]! *other patients were staring and we pretended not to see*

Recommended lipbalm

My lips cracked and bleed everyday. It got worse as days passed by that the skin around the lips area became red-ish and it starts to peel. It had been like this for almost half a year. So I went to the clinic found out that I had infection instead or allergy!! For that I was given a big stacks of antibiotics *puke! gotta telan so many!* and a non-medicated lipbalm for the crack lips. Within a week, areas around the lips healed! It's almost like a miracle! -_-"

Soft brush for sensitive gums :)

I even got myself a new soft tootbrush because my gums are still bleeding! Sigh... Talk about sickness... RavinBoy is right, I will soon make a list of sickness that I had and those that I am still having =S

Laptop Is An Important Asset

I'm back from my Penang trip!!! =D *jumping up and down, left and right* Miss me?? Miss me?? No?

Hundreds of mails! Hundreds of Facebook application requests! A long list of unreplied messages in my CBox. "Why no update geh?" "You busy ah?" "Still exam?" "When u wanna update??"

Well, these were all due the malfunctioning of my laptop about a week or more ago. My laptop fell sick and just not interested to see anyone, so it wouldn't switch on no matter how we press it. After the visit to the clinic, it got attacked by virus till we can't log into our desktop!! That's the reasons for all the upcoming oh-so-outdated posts. Hehe.

Anyhow, the laptop recovered, so I hope I can write at least one post a day. Well, it is merely a hope, no guarantees :P

Friday, 21 December 2007

Gamble At Home Comfort

Gambling in casinos has become a norm nowadays. My friends who visit the casinos find the thrill in trying their lucks in the bets. However, some find it troublesome to travel all the way there. It is such a human nature to be lazy! But fret not, because there are always online casino to replace the traditional way of gambling! =)

I came across Pro360, a website that provide online casino reviews. This would definitely save time as the have a list of hundreds of best online casinos!
Pro360 filters and offer detailed review on game experience, trust score and bonuses offered by each casinos. Players can choose from variety of games offered such as online poker, roulette, blackjack and slots.

What's best about
Pro360 is that they award more casino signup bonuses than the usual online casinos offer directly. Pro360 enable players to easily access to not only the list of the best online casino, but also casinos with the highest jackpot and casinos with the best bonuses!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant In The Gardens

Another belated post with a belated wish >_< Mom's birthday was on 25th November, and we celebrated it at the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant in The Gardens.

Who would have guessed that each and every dish offered in this restaurant is cooked with tea leaves! Talk about healthy lifestyle! Tea may help in reducing gastric, esophageal and skin cancers! *Miracle* This is just the right place to dine in =)

They offer variety of teas to choose from. *Duh!* They even have an area where they sell tea leaves in packets so that customers could easily buy the teas that they enjoyed during their meals. Not only that! Those beautiful teapots are for sale too! There were two different sizes of teapots available.

Bu er Tea.... really smooth type..

Even the rice was cooked with tea leaves.. This is the reason I said EVERY dishes have something to do with either tea or tea leaves.

So much better than those regular white rice.. I feel so healthy >_<

I can't really choose a favourite among the dishes that we had because everything tasted good. Haha. We had HM Beancurd *HM stands for Homemade??*. The texture of the beancurd is very important. HM Beancurd was very smooth and hence it was good!

HM Beancurd with 'dao si' toppings ... mmm..mmm...

Vegetable 4 in 1 with pickle consist of petais, ladies fingers, brinjals and long beans. SlowCatchUpKuan who doesn't like greens commented that this is one of her favourites. I was like "Wow, you're eating veggie! Green ones!!!"

Shredded pickle is very crunchy...Crunch. Crunch.

Another smooth one- herbal steamed egg. Besides these, we also ordered the Bean Paste Fish but unfortunately no pictures was taken because like what SlowCatchUpKuan said, she was busy gobbling up the food that she forgotten to make use of her camera -_-"

Look at the tea leaves.. ahh... I love tea!!

Last but not least, the very special soups! The soups were served in small teapots and each teapots could only fill about 6-7 tea mini cups full of soups. So we ordered 4 different types of soups- Burdock Tea Soup, Ginseng Tea Soup, Tea & Wine Soup and Lotus Root Tea Soup. Hmm.. I must say that my mom makes better lotus root soup, without tea leaves though =(

Mini teapots of soups

The customer service was good. Overall, it is worth to dine here especially if health is the main thing you consider when you look for food.

Happy Belated Birthday once again, Mom!!

Bu er Tea (8 persons) - RM16.00
Herbal Steamed Egg - RM9.00 (L)
Vegetable 4 in 1 with Pickle - RM22.00 (L)
Burdock Tea Soup - RM5.00
Ginseng Tea Soup - RM5.00
Tea & Wine Soup - RM5.00
Lotus Root Soup - RM5.00
HM Beancurd - RM18.00 (L)
Bean Paste Fish - RM30.00 (L)
Green Tea Rice (8 persons) - RM8.00

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Lot LG, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-22836090

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Make Money With Blogging With Smorty!

At last! Smorty has finally approved my blog after declining it once.

Now, I can start to earn some cash to buy the shoes, shirts and the Levi's jeans I've been dreaming of without even asking money from my parents. I call this being independent. Haha.

Smorty is a blog advertising service that connects both the advertisers to the bloggers. Smorty provides a chance for advertisers to advertise on blogs, and through this, bloggers get paid for blogging. It is a good opportunity for bloggers, especially students like me to earn some extra pocket money by getting paid to blog with just writing your opinion on the products, services and websites. The best thing about it is you are actually getting paid weekly in USD! Woohoo!
Why not blog for more benefits? Blog because of interest, but complimented with payments that could satisfy your other needs as well! All that is needed to do is click the link below or the icon at the right bar to register and get started!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

No Longer A Kid When You Hit The Big Numbers

Deleted the long anniversary post. There isn't any anniversary anymore, so what the hell, right?! Think again, I was never a mushy-gushy lovey-dovey type of girl anyway. So there will just be a birthday shout out instead :)

Happy Birthday!!!!

My dear dear, Sar Lai Kuan turning 21 today! Yay! You are as old as I am. And your height will definitely stay the same from now on. 21, the age where you stop growing vertically but not horizontally!! Muahaha.. Yes, I am jealous that you're taller than me by 2cm :P Owh, how nice if it's the other way around right? Heck, who doesn't want to be taller and not grow fat as they grow older. Hehe.

She's fun.. fun.. fun..

May all your wishes come true and of course may you achieve what you've dreamed for! All the very best in your studies as well. Stay pretty and stay at the same height *too tall not nice lar. really. trust me! :P* There I go again. Keke..

Yer.. taller wan!! Not fair!

The best is change and improve in life but not change your personality. I like your 'yap-ings'!! LOL!! Happy Big 21st Birthday, dear! A belated celebration is not that bad. Just too bad for Lizzie for not able to get her 'nai char' =S

Love you loads!

Hope our friendship last eternally! :)

We love you so soo soooo much~ Hehe

Happy 21st Birthday, Sar Lai Kuan!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Which Type Of Dysmenorrhoea Have You Experienced?

It felt like there is something in the abdomen. No, I am not pregnant! Although I do look like one with the fats in my body. Sigh. I was having period cramps without the period. Abnormal? Not really. I did some research and found that I am very much healthy, or so I do hope I am.

Pain associated with normal menstrual cycle is common. *but mine is irregular :( * The one I experienced should be the congestive pain that occurs few days before period and it is suppose to improve once the bleeding begins. Scientifically, what I had was just Dysmenorrhoea. It's not as complicated as it sounds. It is just pain in the abdomen, which could get really bad at times.

That's not just it. Dysmernorrhoea is classified into primary and secondary, where Primary Dysmenorrhoea usually begins within a year or a two of a women's first period. It occurs due to the forceful contractions of your womb a.k.a uterus, brought about prostaglandins (normal hormones that are produced by the body). They stimulate contractions of the uterus during period and are responsible for contractions in childbirth, during labour. The contractions are painful because they compress the blood vessels to the uterus, cutting off the blood supply and depriving the tissues of blood.

Secondary Dysmenorrhoea is period pain caused by an underlying disorder. It usually begins later in life. Causes include endometriosis (when tissue from the lining of the womb grows elsewhere in the body and bleeds every month when you have your period), pelvic inflammatory disease, a benign tumour of the uterus called a submucous myoma, IUDs, a rare congenital condition called a blind uterine horn, and narrowing of the cervical canal (the entrance to the uterus), which restricts the flow of blood.

Women who have heavy periods (menorrhagia) have trouble with period pain more often than women who do not. Their pain may be caused by the uterus trying to expel blood clots that have not fully dissolved. For more info, click here.

I guess I had Secondary Dysmenorrhoea! You must be young enough to be in the primary group since that happens during first period. How I wish I am in the primary group!! Yalar, yalar, I am old >_< It is not easy at all to be a woman!!

Yesterday was hell, today is a bliss. I watched Enchanted and I Am Legend on the same day, and had dinner with a group of darlings I've not seen for some time! I am a happy person today :)

Friday, 14 December 2007

When Is The Best Time To Blog

Examination period is the best time to blog. That's the period where you get so many inspirations to write. That's the time where you just can't resist the temptation to go online just to feel your fingers touching and pressing the keyboard, to write just about anything and everything or reply readers messages in the CBox.

But when exams are finally over, you don't get the urge to write anything at all. All the before-exams-inspiration topics was left untouched and hence the unsatisfied readers :P

I don't know how many of you are like that. But that sure explain my condition during these two months. I was suppose to stop *temporarily* for two whole month to concentrate on studies but you can just check the number of posts I've posted during the time. Haha. When there isn't much time to do what you're suppose to do, that's the time the urge to do the so-called can't-be-delayed things. Everything became 'undelay-dable'. Haha. Alright, proven that I'm plain lazy!

I have abandoned my blog with no updates whatsoever for about one week only and my CBox had been bombarded with messages. Apologies to all. ACCA's fault >_< !! In addition, BaBy_oN_BoArd and Flux had already made a move to request on updates in the blog. But no need to threaten me lar!

Yeap, Flux said "Update your blog or die..."

o_O I don't want to die so I write straight away.

P.S: Outstanding posts and tags will be updated soon ;)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Pissed (Don't Read. Just Rantings)

I am totally pissed! Don't ask why. So no proper post today. Just rantings. There is just so much things in my mind. My brain is too small to take that much of stuffs. *Trust me, it is small!* Pressured by the examination, which I'm bound to fail eventually. I hope people don't mess with my mind at the wrong time. And ACCA is killing me already! I want to end it, everything, FAST.. But still got to wait few more days~

Readers, if you have something to say, gimme something nice.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Déjà vu, It Happened Before!!!

Gosh, I've been dreaming a lot lately!

I had dreamt before the dream that I had last night. Same place, same faces, same storyline. As usual, I can only remember almost the whole dream when I just woke up but now that I want to blog about it, I forgot most of it.

There were a lot of people. I remember my second aunt, mom and I was there holding wet handkerchiefs. There were gasses surrounding us. All of a sudden a group of English men * I think they are actors, saw their faces before on TV but no idea what's their names* in black as though they are from the SDU, holding cans of tear gasses threatening to diffuse it!

I don't remember what happened in between. But they did throw the cans at us in the end and smoke was everywhere! *Cough*Cough*

How dramatic can I get... *shrug*

I've got so much to blog about, but so little time. My visit to the clinic [part 2] would have to wait. External papers starting on 10th December. Wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Viagra In The Clinic! [Part 1]

Took a few shots of the things that caught my eyes when I pay a visit to the doctor just now. Take note of the wordings in the picture*

If not mistaken there were 4 grades, so that you would be able to know where your penis stands in that chart! Haha!! Stated there if yours is a grade 1, then it's larger but not hard. Wonder what it really means. Shouldn't it be 'large' but not hard?? >_<
Viagra, Better Erections For Better Sex! Do you need it? Ekkk*

If you have erectile dysfunction, there is no need to worry. Help is in the clinic. 36 hours freedom to choose, go get help any time! :P

GENUINE- treatment on ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is available.. 36hours to choose from for the moment..Phew*

It's all certified. Not some louya (lousy) medication you that is available in Chow Kit!

It is a Genuine Viagra Outlet!!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Toothache That Causes Death!

I had toothache the night before and last night I had a weird dream that is related to that!

I dreamt that I was having toothache! No, that's not the weird part. In my dream I tried to pull that particular tooth that was causing so much pain to me. Once I got it pulled, there was blood coming out from my gums. *Duh!*

Weird things start to happen after that. Everyone in my family started to er.. die one by one! I can't recall what exactly happened to them in the dream. But I know it wasn't natural death. Horrible things happened! Almost like those can be found in horror film. And we were scared and we ran away trying to avoid everything that seems harmful to us.

That was a tiring dream. I woke up with my heart pumping so fast and it felt like I had just cried. I used the wrong word, it was more like a petrifying dream. It felt so so real!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Con Man In KLCC? Or Not?

A tall guy with yellow teeth, clothed fully in black, carrying a bagpack on his shoulders and holding a plastic bag that is filled with newspapers and a book approached SlowCatchUpKuan, KidCheng and I while we were for the train to arrive in the KLCC station. He asked in Mandarin if we are locals because he "overheard" that were speaking in Cantonese to each other and he then eventually told us the rotten luck story that he encountered.

This is his story :-
He is a Singaporean, who hasn't been visiting Malaysia for six long years. He was careless enough to not take care of his small black bag that contains all his important documents including passport, identity card and his wallet. He complained that Malaysian policemen were no help to a foreigner like him. A police report on his lost was made and was charged RM4 for the whole procedure. He was frustrated by this because his wallet was stolen and he doesn't even have a penny to make a call back home. He then tried to ask around for directions to the train station that could take him back to Singapore but different people have been telling him different ways. As usual, a lot don't know the way also won't admit wan! He had been walking for 3 hours till he met a girl who is kind enough to buy him an LRT ticket to KLCC station. He was telling us how grateful he was that he does not have to walk the distance that is as long as 6 LRT stations. But on the other hand, he was basically criticizing about the unkind people that he met. He hoped that he could tag along because we were heading to the same station. He said that his brother will be coming down from Singapore and asked him to wait in KFC. He reconfirmed a few times with us whether there is any KFC in KL Sentral to make sure he got it right. When he reached, he straight point to the KFC and happily thanked us!

We don't feel right leaving him alone with no money to eat, so we walked back to find him to offer him RM10. It felt so right at first to do that. But we get suspicious as the more we think! He said (in Mandarin), "I wanted to ask for some coins to make some calls just now but I dare not. Thank you! How should I repay you? I go back Singapore I donate this money to charity, ok?" Ok, this is the part that got us thinking. Sounded so fake! Or maybe he was sincere. Only god knows.

Why we got suspicious on his honesty? Well, first of all his Mandarin doesn't have the Singaporean slang like those in the dramas and we can't figure out why would anyone travel carrying a plastic full of newspapers. Now I suspect he's from China! He managed to point out the location of KFC even before I could ask SlowCatchUpKuan where it is. And from where we stood, KFC is kind of hidden from our sights. What do you think eh? Are we stupid? Did he just cheat us?!

Hmm.. Maybe we were analysing too much. Maybe he was sincere about donating our money to the charity. Well, you can't blame us for being suspicious. There are too many con men around nowadays, which makes it so difficult to differentiate. It's just a small amount of money but I just hope we really did help a person in need, instead of being cheated.

p.s: KidCheng must still be thinking about this in her sleep! She said something about KTM!! Haha!

Friday, 30 November 2007

J.Co Pulls You From Hell To Heaven

I'll let HungryJess and BadBoyVincent show you the J.Co Way... The melted chocolate coated Choco Loco with heavenly chocotey filling that drips at your first bite, sends you straight to heaven if you were in hell! However, the TiraMissYou that BadBoyVincent had was a little too sweet for us. Besides, we can't really taste the supposed-to-have coffee taste. My favourite for the day was definetely Dons Mochino (coffee cream filling) and Heaven Berry (strawberry cream with sour-y taste)!!!

Bite bite... Yummy Yummy...GGrrrrrr................

Oh no! It's dripping... Lick! Lick! Don't waste!!

I'm mouthful and Handful~

Spot the chocolate on the fingers...*SLurp*

Sobs* I am craving badly for Heaven Berry now!! Make me feel like I'm in a Heaven of Berry!!!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Tagged! Gifts, Loves And Hates


  • DKNY Delicious *i wanna smell yummy!! :P*
  • A digital camera of any kind (best if it's a DSLR) *haha.. I'm real greedy*
  • My very own personal laptop
  • A diamond necklace (real diamond ok. Not crystal) *Tiffany&Co can ah? :P*
  • Unlimited amount of cash. Bwahahahaha!!! (Impossible, I know. How about the amount of cash that is sufficient for me to study and survive in UK?)
I am greedy lar, wanna add more can??? Levi's jeans, a new house, Adidas shoe, the RED flats/pumps/whatever you call it from VINCCI, jackets, brand new watch, a whole range of slimming products *keke*, a black short skirt, loadsa new handbags and other kinda bags, a sponsored holiday trip...etc...


  • Just because of the word "desire"
  • -ditto-
  • -ditto-
  • -ditto-
  • -ditto- *I'm cheating, sue me! :p*


  • USWS


  • Good in giving comments (check out the lollipops in my post..hers is the longest!)
  • Friendly, I guess (I don't really know her, as in Know her. Only through blogs)
  • Writes well
  • Animal lover
  • Er, I don't know what else. Hehe..


  • Drop me a comment that is very long that it looks more like a post itself *thanks for the support!*

MOST LOVED INVENTION (does not need to be technologically advanced):
Car.. (Me no like the public transpot)

Snobs, backstabbers, ahh... too many to mention

KennyTheKingOfJackpot, Spicy-B, WenZi, Mich, Fionalex, YanIsFair


Birthday Shoutouts!!

Happy Birthday Mommy and BadBoyVincent!!!!
Yeap, their birthday is on the same date. This is not a belated wish as it is still 25th November in UK =P

Happy Birthday to Youuuu,
HAppy BirthDay TOoo you,
Happpyyy Birrthhday tooO Mommy and Vincent!!!!!!
Happy BurpBirtthhdayyy too youuuuuu~~~~

Best wishes to both of you. Hugs and kisses.

Will blog about the birthday dinner in Purple Cane Tea Restaurant when I got the time alright *winks*

Friday, 23 November 2007

The Adorable Puppy That Jumps

"There's a puppy in the house!!"

KidCheng was alerting SlowCatchUpKuan and I this morning. That was the best wake up call ever. I jumped straight out of bed and ran to the kitchen and found an adorable puppy staring at us as we walk near it. If not mistaken, I think this little thing is the 8th dog that has entered into our house voluntarily, not forced! I heard from dad that it has been straying around the neighbourhood since yesterday and when the neighbour tries to lure it into their house, it refuses to follow them. However, it ended up in OUR house this morning. Well, mom said that if dogs enter into the house it will bring you luck! So more luck to us then *Woohoo~*

Isn't she an adorable little thing.... Ok, all dogs are adorable -_-"

Hmm.. the poor thing is a She. Why is she a poor thing? At first she was straying outside, which only means she's homeless and she has fleas! Lots of it, I think. She has been scratching herself non-stop and till now, you can really see her skin!! She keeps lying like a carpet on the floor, she rolls around back and forth, upside down and barks whenever the fleas gets into her nerves! She must be suffering. Mom is kind of upset that she has fleas. I hope she won't 'disappear' when I wake up tomorrow.

I am itchy!! I'm itchy ... Sobs**

We have no idea what to do to her. We've thought of bringing her to the vet, but nobody wants to give us a lift. Ugh~ We've bathed her 3 times today! But it doesn't make any difference =( I don't wish to see a sick puppy lying at the road side the next time I see her. Keeping her would be a problem as we are not financially capable to keep a dog. Sigh. What to do with her??? How to get rid of the suckers a.k.a fleas??!!

Study + Pressure = Cuckoo ??!!

BatuB.Z: You know my friend studied in engineering in U.S. Damn smart. But he's crazy now!
HungryJess: Stress is it?
BatuB.Z: I think he got pressure lar. Then he really go crazy. The parents went U.S brought him to China coz they are working there. Then he study Chinese Language and now become some volunteer teaching Chinese.
Me: Such a waste.

BatuB.Z: I got another friend. Very smart. Top student and all. Suddenly in Form 3 he gone crazy also!
Me: Wah, you got a lot of friends gone cuckoo hor?!
BatuB.Z: Really wan. He then cannot read anything at all. He open the books, he get headache. Same goes to newspaper. What also cannot read. You see ah,smart people very easy become crazy!
BadBoyVincent: (smiling to himself)
Me: Why are you smiling, Vincent?

BadBoyVincent: Imagine if he drive halfway look at the signboard and he goes Vrrooomm.. Boommmm (with actions somemore)
BatuB.Z, HungryJess, Me: -_-"
HungryJess: You think we'd become like that soon? Will we go crazy?

After studying and looking at each other for a second,
BatuB.Z: Hahahaa... No lar. Look at us!

Conclusion: We are either not smart, or we could never be as serious as his friends to become a nutcase.

Sometimes I do think that we shouldn't take life too seriously. Go out, have some fun! Too much pressure you impose on yourself will only force out some negative results. Look at the Indian girl who committed suicide over her UPSR results. There's so much in life than a piece of paper with ABCs printed on it! *Convincing myself that IF (very high possibility) I fail my ACCA papers, it will not be the end of the world*

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

BadBoyVincent Loves His Early Birthday Present!

Thank you wombok for your suggestion =) Keep the suggestions/comments/lollipops coming in, people!! I still need to think of what to get for other friends' birthdays presents, anniversary, Christmas, etc. So many celebrations will only keep me stranded in Brokeville. No chance to escape at all!!

Anyways, BadBoyVincent loves his first ever birthday present in the year! Yes, it's from me!! Of course he loves it since he was the one who chose it and bought it. I did pay back lar, so it's from me. Hehe. He loves it too much that he was fashion show-ing his slippers in his house. The kid was basically marching, jumping, skipping, walking in any ways that you could and could not think of. The audience were no other than the very supportive HungryJess and I *clap clap* Should just wear that to jog eh?

Hmm.. Looks like November is going to be your month, BadBoyVincent. Your name has been appearing in most of my November posts. You should pay me for the publicity, right HungryJess?! =P

Happy Be-early Birthday BadBoyVincent!!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's So Hard To Think Of What To Get For Guys

What to get BadBoyVincent for his birthday? What to get? What to get? He wants a pair of slippers, so slippers it is then. He'll be making the decision which to buy instead of me coz he's scared that I'd buy him one with bulu-bulu (fur) because initially I told him I'd get those with colourful flowers prints specially made for aunties. Haha!

What do you think of these? Yes? No?

I don't mind getting additional gifts for you, kid! So, do you want a pacifier as one of your birthday presents? Do you? Yes? Do you? I know you want one! I know you do. You do, right? Admit it! Haha! He likes to bite HungryJess's jacket >_<"


Mr. Sami Bulu's Favourite Quotes

Hmm.. I am suppose to be blogging about the great food in Fasta Pasta that I had in the weekend, but heck, I'm too lazy now. So I'd just grab something I read from 5xMom to entertain my readers ( you know I am talking about you right?!=P) There you go... Quotes from the very famous minister, Sammy Vellu...

Subject: Favorite Quote from Mr Sammy Blue (name changed, obviously, hereinafter shall be referred as SB or sami bulu)

1) On Pos Laju


2) The one on TV when in trying to say he was ashamed,
he said:`Kemaluan saya besar` (kemaluan means your private parts, lah! )

3) On drugs, “Jangan hisap dada” (dada means nen-nen)

4) SB said in a ceramah “Kita akan bina satu
jambatan untuk orong-orong kampong disini”, one pakcik
asked, “Datuk, sini takde sungai,buat apa bina
jambatan?” and SB glorious replied,”Kalau takde
sungai, kita bina sungai!”

5) SB’s favorite quote on national television “Toll
naik sikit, manyak marah saya. You ingat semua ini
toll saya punya bapa punya kah!”

6) During the water shortage crisis : “semua orang
diminta jgn membuang aiyerr..!” (membuang air means to wee-wee, what he wanted to say was membazir air)

7) During blood donation campaign in Sg Siput:
“..marilah kita semua menderma dara..” (dara = virgin)

8 ) During the opening speech of various function:
“…selamat datang saudara-mara semua..” (actually is

9) At an opening ceremony: “mempersilakan datin paduka
rafidah aziz naik ke pentas utk membuka kain” (this one is famous already)

10)Commenting about his modesty: “sebenarnya, kemaluan
saya sangat-sangat besar”

And lastly u know why our N-S Highway concessionaire
is named PLUS.

PLUS = Pungut Lebih Untuk SB

Anyway…..I didn’t want to blog about this. But when I look at the whole building that costs millions collapsed like a pack of cards, and all he can say is :

Thursday November 15, 2007

Samy shocked, wants answers

KUALA LUMPUR: The collapse of a two-storey building on a hillslope at the edge of Tasik Banding in Gerik, Perak, has Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu reeling with disbelief.

“I am shocked and I want answers,” said a furious Samy Vellu, who called for action to be taken against the contractor if it was found that structural failure caused the collapse.

It was fortunate that no one was hurt “but there must be some action,” he said.

Oh god, it's funny yet embarrasing to be led by such minister! First you get all these from Mr. Bulu then you get all the "" and "erection" from our Information Minister during the interview in Al-Jazeera News on the Bersih Protest. Jokers!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Porridge Steamboat In Farmland

The giddy aunt indirectly nagged me not to bathe too long because we are already late for the dinner that I did not even plan to go. I hate to be rushed! Damn tulan!

That was the longest journey to Sri Petaling. Thanks to the stubborn giddy aunt who rejected every offer to be led! We went pusing and pusing and pusing!! The worst part of this whole f*cking trip was to have to be in the same moving vehicle with It!

Next time won't get lost if you want to go...

I just had my first porridge steamboat in Farmland Porridge Steamboat & Spicy Restaurant, Sri Petaling. The texture of the porridge is so fine that it tasted like shark fin. *drooling* The mixture of vegetables, tauhu, fish balls and the usual food that you have in those normal steamboat makes the porridge so so sweet in the end. Sitting beside GroovyTerence was the right choice as he served me the whole time. Haha. I forgot to mention about prawns! That's because I did not eat any. As extra dish, we had bacons! But bacons in porridge aren't as good as the grilled type. I still think this is much better than the usual steamboat that we had. We also had fried Nam Yu Pork Ribs as side dish. The ribs were so fat! Geli!! I only took one bite and the rest ended up in GroovyTerence's bowl. Hehe.

Paiseh to take picture in front of everyone.... so just accept this one...

The service was just so-so. They were slow in refilling the porridge into the pot. Sigh.

Random: GroovyTerence sounded like a pervert today when we sang us the Gimme More song by Britney Spears and he told us that he likes the part where Britney goes "uh".. Gatal!!

Farmland Porridge Steamboat & Spicy Restaurant (Sri Petaling)
38 E, Ground Floor,
Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Seri Petaling,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-90570886 / +603-90570806

Saturday, 17 November 2007



Ahhhh!!! I can't believe I am emo-ing again! It just hit me, just like that. One minute ago I was happily sitting in front of the laptop making virtual burgers, and the next minute I felt empty! I can't concentrate in making burgers anymore. I can't think of anything to do. I just stare, stare and stare at the empty screen for hours then now here I am, writing. Hmm.. at least I am doing something. Feels so much BETTER, but not GREAT.

I have no control of my brain, body or my soul. My brain refused to understand what I've been reading, which makes revising only equals to a big fat zero knowledge! My eyes kept shutting down when I try to read more. More means more than 2 page only leh!! My mind kept wandering off to a place far far away! I am so pissed of myself!

You know how it is when you know that yes, you are suppose to be studying instead of doing any other thing but you just can't? That's what happened to me, so I came online but there is nothing much to do online coz I am kind of sick of staring at the screen. Then I tried reaching out for my books, only to find my hands are 'attached' to the mouse. Every click on the mouse sends some guilt signals to my brain and that is what makes it so awful! What's worse is I feel like crying but there isn't any tears. This is bad! This is what happens to a person who doesn't have any direction in life (that's what I am feeling now), simply walk through life and bang into everything she can see. Literally, I am blind!!!

This has got nothing to do with anyone. Nobody made me upset or anything. Please don't terasa. I am just having my usual emo session. I think I'm sick of sitting at home =S

For those who read my blog, sorry to torture you with this post. Pray that the next minute I'd be happy again and then maybe you'd something else..

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I had this dream last night. Can't recall much of it. But it all seemed and felt so real. I did not say a word, I only touched and it felt like it really happened.

Have you had a dream so real that it made you feels uneasy the moment you wake up?

I shall dream again tonight...

Tagged! Hairstyle

*Tagged by SlowCatchUpKuan*

This tag is so much fun! Looking back at those pictures put a smile on my face, at first. Then as I was approaching the end, I got depressed coz I used to be thin and now I'm fat! Ugh~

1) My one and only baby-still-don't-know-how-to-walk picture. Look at the botak-ness at the side of my tiny head. Hehe.


2) My mushroom hairstyle (the kid on the right). I just woke up from my beauty sleep, I think. Most probably, coz I have got a lot of pictures of that age with some sleepy looks. Mom used to call me sleeping beauty -_-" *I'm a princess then. Haha.*


3) Almost the same hairstyle as the previous one, but with a little parting in the middle. Ignore my inappropriate way of sitting. *I'm no model alright*

Look! I can reach my feet... Everybody faster go Oooh and Aaahh~

4) One of my favourite hairstyle. Slightly longer but have not reached the shoulders yet. I miss those straight and silky hairs!! Only god knows how my hair can turn into such a mess now.

I'm in the first row, wearing a blue dress =)

5) There you go. I can tie my hair already. Still with straight fringe and no side-parting or what-so-ever yet.

The ancient indoor theme park in Genting Highlands

6) I love my hair so much!! My mom used to part it and tie it into two for kindergarten. The kerbau hairstyle.

I'm smart! I'm smart! Ok, I'm not. I used to be smart =S

7) Back to my short hair. Still love it. Haha. I love all my hairstyles before it turned into some wavy mess =(

Phew* Shades, bar counter, alcohols at the back.... How cool can you get eh? =P

8) Dung Gu (mushroom) head. I miss it!

I miss those cute little shorts with cute cartoons and the comfy shirts that I had back then..

9) As you can see, it's starting to get some waves here. Still bearable and manageable though.

The nerds to the National Library for the first and the last time. Hehe

10) Now only I notice that I've been rotating me hairstyle from short to long to short and to long again. This hairstyle is a failure coz it was suppose to look like the hairstyle that Ryoko Hiroshue had in Beach Boys. Don't even look alike lar! Ish! I remember going to the toilet in school so many times in a day to wet my hair making sure that it doesn't look like my hair is eating up my head. My hair was really bouncy.

So thin back then... I miss you, my thin body... I want to look like that now! Even with the hairstyle, I don't mind

11) F*ck! I'm growing fat! The hairstylist layered my hair too much! This picture was taken not long after blow-drying it, but still can see the waviness. Imagine how it looks like after washing my hair. What a disaster!

Acting like a lady.. Reality, the opposite

12) I didn't cut my hair for more than 3 months here. Long and ugly. I looked very leong! Embarrassing..

I can't even smile properly with such hairstyle

13) Not bad for not cutting hair for months, still got use. Curled my hair with the Panasonic curlers for Spicy-B's prom. LiNaa did my hair =) Looks like it has been done by a real stylist? Thanks girl!

I love the curls. But a permanent one would be too much to handle for me

14) The ironed-straight hair!! Hehe. Yeap, the rebonding was good. Not to say my favourite hairstyle, but it was so much easier to deal with. I even stopped combing my hair for a very long time and the hair still stays straight. However, it's a bit too flat. If you have still have problem recognising, I'm the one on the right.

Wah, really smooth and silky. I used to call this as fake hair! Kekeke*

15) After months of trimming, what's left was only the newly grown hair at the top and the straightened ones at the end of the hair. It got wavy again! Arrggghhh... save me!!

I was driving a sports car that is why my hair was in a mess *pretend you don't see the roof of the car* =P Yea right!

16) The ending of the hair looked like chicken feathers already. Saddening.

Bad hair image during industrial training

17) The messy hair of mine got out of control and I chopped it off.

This is the nicer version of my current hair. After sweating looked so much better. Maybe I should make myself sweat before going out next time. Hehe

I tag Spicy-B, KennyTheKingOfJackpot and UFern

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

It, steals again!!!!

My attempt to get back my FAVOURITE shorts which has been stolen by It has been a successful one! Happy happy joy joy* I woke up super early today. Just at the right time actually. It went to work and dad just drove off to send KidCheng to college. If not, dad would nag if he sees me enter It's room.

It was such an easy task! *So much easier than expected* Enter room, open cupboard, there lay my shorts!!! MY shorts, that have waited ever so long to be saved! Ugh, the more I think about it, the more I hate It. I made myself sound like a thief because of It. I had to steal MY own shorts. Where's is the justice in this!

So am I considered a thief now for stealing my own belonging? If you look for the definition in the dictionary, yes, I am a thief! Damn! I don't want to be labeled as a thief =(

By the way, the other day the whole family went out with some 'Strangers' for dinner, and It was there too. SlowCatchUpKuan noticed something under the table.

"Hey, look at that!"
"That's my slippers! No wonder can't find it for soOo long. Babi! Kena curi!"
"Told you keep everything properly. So easy kena curi."

We did not make a fuss there. We were in a restaurant for god's sake, and we are more civilized than It, of course.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Pengsan So Many Times!

I sms-ed M.C.Square the other day,

Me: Oi, whr r u la? i find every floor in libry oso din c u! (I was bluffing about the search =P)
M.C.Square: Huh? im not in libry oso. of coz u cant find me. find me for wat?
Me: Pengsan. U sed have lunch together today wert. y u din come?! u ah...aeroplane king!
M.C.Square: whr got? im not aeroplane king la. i gv u wrong info izit? not today la. or izit yan gv u wrong info. not me la. (Putting the blame on another person somemore -_-")
Me: No la. i'm sure it was u. n u sed today! we waited so long now u tel me u not here! aeroplane king. jess pengsan how. she hungry u know?! she faint thn its ur responsibility ah.
M.C.Square: Im not king la. dats yan, not me. yan is the aeroplane queen u know! jess wont faint la. if she faint means she pregnant la, then not my responsibility, its wincent's. (Can even spell his CR and FM partner's name wrongly. Sigh)
Me: *faint* Pregnant?! -_-" anyways, yan queen, u king lor. eh, u really can reka hor.i reali can gv u award dy. best creator/scriptwriter!
M.C.Square: thx ya. i can take tis award, fristly i 1 2 thx 2 tis movie director, backstage staffs, all d audience and very very important is.... My fans!! Thx you! Muak muak~
Me: i faint man! me leh? no nid to thank izit?! who gv u the award wan! ggrrrhhh
M.C.Square: Ok lor. u oso la.
Me: -_-" (Left me speechless)

The Obnoxious One Saved My Blog

I ran out of ideas and was about to stop blogging for good, and she saved my life, literally. I was going through The Obnoxious 5xmom's blog and I found my name there! Yippie! Happy happy! I don't know why, but I just am. Maybe coz I like her blog so so much =) I feel extremely motivated now! Thank you very muchy~

So, no more hot hot chicken shit *hangat hangat tahi ayam* already. Will continue to blog till I feel like giving up again. Then maybe I'd beg the obnoxious one to mention me in her blog once more, you know, to motivate me? Hehe..

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Dirty Talk

"Yer, that guy talk so roughly. What tiu?! No class lar."
"If he say F*ck will sound better hor?"
"Yalor. Sounds better. Got class!"

I had this conversation with a friend of mine some time ago. Since when did foul language have taken into account to rank person?! I mean if you're saying it in English then it would be alright whereas if you say it in Chinese, then you're some rude uncivilized bastard who can't bring himself in a proper manner? Well, I'm sure there is more who think that way, more than what I could imagine. Tiu=class bawahan, and F*ck=I'm so cool.

I'm so cool!

The usage of profane language has been common in the society today. You can almost hear it everywhere and anywhere you go, doesn't matter what language it was spoken in. It can be a word, expression, gesture, or other social behaviour which socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude or vulgar. In other words, people are actually cursing each other everyday o_O Some do it on purpose, some are just too used to it already.

Practice makes perfect, they say -_-"

Some tend to start every sentence of theirs with the word 'tiu'. Tiu, where did you go? Tiu, lei mei sei ah? Tiu, go die lar you! Tiu-ing everywhere! My god, I feel so rude already!>_<

It's undeniable that some language may sound more rude than other languages even when you're saying a word that has the same meaning. I especially find Hokkien the worst of all. Maybe it's just the way people talk. When I was young, I used to hear those people screaming their lungs out at each other in Hokkien . I thought they were swearing, as I do not understand it. I can't even form a simple sentence in Hokkien to save a life! Yes, me no speak Hokkien. Me no understand also lar! However, now you can hardly hear anyone speaking in Hokkien anymore in KL. Except for when I'm in HungryJess house, and they do shout once in a while. But they were not arguing, they were just being considerate *I think* to make sure that the other person could actually hear them=P And of course they don't use any foul languages at home.

I'm sure most feel uneasy when people around them tiu-ing, mahai-ing, lan jiao-ing and cheebye-ing everywhere. All you want to do is just give them one hard slap on the face! But when you hear "F*ck, I forgot to wash my hands after going to the toilet!" or "Wtf! The shit just doesn't come out!", it doesn't give you any impact. It's just another English word to me, I don't know about you though.

I am not trying to say that I do not use such words at all. I do. But just occasionally, when I'm really furious or something. I am no angel, I know that. However, those that I use is limited, because I only know of a few. Haha. The Chinese ones, I barely know any, no matter what dialect that is in existence.

Although it has been generally considered to be accepted (in a way) *no choice lar, widely used*, but make sure you don't simply call someone a bitch without any reason. You might hurt someone without realizing it.

So, in order not to be rude or to be ranked to be in the low class category, make sure you balance your share of English and Chinese profane language usage or give up using it completely =P

I say zip it!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Fart Talk And Sex Talk

I had a bowl of delicious pan mee for lunch today in Mien-dui-Mien (Face-to-Face) Restaurant, Genting Klang. Not going to blog about it today though since I did not take any pictures of it. Bah! However, thank you so much for spending us lunch, BadBoyVincent! =)

We were already feeling sleepy not long after lunch. But we did not instantly take a nap. I'm sure everyone knows that sleep-after-eat = fat! So BadBoyVincent enlightened us with some 'non-fiction' facts.

Ahhh.... I feel good~

BadBoyVincent: You know, last time I have this Indian family as my neighbour. They have this paria dog as a pet that farts a lot and it was so powerful that you can actually smell it in the whole house!
Me: Do dogs fart?! You see it before?
BadBoyVincent: No lar. Never see before. And of course they fart. They have a normal body like a human does.
HungryJess: You sure it really farts?! You got smell before or not??
BadBoyVincent: No. No. Hehe. And it really farts lar! Continue with my story, so one day the kids stuffed a wine cork into the the dog's ass, trying to stop it from farting. Haha.
Me: My god! They do such thing *shakes head*
HungryJess: Hahahahahaa..... So does it work?
BadBoyVincent: No! The dog cannot tahan already and farted so the cork flew out opposite direction and the boys were running as far as they could. And the whole house stinks!
Me, HungryJess, BadBoyVincent: (Laughing our asses off!)
HungryJess: You sure dogs really fart ah? How you know?
BadBoyVincent: You know 'sex'? Have you seen cats have sex before? They have sex just like human. It's the same theory.
HungryJess: Yes, I know sex. But I never see cats do it before! How they do?
BadBoyVincent: -_-"
Me: I know! I know! I saw before! Haha. You know cats, they just climb on the female then the cucuk their dicks in lar! Haha.
HungryJess: (Looking very much amazed)
Me: Yalar. They have that thing lar. I saw it last time when the cat was licking itself and I saw it. It's pink in colour.
BadBoyVincent: -_-"
Me: But I still don't know how does a fart from a dog looks for sound or smells like! -_-"

Guess what are these mammals up to...