Tuesday, 29 January 2008

When There's Zenni Optical, You Don't Have To Be A Nerd

The Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical! Nothing beats quality glasses that are fashionable and affordable at the same time like Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. The price of the glasses available is cheap because Zenni Optical only sells their own manufactured frames direct to the customers, eliminating the need for a middleman and virtually there is no advertising budget. The best thing is there is a huge selection of frames offered, with single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens as well as progressive lens. Zenni Optical also offers international shipping on any prescription eyeglasses. I must say this is definitely, Great Discovery: Zenni Optical.

I guess I don't have to look like a nerd if I need to wear glasses in future :)

My Eyes Can See....

There's nothing wrong with my eyes! The last time I went for those F.O.C eye examination, they told me my power is only 50 *er..or was it 70?* so there is no need to wear any glasses!! Yippie!! I do look ugly in glasses.

But then I got this problem where I get headache or my eyes will be pain when I look at those cars from the opposite side of the road at night. I thought it was time for me to get a pair of eyeglasses, but then someone told me, "You ask around if anyone can look directly at those lights or not?! Haih..". So, there must be nothing wrong with my eyes. *Yeah, I believe in what I wish to believe in even if it doesn't sound right :P*

Am I wearing any glasses or contact lens now? Nah, I don't need those yet. In future, maybe. But then, there's always a thing called laser, right? *If only I can afford it* :)

P.S: The previous photo that I was wearing a glasses, my eyes were closed because the power of the glasses was too high. Will spoil my eyes you know if I open it! :P

Monday, 28 January 2008

Medical Career Training

A friend told me that if you pursue your studies in the medical field, you would not have to worry about getting a job in future because there will always be a demand of employment in the medical industry. The world is changing. Everyone has become so health conscious that they changed to live a healthier life and they go for medical check up not only when they feel unwell. Hence medical profession now do not only limit to the conventional occupations such as physicians and nurses.

There are other professions now that are in demand in the medical field such as an ultrasound tech. They are also known as a Sonographer or Ultragrapher. However, all professions require proper and quality education and training. This especially applies in the medical field as these people deals with their patients' life.

After deciding the profession to be in, next is to think the way to achieve it. For example, how does one become an ultrasound tech? The answer is of course to enroll into an excellent ultrasound tech school or better known as an ultrasound technician school. The choice of school is rather crucial as school is where they educate and develop you into a good ultrasound tech.

The Medical Career Training website helps people to find the right schools in popular medical careers. Therefore, plan your future with just a click of a mouse!

Glasses, Not Anyone Can Wear Them

Glasses can make a girl looks smart even when she's not. *Looks can be deceiving :P* Glasses can even make a girl looks pretty!

Smart-good looking! Not smart-nerdy looking!

Some girls look ultra hot in glasses!


Some simply look so cute in them. Adorable as well if I must say...

Tsk* Tsk* So young already wearing glasses...

Well, some are not meant to wear glasses at all, not now, not ever! Look at that weird looking nerd below and you'd know why I said so.

YanIsFair's new glasses.. Power too high.. Don't dare to open my eyes...

Friday, 25 January 2008

What To Do If You Have Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or overweight. This is common among those who are overweight or women who are pregnant. The rapid stretching of the skin will leave permanent stretch marks! Stretch marks can most likely appear in places such as under and upper arms, breasts, thighs and buttocks.

Stretch marks are not something that can be easily getting rid of. There are a number of products made available in the market now but we would not know which works best. Therefore, I found that Diva's Skincare Blog to be much help in selecting products that could help to prevent stretch marks.

This blog provides results of many months of testing stretch mark creams on real people. From there, you could make your own selection on the products that actually works and avoid getting scammed! The review on revitol stretch mark cream caught my eye because of the effectiveness of it! You could actually see the result in just a few weeks. Not only that, the blog included photos as proof of its effectiveness!

Check out the blog and you won't regret. Here's your chance to get rid of the stretch marks you've hated all your life!

The Mob Family

I'm lazy to write! Hehe.. I'd just take something from SlowCatchUpKuan. *with permission of course!* A little something about the family of mine! It was mom's birthday. Too bad Spicy-B is in UK~

Introducing.... *drum roll please......

The Mob Family!

Notoriously known as: The Skinny Kingpin
Affectionately known in the family as: Sei Lou Ye (Old Hag)
Status: Ring Leader
Special Ability: Gobbling everything on sight


Notoriously known as: The Drunken Lady
Affectionately known in the family as: Lou Tai Po (Old Granny)
Status: Ring Leader's Mistress
Special Ability: Listening and nodding with eyes glazed and not understanding a word.


Notoriously known as: The Drunken Lord
Affectionately known in the family as: Mung Cha Cha (MC Square)
Status: Negotiator
Special Ability: Yapping non-stop whole night


Notoriously known as: The Drunken Master
Affectionately known in the family as: Si Fu (Master)
Status: Kung Fu Si Fu
Special Ability: Downing whole lot of tea.


Notoriously known as: The Fly Catcher Queen
Affectionately known in the family as: Tai Tai (Rich Wife)
Status: Bait
Special Ability: Shopping non-stop

& behind is

Notoriously known as: The Bodyguard
Affectionately known in the family as: Tai Jek Lou
Status: Bodyguard
Special Ability: Talk kok non stop


Fly Catcher Queen, Drunken Master & Drunken Lord

Notoriously known as: The Ecstacy Queen
Affectionately known in the family as: Mommy Tai Sai (Mommy Wins All)
Status: Distributor
Special Ability: Mothering the mob family


Note: There were no drugs or alcohol abused in the making of this series.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Are you in the construction industry? Do you dream to become a successful certified professional constructor one day? Then CSkills is the right solution for you!

CSkills is a partner of the sector skills council for construction that provides various information for people employed in or around the construction industry. Information available include ways to become certified in your trade by 2010, health and safety legislation and career development within the industry.

It is important to have sufficient skills and knowledge to satisfy the business needs. If you are a young person and want to start working straight away, you can start with apprenticeships. CSkills provides structured training programmes that can surely benefit the business!

CSkils mission for the construction industry is to develop a fully skilled and professional constructors working in a safe environment and delivering value, improving understanding of career opportunities in the industry as well as improving intelligence of skills in the future. CSkills can be your stepping stone for a better future!

I Love My Gay Birthday!

Am I a birthday-hater? NO! I might sound like one in my previous post. *blush* I totally love birthdays! Yours, mine, everybody's! I love yours because of the parties *mostly on the drinks :P*, people, the atmosphere and when you're happy about your presents, I'm happy too! :) Hmm... about my own birthday? Well, let's just say I prefer others'. Haha. Don't get me wrong. Prefer does not equals to not like! I love my birthday! I love the wishes, the feel of being loved and the presents! *Duh! Who doesn't like to be pampered with gifts?!*

BatuBZ and YanIsFair have been such darlings to call me up 11 something just to make sure BatuBZ could be the first to wish me! Isn't that sweet or what?!
P.S: You got to make M.C.Square pay for my 7 glasses of tequilas wey! :P

My first birthday present this year was of course from the boyfriend. Yeap, Spicy-B managed to get the present from UK back to Malaysia for me. Thank you, Sir BabyPanda and KidCheng for the delivery service :P *I'm confused why you're called Panda* My birthday present- a Swarovski bracelet! I bet it cost Spicy-B a bomb to get it. It's really gorgeous. Never expected this to come. The arguments were never-ending! But I believe everyone deserves a second chance.*This has got nothing to do with the gift!* Let's hope things works out.


M.C.Square has been behaving himself for the whole day. Calling me by my real name instead of some yucky nickname that he created for me. *I hate the nicknames a lot!!* He obeyed everything I said and he didn't object to be my servant on my birthday! Woohoo... It's nice hearing him calling me 'My Lord'! How I wish every day is my birthday! Like what he said, "Happy days are only temporary!" He changed from an angel to a devil once the clock hits the number 12! End of my birthday, end of the servant contract *That's what you think! My wish last for the whole year, sucker! Haha* and also the beginning of me getting bullied! Sigh~

I really love all the wishes that friends sent through Facebook, Friendster, text messages, MSN, etc. I love you guys to bits, no matter you're in Malaysia, US, UK, Australia or Indonesia! There was this particular text message that touched me so much! I had to hold my tears when I read it. I don't feel touched so easily but HungryJess has managed to do that every birthday since the day we became friends! She said whatever she said in the message can't be told every single day because it would make her sound gay! Haha. I must admit, I love her gay message! I feel so loved! Haha. *Spicy-B must be hoping that he's she :P* Three and a half year of friendship is really something. I really hope the day where we grow apart will never come. We shall go UK or Australia together! It's a promise that is not meant to be broken! *I'd sue if you break that! I got an A for Business Law ok?! :P*

Thanks HungryJess and BadBoyVincent for the Forever21 jeans! I'm lovin' it!

I have been extremely bad in keeping in touch with friends. Absolutely, my bad! I know that friendship never break just like that. Maybe that's why I take things for granted.*Sorry* DianaInPink sent me the sweetest text message and Facebook wish ever!

Love you loads, girl!

Not forgetting, my first blog brithday wish from SlowCatchUpKuan!! Thank you. Thank you. Ahhh... I'm touched! Hehe..

Thanks, sis!

Thank you
all for everything! It means a world to me! All these are more valuable than getting a big box full of M&Ms! :D

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Dating can be such a romantic and enjoyable thing to do. Somehow life can get so busy that you don't have extra time to meet new people, let alone go through the romantic process.

The way how things works traditionally has changed and made more convenient! It is common to see online dating websites providing web cam chats. However, some may require members to pay an amount of fee.

FlirtVibes is a free dating site where people from so many different countries could to get to know more new people through the internet. This way, it saves time and opens up more opportunity to know people of same interest. You are able to post up your latest photos and details so that matchmaking can be done easily. You might not have the energy to out on a date after long hours of work. FlirtVibes makes communication easier! You can flirt in hundreds of chat rooms but best of all is you are able to create your own. also continues to attract a more sophisticated and web-aware audience who are drawn in by the powerful social features not commonly found on dating sites.

Why wait anymore? Flirt all you want with! ;)

What Birthday Means To You

Happy Birthday to me! Haha.. I think it's a belated one, if I follow the Malaysian time. Oh yea, I am one year older now. One shall not be depressed over her age on her very own so-called special day! So I've been telling myself and everyone who wished me that I am still young, in and out! Haha.. *I'm a liar now! I'm 22 and I'm old!*

To me, birthday is just the same as any other day. I don't really see the importance in celebrating it. Maybe it's just the way I've been brought up. My family don't really celebrate birthdays. Sometimes, we tend to forget our own birthday too!=S

I understand what such celebration is about. It's about being thankful that you're still alive, you survived another year and wish for many other years that you could celebrate it over and over again no matter the years will be filled with joy or tears. *I have to freedom to have my own views, don't I? :P*

Anyhow, I'm lucky that there were none of my birthdays had been filled with tears, except for happy tears.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Ashop Commerce- Shopping Cart Software

You have a product, why not sell it online? It is so easy to earn money online nowadays especially with so many shopping cart software in the market. However, it is not easy to pick the one that provides you all the features that you are looking for. I found one which provides the right shopping chart software that is easy to use and complete with the great feature!

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchant to sell online. Why would anyone spend thousands developing web stores when you can choose to use e-commerce software offered by Ashop Commerce to build 'top shelf' online stores with just a small monthly fees.

Ashop Commerce specialises in shopping cart software development! Therefore, it provides a total solution to online selling together with free technical support services by e-mail, web chat and phone. I seriously think that this makes life so much easier! Besides that, Ashop Commerce shopping cart software also comes with free SSL security, free upgrades, etc.

Still not convinced? No worries! There is a 10 day free trial available. Check out for more information.

Short Hair, Do You Like It?

I had my hair cut by a professional! What's so great about professional hairstylist/hairdresser *I don't know what's the difference between those two. Hehe*? I don't know, I really don't. They tend to be stubborn and treat your hair as though it's their own!

No matter what and how you tell them how you how you want your hair to be, they never listen! They do what they want with their scissors! There's nothing much you can do. You don't dare to scream or yell because you will be dead scared that they will take revenge by chopping off all your hair. That's what happened to me!! Aaarrgghhh.... *sigh... I'm only able to scream here*

My hair was cut by Lawrence, the Artistic Director of the saloon in Metroprima, Kepong. At first I told him I wanted a bob haircut. So I wanted to rebond only the tip of my hair, hoping that it won't turn flat and I insisted to cut the back of it short! But he refused to cut it the length that I wanted. "I think like this is nice. If you don't like it only come back then I cut for you ok?" That's what he told me. So what happened after that? Take a look at the photos... *Ignore the pale face. I was unwell at that time*

He cut my fringe so short that I wanted to cry!!! Sobs... I don't want bangs!

It didn't get better even after the fringe parting...SIGH

I get so many negative comments! Someone said I look like a 10 years old kid! Someone even said that it's UGLY! *I was cursing you in my heart! :P*

So, I did go back to get him cut the back of my hair short... Just the way I wanted.. Although it didn't turn out EXACTLY the way I wanted. *Heck, I have no idea how to beautify it already!* It is acceptable, and I grew to love it now! :) Presenting to you my new haircut.... *clap*clap*

Side view

Back view

Front view... Not too front though.. Hehe..

My favourite!!

At last, some good comments came in after the second visit to the saloon. The first was from UncleJohnny who saw me in the car! Haha.. Thanks, man! *P.S: I want the Mickey pillow wey!!*

Will I go to the same saloon again? Hmm.. maybe, just maybe if I want to cut it short again..

Bluek* Criticise me and I'll spit on you! :P

SlowCatchUpKuan said that I look nicer with short hair in real life but in photos, long hair is nicer. Now, I'm thinking to keep my hair short or just let it grow long in future. Which yea?? *Dilemma*

Saturday, 19 January 2008


It is never easy to take care of the older people. Hence, help will definitely be needed to ensure that they are being cared for in the best ways and the best recommendations on the nursing homes available.

Bettercaring is a dedicated service for those who needs answers to crucial questions about care for themselves or their loved ones. This website provides you information on the care options that are available to you locally. For those who prefer to stay at home can always opt for care at home! Besides that, you can also search for care homes that fit any special requirements.

Moreover, Bettercaring also provides services such as daily care news, health information and a discussion forum where you can discuss and obtain views from care experts as well as those who have experience in that particular matter.

Do visit for detailed information.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thien Hou Temple

New semester started not long before I together with a few other friends decided to leave college, so the half of the gang decided to visit Thien Hou Temple as some sort of last gathering before we get serious with our studies. Plus, BatuBozhong have not been there before ever since he came down to KL. He drove, and we do the babysitting :P *those guys are just another bunch of monkeys!*

Thian Hou Temple

Lucky us for being early! The cars were in a long queue already when we parked our cars. Phew*

M.C.Square, KungFuJeff, BatuHL, Me, YanIsFair, BatuBozhong, WeeGambles

YanIsFair and I did not know much about praying in temples. Being blur as usual, we followed exactly whatever the others said. Where to get the joss sticks, how many to get, what to do with it, where to place it, yada, yada, yada...*We are pure Chinese!! No doubt!*

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Since we were already in a temple, it wouldn't hurt to do some palm reading or anything similar to have a rough idea on what's going to happen in future, right?! Hehe. Too bad, we only found those where requires us to hold a bunch of sticks with numbers, ask the question you want to know the answer to in your heart and let go of the sticks when you're done. You then look for the sticks that stands out most (as in positioned higher than the others) and read the number on it. Next, according to the number, you take the piece of paper that has written interpretations on it. Everyone asked a few questions, including YanIsFair and I. However, life is never fair! They got to know everything that we've asked just because we do not know how to read Chinese and needed them to translate it to us! Gggrrr... I so wanted to know what's the answer to M.C.Square's love life!!! o.O"

The guys

I only found out that now is not the right time for KungFuJeff to get involve in a relationship! :P And they were teasing YanIsFair and BatuBozhong that they just just go straight to where the registration for marriage can be done! Haha!

The girls

M.C.Square teased me for asking too many questions that day. He said I'm rather complex and greedy with my questions. >_<" Hmm... curious about my questions and answers?! Beg me! But still, I wouldn't tell :P

One of the many other photos we had :P

What else to do in a temple? Well, nothing! So we camwhored! *Sue me!* :P And the award for Camwhore King goes to..... BatuBozhong!!! He ran up all the way to the highest floor and posed under the hot sun! Faint* "Left, left.. Right a bit lar! Eh, left. Eh, right!" KungFuJeff and M.C.Square were shouting to BatuBozhong. They purposely want him to stand there longer! *Evil* He obeyed!! Poser! :P

I am the King!!! Dream on lar yea! Hehe

Some guys just hope that they were born as girls instead. *Shakes head*

Look at the handbag and the glasses... Adui.......

Fully utilised all the accessories available that day. We are vain, so what?! :P

Cap an glasses provided by YanIsFair

I love these!

BatuHL trying out her camera.....

After lunch, we went to Mid Valley hoping to catch a movie but the queue were horrifying! We ended up in shopping for guys' clothes and lepak-ing in StarBucks. It was a tiring but a happy day, I must say.

TopMan model search. He was wearing a brown quarter pants! LOL!

The Doctors Came Back!

RavinBoy and KopiGopi came back for holidays!! YAY!! The future doctors supposed to bring me to visit the new wing of Sunway Pyramid *outdated! Haha..very far from my house ler!* but ended up in Mid Valley and The Gardens.

They accused me for not asking YanIsFair to come along. The truth is they find her house too far and they were as lazy as a pig to drive all the way there! Ggrrrr.... You guys better keep your promise, else YanIsFair is going to kick your arses off when she see you guys! :P *Got to know that RavinBoy went back Terengganu for his training.. You watch out, boy! Haha*

Obviously I was not as important as KopiGopi's new found interest *a girl, Duh!*. We were basically hunting for the suitable present for her birthday. The victim- ME of course! I tried on so many shoes! Nike, Puma, Adidas.. you name it! Those meant for females and also those made for MALES! They forced me to take pictures wearing those!! People were staring at us -_-" *shakes head*

Size 11 male sneakers.. Sigh..

From top (clockwise): Me, RavinBoy, KopiGopi

Can't wait for Chinese New Year to come! That's when RavinBoy will be back again! Woohoo!!

KopiGopi can't resist to torture me... A candid shot!

Hmm.. did I change that much since Form 5? KopiGopi's mom couldn't recognise me anymore =S

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Search For MugMug Has Ended :,(

The search for MugMug has ended. Nothing else can be done except to wait, wait and wait for her to come home. We've went high and low to look for her. Walked and drove day and night to the nearest neighbourhood where she could possibly wander to but ended in disappointment.

We went to the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang to look for her, but ended in tears when we couldn't find her there. All we saw was how those other dogs were ill treated. The number of dogs they placed in a cage were so great that the dogs could not even move or let alone sleep in the cage. Some even died and left uncleaned in the cage with the other dogs. The place stinks so badly that you will feel like vomiting on the spot! I bet they never feed the dogs at all! How cruel can those people be?!

We even went to SPCA in Ampang, hoping that MugMug would be there waiting for us to fetch her home. However, things never seemed to go our ways! There wasn't any trace of MugMug at all! :(

EatAllYouCanShung went to search in DBKL, Gombak, but failed to locate her there. We don't know what else to do anymore. MugMug has gone missing for one week already!

I miss my MugMug so so much :,(

P.S: Thank you so much for those who helped. Really meant a lot to me~

Saturday, 12 January 2008

I Need Help: Missing Dog Poster

SlowCatchUpKuan made this. Hope everyone would help to put this up..


Missing Dog.. I Miss MugMug So So Much!! =(

MugMug has been missing for 3 days.. in Kepong Baru.. Still hoping she'd come home.. Everyone is worried sick..
She's not in MPS. She's not in SPCA =(

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Hairstyles And Face Shapes

I'm getting sick of my hairstyle! I want to cut it short! Make it straight! I love the waviness and fullness of my hair now, but I hate it when it gets messy and out of control.

I have been craving for a bob. But, how short or how long should it be? I found those websites where they offer advice on what type of hairstyle suits a particular face shape, however they were all useless to me as I do not even know how to categorise my own face shape! Haha.. Round perhaps? That's what I think. I don't think round shaped face suits bob cut =S There is a high possibility of me getting it wrong =X *Bah.. What do I know about hair?!*

For a bob cut to work perfectly, I shall rebond the tip of my hair! Why only the tip? Well, just to give myself a little hope that my entire hair wouldn't look like it's ironed-flat!

Now, I'm indecisive which type of hairstyle should I get and the length of it. All I know is, I do not really like the part that is suppose to slide long from the back to be too obvious. I find it kinda weird. Hehe. I need some professional advice! Hoping to cut it tomorrow =D Pray that it won't cost a bomb!

I like all of these!!

In reality, we know that what looks good on others doesn't mean it will look good on you. Sigh..