Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Adventure In PV5

HungryJess and BadBoyVincent figured that they should start to exercise as well. It's good to have friends to exercise together. It kind of motivates you to continue to work out even if your body is desperately screaming for you to stop. So I agreed to join them for a gym session in BadBoyVincent's condo. However, we were late due to the 'kepohci-nes' of BadBoyVincent. Hehe. We end up replacing the gym session to a jogging session instead.

One and a quarter. That's the number of rounds I managed to jog around the park. Haha. Bad record, I know. But I kalahkan HungryJess leh! =P Wanted to jog even longer but dad already called asking me to get ready as he doesn't like to wait for anyone including me. As quickly as we could, we went to get my belongings and waited till my dad made another call sounded a little angry complaining that he can't see me anywhere near the guardhouse. Of course he can't! I was in PV5, he was in PV6!

I had to make all the way to PV6 because dad refused to drive to PV5. 5 and 6 might sound near. But trust me, it is far! And did I mention it's dangerous as well? Alright, there you go, I'm telling you now that it's dangerous. There are constructions going on along the road to PV6. Luckily my hero and heroine of the day accompanied me. Halfway through, the rain pour quite heavily and made us run for our lives.

Big bags, PA book, shoe lace untied, muddy ground. That kind of sums up the condition at that time. Not a sexy sight at all. I was all drenched when I enter the car and the other two was stranded in PV6. So sorry!

Burgers, Fries, Soda, Ice-creams, Free Toys

Oh gosh, I can't stop myself from playing the Burger Shop. I can't concentrate on my books for more than half an hour! I don't want to fail!! Sob*

Another more game to go, I shall get back to be a nerd.

My current addiction

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Birthday, M.C.Square!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to one of the Big Four!! Hehe..

This post is so belated. However the celebration did took place on the actual day (26th Oct) =) Too bad not everyone could make it due to the difference in the subjects that everyone is taking for externals and the timing of the revision classes. So the ones who can make it, had lunch together in a small restaurant called Cannes in Genting Klang. Hope you enjoyed yourself, big guy! Hope your birthday wish include us all =P

Oh yeah, the birthday boy is very happy indeed..

Before: Yummy-looking birthday cake

After: Digged in and obviously harrasted

M.C.Square in action

Group photo..I have no idea why BigJeff loves to put his hands on our heads

The guys giving their before-CR look.. Muka 10sen la..

Suppose to be all-girls photo, but M.C.Square did not want to move his ass!

Wish you all the best!! Hugs and Kisses!!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Tagged! Shopping Tips!

It’s very simple.
When you receive this tag,
copy the whole list
and add your own shopping tip
to the bottom and pass it on.

1. Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.

2. Never shop on an empty stomach. You end up buying a whole lot more than you meant to! And this applies to everything, not just food!

3. Make a list of what you need to buy and stick to it. Do not go browsing in the store and do not look left or right but focus on just getting what you came to the store for, get it, pay for it and get out! And always keep your receipt in case you change your mind, not happy or the item is broken due to manufacturer’s fault so it will be covered by warranty!

4. Remember to bring your ‘plastics’ and/or cash with you when you go shopping or when you plan to JUST window shop!

5. Before you buy something expensive, ask yourself, "Is this a NEED or a WANT?". If you can't stop thinking about it for three whole days and nights, it is definitely a NEED, so go ahead and buy it. If you can get someone else to buy it for you as a gift, it's even better.

6. I always use this same question on myself: "Will I use this more than 3 times?" Yes - buy, No - put back. And don't fuss after you put it back, coz it will really sound like (crying over) spilled milk.

7. Shopping for clothes: If you feel like the cloth that you try on make you feel pretty, curvier, comfortable, sexier or whatsoever, then buy it.
No hesitation. It's difficult to get clothes that will make you feel really "good" unless you have great figure and can just grab anything you like.
Food: Go for quality food. 'Live to eat' and not 'eat to live'. But gurls, control ya!!!
Shoes: Best time to buy them is after you have a long walk in the mall,most probably late afternoon or evening. Your feet will be 'expanded' by that time. Gurls, go for wedges. Good stability, provide you with the height and you can just walk for hours without pain.

8. Always goes shopping with someone who has the same taste that you're confident in. This is to save time and to be able to get second opinion directly if you needed it. Then you won't need to forgo anything that you like just to go home and ask for the opinion and get back to the mall just to find that the item has already been sold.
As for food, if you're taking public transport, remember not to buy food that could end up like mashed potatoes. Unless you like your food that way =S

I would like to tag:

Friday, 26 October 2007

I Jog In Pool

Attention to those who do not have idea on how to swim at all. Do not take the swimming pool as your running ground.

I wasn't in the mood to exercise. I was tired but I felt guilty. I thought I might as well run few lapse in the pool since I do not know how to swim, it wouldn't be as tired or what.
So, I ran and I regretted because after that I have to suspend all my exercise routine for a few days due to the puncture marks that I get on both my feet. There must be pebbles in the pool! I still can't get the art of swimming. Take note that I was 'learning' from SlowCatchUpKuan and EatAllYouCanShung who don't know how to swim as well. Hehe. I can't even paddle like a dog!

2 on my left foot

5 on my right foot


Half-Government College

BadBoyVincent: Ei, let's go check out the swimming classes.
Me: Ok, no problem. Still got time before dad reach.
HungryJess: He semangat want me to learn.
Me: K lor. Let's go.
(Walk all the way to the college sports block)

It is important for everyone to know how to swim. At least there is still a chance for survival if you fell into the ocean when you're on a cruise.
That is if you got the chance to go on a cruise. No worries if you don't get to go on a cruise. You can save yourself if you drown in a bathtub. Only god knows how that could happen. Hehe. These are part of the reason HungryJess determined to learn how to swim. That's only my guess =P Besides, to prove that she's an obedient girlfriend, she listened to her BadBoyVincent to learn it in college. Haha. So, we went to the sports department in the attempt to get some information about the swimming lessons provided there but to no avail because the EncikAkuTakTau at the counter is no help at all.

EncikAkuTakTau: Ye? Nak apa ni?
BadBoyVIncent: Nak tanya pasal swimming class kat sini.
EncikAkuTakTau: Oh. Aku tak tau lar. Err.. Kamu tanya orang lain. You pergi situ tanya.
(Pointing opposite direction at the room in the next level)

We went up to the room and found that the 'OUT' tag was placed at the door. So, we went down to ask the EncikAkuTakTau if he could just give us some brochure or something.

BadBoyVincent: Tak ada orang dalam tu. Tu ada 'OUT' sign kat pintu.
EncikAkuTakTau: Ada lar. Aku tak tau. Kamu pergi tanya dia. Ada orang punya. Pergi lar. Saya bukan in charge.

Stupidly we went back to the room. We're lucky this time as there are a few students sitting outside the room that directs us to the squash court where the supposingly-Person-In-Charge is at the moment. BadBoyVincent was being heroic and went into the court alone where all the other students who are having some class/activities conducted by Person-In-Charge. Ok, ok, we forced him to go. Haha. However, Person-Incharge only complained that he is the only one who does the job around there and sent us back to the EncikAkuTakTau.

EncikAkuTakTau: Aku tak tau. Ni,nama pelajar dalam fail ni. Kalau nak tulis nama.
BadBoyVincent: Bila class? Pukul brapa? Harga brapa?
EncikTakTau: Itu saya tak tau. Kalau nak tulis nama. Nanti bila-bila ada orang call la.
BadBoyVincent: Ok la. Tak pah. Terima kasih.

As you can see, both girls (HungryJess and I) didn't utter a word at all. Bahasa Melayu kind of karat already. Hehe.

We end up knowing nothing but the time of the classes that is available. Remark from BadBoyVincent, "I feel like we're in a government office. Directing us here and there."
I agree to that. They are slow, they love to direct people around, they give no information at all and they tend to "Aku tak tau" alot!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I Am

I am pissed of myself.
I am feeling guilty for abandoning my friends for such a long time.
I am getting mood swings whenever I start studying.
I am worried what my future will be like.
I am procrastinating too much.
I am hating ACCA so much.
I am progressing very slowly in my studies, almost equals to nothing.
I am hating the fact that we have to take exams.
I am still thinking ways to go UK for my degree programme.
I am still thinking ways to get out of here.
I am going to hate my life if I'm stuck here.
I am waiting for miracle to happen.
I am lucky in a way 'coz I found someone who would voluntarily lend me RM450 without hesitation.
I am loving her so much.

I am going to postpone the blog on 'shopping tips' although I know I've been tagged.

Casino Business

Professional Accountant revision lecture was held at 8am! So damn early! As usual, I was late for almost 15minutes. Well, maybe not as usual. The usual would be not attending the lecture at all. Haha. The subject requires reading, so lecture is just like reading directly from the slides. Plus, having KawanBaikDr.Wong as our lecturer didn't make it any better. She has the ability to scare you away with her irritating voice. And she talks slow. Sigh. I'm lucky she didn't call me 'kawan baik' today when I entered into the lecture hall. Yes, you didn't see wrong. Kawan baik! She would usually say, "Kawan baik, sila cepat duduk" a few times if you're late for her class. Malu-fying.. Take note that she was holding the microphone. Now you know why her name is 'KawanBaikDr.Wong' in here. She has a good heart, I agree. She's trying her best to give her best so that we could do our best =) But it didn't work la. Hehe. The lecture was as boring as how it used to be. So, decision has been made. Ponteng terus. No more PA lecture for us!

It is not because we are lazy. Honest. We will be revising that subject for sure, on our own that is. Hehe. Wasted a Wednesday morning today. It won't be as bad if we didn't decide to play truant by not attending CR tutorial at the very last minute. Hehe. We'll be good tomorrow, we'll attend. Promise!

KawanBaikDr.Wong's voice put me half-asleep in the hall. Just then Spicy-B called wanted to tell something but end up hanging up on me after knowing that I was having "lecture". Well, he sent me a text after that anyway. Spicy-B gambled! Naughty! Luckily he's not generous to donate any money to the casino that day. Congratulation Spicy-B! Donate more to my UK fund. I'm a happy person today! Haha. This reminds me about something that BatuB.Z said earlier during lecture, "Since Lim Goh Tong die already, let's go Genting this Friday. I'm sure they will give out money. At least RM50!" *Faint* My sincere condolences to the family of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

My mind is playing tricks, asking me not to exercise today. I hope I have the determination to at least move a little later.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Karat-ness Sudah Sampai Ke Otak

If you could see the puffiness of my eyes today, you'd know I had problem waking up today. Dad put extra effort by waking me up 3 times. Hehe. I'm lucky enough he didn't whack me on the head in order to get my eyes open just a little. I'm a troubled kid. Ok, a vampire is more like it. The past 2 weeks sleeping at 5am and waking at 11am has been the routine. I almost wanted to skip my first ever revision class. I felt the heaviness on my shoulder already when I woke up. Corporate Reporting, I'm not gifted to study this subject!

Since KidCheng is having an earlier class, therefore I had to follow and reach college early. It has been long since I visited my second home. Yes, the library! So nerdy =( It greeted me with coldness! The air-conditioner was in full blast. Haha. My nerdy partner, HungryJess was there to accompany me. Or was it me who accompanied her? Err..doesn't really matter. We end up chatting and updating each other for such a long time that we didn't study much. Hehe. Not forgetting the visits by AhHuaOurHero and TeddyMurphy, our faithful library companion.

The college finally has toilets inside the library itself! It used to be located outside the library building where you need to walk quite far to get there. The pathway could get really dark in the evening and it is quite secluded. And did I forget to mention that along the pathway, there is no shelter at all? Imagine if it's raining! That usually leaves us with no choice but to tahan from peeing or to go the the second nearest toilet, which we think it's haunted! So, you think that is considered a choice?! I think now you could understand how happy we are with the new toilets. We could have longer peeing and shitting session there, since it's still new and clean =P

To make sure that everyone knows about the new restrooms, the library administrators were kind enough to print out a notice and place it in the middle of the floor of the staircase which leads to where the restrooms are. Its was clearly stated that the ladies would be on the left and the gents are on the right, in case there are some who can't differentiate between a picture of a girl in skirt and a man without skirt. However, AhHuaOurHero wrongly interpreted, or maybe wrongly read the notice, *I don't know* and the confusion that he had left us laughing our butts off in the library. Haha.

"Did you see the sign there at the stairs?"
"Isn't it good? I mean it Is time for them to have a toilet here. So mahfan need to walk out everytime."
"Especially when it's raining, wanna go toilet also so susah. And the DKC toilet haunted ler. I don't want to go!"
"Yalor. Haunted! Then last time the toilet there no shelter wan. The guy's one also doesn't have right?"
"Don't have."
"Should go try out the toilet. Hehe."
"Ok. Hey, I go back to my place first k." (Then he starts to stand and make a move)
"Eh, why so many guys here eh? The notice there wrote left is for girls, right is for guys right? How come the guys sit left side wan."
-_-" -_-"

~*Picture will be uploaded tomorrow*~

Wow, the -_-" face that we had turned into laughter just as he started to walk off. Haha. Not a bad start for a day that we thought will only be filled with torture. Thanks, man!

TeddyMurphy came to have a chat with us after AhHuaOurHero left but end up migrating his things from another table to ours. We are still able attract people, you see! =P

"My face got fat already or not?"
"Yes, a little. But you fair already. And got pimples."
I was slow, still digesting his question and couldn't give any comments. Hehe.
"I all the while fair la. You see." (Showing off his fair arms.)
"Only this part of my arms is dark. Exposed to the sun too much."
"Oh." (The only remark that came from me. Haha.)


Corporate Reporting lecture started at 3pm to 6pm. Dreadful. In less than an hour, the lecture certified my failure in the subject. What used to be I-might-fail became I-already-failed. What else did I gain from the 3 hours of lecture? Depression, answers to the exams questions that I think would be quite useless to me because I could never understand that subject, and the acceptance to the fact that I could never ever pass this subject at all! Not now, not in future.

Anyhow, being a kiasu kid today, I did copy all the answers without knowing what they are about.

"Jess, what's that after the debit (DR) sign? Mash? So weird! I forgot everything dy! What's that?" (It was written 'Mach' on the transparency)
"What 'Mash' ? Machine la. Tak boleh tahan you la wey!"
"Oh, hehe. I thought it's some new thing that I missed out when study last time"

Can't deny anymore. My brain sudah karat! Damn!

Ugly handwriting..

Handwritting also sudah karat!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

I Make Burgers

Looks like I'm not the only one addicted to burger-making. SlowCatchUpKuan and EatAllYouCanShung are infected by the serve-me-burgerlicious-burgers-fast! virus as well. Kutuk me some more la..sendiri also jadi like me! Too bad, I'm still leading =P

I noticed that I've blog mostly about the food that I've ate. Pardon me. Haha. I don't think anyone is interested in the number of shit I've shitted or how many times I've bathed or how long I've slept. There's nothing going on nowadays, except for being verbally-abused by M.C.Square. Be a gentleman la! Stop throwing 'f*ck's everywhere. Haha. So, I blog about what I ate. Haha.

Revision class starts tomorrow. The lazy bug needs to get ready to face the horrifying CR lectures. Sharmala is so-going to bore me to death tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Taste Of Big Apple Donuts

Thunder! Lightning! It has been raining the whole day. This only means no television to watch and no going online. Boredom struck! No sound at all! You can even hear clearly as the annoying army of blood sucking mosquitoes fly around, hunting for its prey. That's me, of course. Ouch! I looked down at my arm and see a painful, swelling mosquito bite. Moments later, I felt another one bit me. Why can't these pesky vampires leave me alone?! My left arm alone had 4 bites and I'm not going to count how many are there in my other parts of my body.

I did some reading and found out that only the females feed on blood. Bitch! The female will land on our skin, sticks her dirty proboscis (the part of the head that is used to bite) into us, and grossly spit some of its saliva onto our skin! The proboscis is very sharp and thin so that we may not feel the biting going on. Very cunning. Her saliva on the other hand contains a protein that prevents our blood from clotting. Maybe we should be thankful for their saliva =S Then, she will suck our blood into her hideous looking abdomen. 5 microlitres per serving! I might as well donate my blood to the needy! Bloody vampires! After she has bitten us, some saliva will remain in the wound and then evoke an immune response from our body. The area swells and we itch like crazy! The itch will stays until our immune cells win the battle against that gross protein saliva.

Here is a random fact, if the female mosquito is disturbed, she will fly away. Otherwise, she will remain until she has a full abdomen. If you were to cut the sensory nerve to her abdomen, she would keep sucking until she burst. Stupid. Don't you just hate those evil little creatures? I do.

I'm a bitchy vampire..Come Smack me!

After feeding those flying creatures, it's my turn to be fed! Haha. SlowCatchUpKuan came home with a box of doughnuts from Big Apple Donuts. Yippee! I have always wanted to try out the doughnuts there since I've already tried the ones in J.Co Donuts. Upon opening the big beautiful box that could fit 6 pieces of doughnuts in it, there's only 3 could be found in the box brought back. Apparently SlowCatchUpKuan and EatAllYouCanShung got hungry on the way home and ate 3 of it. Mango Tango, California Almonds and Choreo are what are left in the box to be shared among the people in the house. So, we cut it into small pieces to make sure that everyone could have a taste of each flavours. As I sinfully gulp down the doughnuts into my stomach, my mind were thinking "More exercise needed here." Sigh..

I still prefer J.Co! J.Co's is so much better in so many ways! Not to say Big Apple Donuts tak boleh makan.. It is very tasty if you were to compare it to the Dunkin' Donuts. The varieties in flavours are awesome. What is the most important thing in a donut? Yes, the texture of the dough. J.Co's doughnuts are much softer compared to the ones in Big Apple. Let's not take Dunkin' Donuts into comparison, 'coz theirs are hard and dry =P The design of the boxes provided by Big Apple are lovely though. As for the taste of the flavours, there's not much difference. When it comes to the atmosphere, J.Co wins it all. Big Apple made a big mistake by having their cafe outdoor. Who wants enjoy their cup of coffee in a place that doesn't provide air-conditioner? Hello?? This is Malaysia.. Panas...

Elloo, I'm Big Apple...I'm big aren't I?

Polka-polka dots~~

Read me! Read me!

If you are a doughnuts-lover, it won't matter to you whether the doughnuts are from J.Co or Big Apples. No wonder I'm fat! You will still love it! Yea, I'm talking about myself here. Hehe. Of course, if it's from J.Co, it would make a happier person. It would be best if someone is willing to deliver it to my house and not to mention free of charge, and makes me go 'uuhh' and 'ahhh' o_O
I want a taste of the Krispy Kreme's too! I want! I want! People, tah pao back for me when you guys come back from Australia, U.K, U.S, Indonesia, wherever you are and wherever you can find it =)

Friday, 19 October 2007

I'm Suicidal

Last week, SlowCatchUpKuan and I suggested and kind of promised mom that we would bring her to Krua Thai for some authentic Thai food. Mom, being her usual self, syok syok for a while and agreed to go the day after tomorrow, but rejected the idea when the day finally arrived, disappointing the good daughters in the Cheong family =P Now you understand why I said "She won't go lar" in the conversation below.

"6pm already. Mom not cooking today? Haven't come back wan."
"Dunno. But I feel like eating Thai food lar."
"She won't go eat lar. It's not raining now, eat also not that nice."
"Cold wert. Nice lar."

Mom finally came home right after my conversation with SlowCatchUpKuan. To our surprise, happily she said, "Let's go eat Thai food. It's late. I don't want to cook." Unbelievable. This is the first time ever she give in to the idea of us bringing her out to eat, without the need to nag her for days and weeks on why she should take a break and enjoy herself eating out once in awhile. Oh wait, maybe it's not the first time. I can't recall. As far as I remember, it is the first. Even dad did not reject our offer! Yay!

Due to the hurtful statement made by the nasty SlowCatchUpKuan, I had to bathe and change first. She said I am becoming so "Malai" already that everything that I do, I do it in a very slow pace. Ouch! I am slow, but I am not THAT slow! That's only one of the reasons why I had to go first. KidCheng seemed to be still digesting the idea of eating out when I was already getting ready to bathe and SlowCatchUpKuan was still very much attracted to whatever that was on the laptop screen at that time. There you go, another 2 reasons on why I had to go first.

To prove that I'm not slow, I bathed as fast as I could and it took me about 20 to 25 minutes? Err...Considered fast, right? Ok lar, I'm not fast but neither am I slow. Hehe. As I was 'rushing' in the bathroom, I realized the cut on my left wrist. No idea where and when did I get that. Must be from the broken pipe handle that I was messing with. Hmm, maybe I did it myself, not accidental. Maybe I was hallucinating and didn't realize that I was cutting myself. Haha. Whatever happened, the cut was not deep enough to bleed, let alone kill me.

Just a small matter..

Mom made a fuss in the car. She was the one driving, doesn't know the location of the restaurant and she's not used to people directing her where to turn and all. *Faint* As we were reaching to the restaurant, she worried that she couldn't find a parking space near the restaurant and wanted to park in a place that is so far away. Luckily there was a van blocking her way so she couldn't park at her initial place and found a better one near to the restaurant. Hehe.

This time we had seafood tom yam, chicken in pandan leaves and mix vegetables. The seafood tom yam was no difference from the first I had with HungryJess. The chicken tasted just as good. No idea what are the ingredients they used to marinate the chicken. I can't cook, don't ask me. But I believe there must be some use of chili powder. I can taste a little bit of spiciness there. Spicy food rocks my world! The mix vegetables were just so-so, similar to the ones we usually have in Chinese restaurants, so it's not spicy or sour. Thank god. My parent had come to an age where their stomach couldn't accept too much of spicy or sour food.

Mom scolded me when I took out the camera to take some pictures of the food. "Eat lar, take photos for what?! Mou liu." She thinks I'm pathetic -_-" So, I only managed to get a quick one on the seafood tom yam. Sigh..

Seafood tom yam.. I <3

Krua Thai make another 5 happy people here today! Still, I felt guilty when CoachYokeLing checked on me just now. But I didn't overeat and I did exercise today! One hour wey! Haha.

This week, there's no cash inflow..only sad...

The Clock Now States 5.02am


Had been sleeping late these few days. Everyday actually, for the past 2 weeks. I don't think any of my friends could recognise me now. The result of sleeping late and not getting enough sleep is just too obvious. Sigh..

The ignorant-me tend to look at the clock for the time, only to realize that it is already 5 in the morning. It happens every night. M.C.Square kinda complained last night that I've been coming online at weird hours, where a normal homosapien would be soundly asleep and snoring by then. Yalar, I admit. I'm not normal. Been getting "Why so late still online?" a lot. Well, let's just say UK time zone and ours is not the same. That used to be the reason. But only to get "My friends are bored, they wanna go shop/walk/whatever, catch u later or something", etc after forcing my brain, eyes, body and soul *lol* to stay awake. No big deal lar actually. Dramatic. Hehe.

As for now, I stay up for no apparent reason. I was either too caught up with my burger-making and big fish-eats-small fish games or I was just busy chatting my time away with other abnormal people who stays up late like me. Ok, alright, there are some normal ones as well. Better not piss KennyTheKingOfJackpot off, he's gonna change my life =P

What did I managed to obtain for the many can-consider-sleepless nights?
The noticeable dark circles under my eyes. I so-wanna die already! Don't call me panda! Don't! Don't! As if having ugly dark circles under my eyes is not hideous enough, I have really really awful looking eyebags. Crying out loud for suggestions to get rid of it! Please help me. I beg.

Flaky skin is what I get what I get from the lack of sleep. Or maybe that is just a sign that I'm getting old =S My body gets dehydrated at night, forcing me to consume glasses of H2O, which would then makes me bloat the next day. To me, bloat equals to fat. So, I'm fat every single day! I might sound obsessive about how I look nowadays, that's because I am. Haha.

My body must hate me for torturing it by not sleeping. It has been sending me all kinds of signals. First, my gums start to bleed as a warning sign for me to sleep. This followed by the painful strain in the eyes and dizziness up on the head. But then when I decide to give in and goes to bed, the tiny brain of mine still is doing its job and thinking about those unsettled matters that are left unsettled. Konon hardworking. Hence, I can't sleep. My body then punishes me in the morning by giving me muscle aches and headaches. Not forgetting difficulty in breathing and period that comes twice a month.

Anyhow, one can and will never learn a lesson before anything destructive happens. Just look at me, the clock states 4.44am and I'm still blogging. Heck!

One last thing, I get surprises late at night when everyone is sleeping. Snores. Haha. Girls do snore. It usually happens when they are dead tired. KidCheng must be very tired these few days =P And she scare me just now by talking to me in her sleep! She opened her eyes, look straight at me as I was sitting on the floor next to her bed, and talk! She was staring at me, so I presumed she must be talking to me. But when I asked her to repeat herself, she just stared for a moment and went back to sleep. Creepy~ I bet she don't remember anything at all when she wakes up.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Quarter, Almost To Half-Dead


Despite the fact that I am the Queen of Procrastinators in the house, I managed to keep my words and start exercising TODAY! I admit it was no easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for me. I kept postponing the time to start working out.

9.21am- CoachYokeLing checking up on me. Damn, must exercise lor! Sleep a lil' bit more first.
11.00am- Woke up. I should check my mail and blog first in case there are any 'urgent' messages. Lame excuse I gave to myself =P
12.30pm- Chat, chat and chat. Not my fault alright. They nudge me first! I don't want to disappoint them=) Find it weird as there are many online 'friends' whom I used to chat with long time ago, back in the ICQ age, came back to find me for small talks. I'm impressed how some of them still remembers when we started to chat and many other details I've mentioned to them before *Cheers*
1.30pm- Brunch break. I need to eat, else where the hell would I get the energy to move. Procrastination grows in me. Hehe.
2.00pm- Time to make more burgers to serve the impatient customers. They go "*!@#$%^%$" when I don't make enough. I'm still a learner. 'Bei min' lar!
5.00pm- Working almost the whole day in the 'diner' is arm and eyes-tiring. It's time to move my lazy ass and exercise!

I've stopped exercising for more than a year and I've lost my stamina. Padan muka, I know. You know how dreadful it is when you're trying to push yourself to the max, but your body just kept refusing to listen?! I thought of stopping at the first 5 minutes. Lousy. However, I've geared my mind to the highest determination today, so that I could answer to CoachYokeLing if and when she asks. So, lasted 30 to 35 minutes instead of 5 minutes. I'm proud! Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit. Haha. I'd do better tomorrow.

Alright, moving about for half an hour or so might sound easy to some. But for a person who has not been exercising for such a long period is a tough job. After jogging on the spot for 20 minutes, I thought I was going to pass out. My heart was beating so damn fast. There isn't enough oxygen and blood pumping to my brain. I couldn't stand properly. I couldn't see clearly. I felt like vomiting. I struggled to walk to the nearest sink to vomit. Yes, I did vomit. I didn't know what was there in my stomach that was being indecisive whether to come out to visit the world as I've not been eating anything after brunch, which should have already digested. I was basically hugging the sink for support and thinking "Whatever you are in there, you better come out fast or I would have to use force". Standing there for a moment, waiting for the 'it' to come out, I couldn't take it anymore. There I go, inserting my fingers into the hole, pressing so hard, till my stomach gave in, and liquid came out!*gross* Only water. Sigh. No dirty thoughts please! The hole was referring to my mouth =p Over-estimating myself, I got back to the exercise soon-to-be routine for about 10 minutes =) Not bad eh..

It was not bad at first having singers from all over the world as companions..

Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong, I am right, I swear I'm right...(Dashboard Confessional)

Ku dapat melintas bumi, ku dapat merajai hari, Ku dapat melukis langit, ku dapat buatmu berseri, Tapi ku dapat melangkah pergi, Bila kau tipu aku disini, ku dapat melangkah pergi...(Peter Pan)

Annie, are you OK? Are you OK? Are you OK, Annie? Annie, are you OK? You OK, Are you OK, Annie? ... (Alien Ant Farm)

Cukuplah saja berteman denganku, Janganlah kau meminta lebih, Ku tak mungkin mencintaimu, Kita berteman saja, Teman tapi mesra...(Ratu)

However, Backstreet Boys' Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely killed my mood. Ugh. Didn't realize how draggy the song was till just now.

Tomorrow is a new day! One hour of exercise perhaps?

Home Alone For A Few Hours And I Go Nuts

There are times when one just needs to be alone. The peace and quietness is what a person needs sometimes. I have always wished I could have the leave-me -alone time or let-me-be or rather even if you're here-do-not-talk-to-me time.. These kinda moments where it seems impossible to obtain in this house of mine *well, not exactly mine =(*, out of the blue it came to me! Sisters are either in college, work or someone else's house. Dad went out before I even got the chance to say "Good Morning". I woke up late..and not like I ever say that to him our culture.. hehe.

I thought my first thought would be "Yay! Home Alone!! Finally, I can sleep the whole day without it being a problem to anyone!" My dad hates to see his daughters locking themselves in the room, you see. Ok, that thought did come to my mind for a second till the whole thing register up into my brain and makes me start thinking. I was scared being home alone after talking to SlowCatchUpKuan on the phone.

"Eh, you alone at home, you know?"
"Huh?!.." (Just woke up. Blur)
"Nobody at home la. Only you. Don't keep the room door closed k" (That is when I got to know I the only one at home. Haha)
"Just now I campak the keys in the living room. Go pick up and put it back"
"Yalar. -_-" Macam orang gaji saja. Ish~

You can't imagine how panicky I was. Straight ran out of the room, picked up the keys from the floor, put it back where it belongs. Then I stopped, and thought for a while, should I on the tv and stay in the room or should I not. Gone through all the consequences of the actions. If I on it while I'm in the room, and if so happen that my giddy aunt comes home to do a
spot-check on me, I'm a dead meat. Kena nag in a very 'proper' way. Beh tahan.. Chop my head off please! But if I don't on it and stay in the room, dad comes home and finds me in the room, kena pulak.. "Dangerous. Stay home like this, no sound at all, outside people will know, break in then how?! Everyday in the room for what? *Shakes head*" I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whichever I choose, will also kena.. Sigh. Safety first, I did on the television. And yes, I ran back to my room and blog about it. Haha.

I heard
noises just awhile ago. From the main gate. Gosh, I was in dilemma whether to go check out whose out there. I was too chicken to go find out. Scared it would some bastard trying to break in and rob me. Terrified. You would too if you read the newspaper covered with break-ins and rape cases. Especially if it's happening near to your place. As the noise drew closer, I had no choice but to stop blogging and peeked out from my room to see who's out there. Haih.. It was my dad lar! Waste time feeling scared only. Didn't expect him to be home so early. Usually will lepak till evening only come home. Lucky me it was daddy instead of the other person. Phew* tak kena marah. Hehe..

Sometimes I think too much. Bad for health. Worried when there isn't a need to. Plain silly.

What I plan to do next?
I shall eat my brunch. Practice eye contacts with the idiot box. Do some exercise. And maybe mop the floor? Maybe blog a little if there's anything to write about. Or maybe I'd just blog about nothing to blog about. Haha.

Hmm.. I'm fat! Found myself a diet coach. Yoke Ling my future life saver.
Haven't berjaya yet ma. Hehe. Thanks for texting me in the morning to remind me to exercise and for the experience you shared with me last night. A big hug to my mate here!

I miss someone for sure. But I can't talk. I hate when I start to hate. Hormones.

Another thing, you there! Stop harassing my blog and I! You know who you are. Get one yourself if you like :P

Excuse me for now, I've got 3D animated burgers to make and customers to serve! Thanks for the games people!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

That Is So Me..

Never liked forwarded emails from people. Somehow I enjoyed most of those forwarded by B.BallGaldon =) At least those clips he sent kept me occupied for an hour or so rather than doing nothing at home. Thanks heaps for all the entertaining mails, buddy!
Here's one of the forwarded email from B.BallGaldon, which I think resembles me a lot..

New school semester:

At the first week:

At the second week:

Before the mid-term test:

During the mid-term test:

After the mid-term test:

Before the final exam:

Once know the final exam schedule:

7 days before final exam:

6 days before final exam:

5 days before final exam:

4 days before final exam:

3 days before final exam:

2 days before final exam:

1 day before final exam:

A night before final exam:

1 hour before final exam:

During the final exam:

Once walk out from the exam hall:

After the final exam, during the holiday:

Mini Nestle Drumstick.. Eww..

It has been raining since morning. It is still not cold enough for me. Must be the fats stored in my body! =S Subconsciously being mean to precious body, I accepted to the offer for a Mini Nestle Drumstick.

Before: Ice-cream!! Yay!

After: Regret! Regret!! Never thought that ice-cream could taste as yucky as the one I just had. EEwww...Yuckiest ice-cream ever! And the extra kilos it is contributing to my body weight =( I want to die! *dramatic*

The worst ice-cream ever!

You can only taste the creamy-ness of it but not the chocolate flavour. Take note to the fact that it is an 'All Chocolate Cone' ice-cream. Fail la wey.. What a disappointment..

I shall not eat any mini drumsticks anymore.. The original size is so much better. Hehe.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy people lunching @ Krua Thai

HungryJess is homeless again. Home is not the happiest place to be sometimes. Here she is bumming in my house again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. Indeed I'm very happy there is someone here to laze around with. Hehe. She should come more often =)

Another day of waking up early as HungryJess reached my house at 9am. As usual, we watched lousy programmes on television, online to check mails and hoping to see LawyerSara online. We wanted to know if he has any ideas to get the poor human beings like us to UK. No luck in that though. Batang hidung pun tak nampak! As I'm writing this, HungryJess is taking a nap, hugging my bone pillow right after lunch. Sigh*

Highlight of the day: Our lunch in Krua Thai Restaurant, Metroprima Kepong!
We asked SlowCatchUpKuan for suggestions for places where we can get good food and we decided to hunt for Krua Thai for some authentic Thai food. Plus it's the nearest we can get as we don't wish to travel too far. Took us some time to get to the restaurant. There was a little confusion on the location. For those who are hunting for Krua Thai, it's actually on the right side of Carrefour, second row of shops, same road where GASoline is located.

What we had? We ordered a "small" seafood tom yam (Tomyam Ta-lay), a "small" Thai' kerabu chicken feet (Yap Ler Mer Nang), 2 bowl of rice, one coconut drink and a glass of chinese tea. Despite the word 'small' in the menu, they serve us big portions of dishes but really small bowl of rice. We couldn't even finish the two dishes! The price is cheap compared to other places. The seafood tom yam with 4 large prawns, lalas, oyster mushrooms and squid only cost us RM20. The kerabu chicken feet cost Rm10, coconut RM3.50 and the chinese tea RM0.50. Where else can you get Thai food at such price and portion.

That was one of the best Thai food we had ever eaten so far! The best lunch we had during our semester break. My favourite would be the tom yam. The hotness and the sourness are just right for my taste buds. I thought of bringing Spicy-B there when he comes back, but on second thought, maybe not. Don't think he can take the spiciness of it =P As for the kerabu chicken feet, it was alright for me as I was never a big fan of chicken feet. According to HungryJess, it was tasty. Coming out from the mouth of someone who doesn't eat chicken feet at all, I believe it's worth trying for those who loves such dish. The coconut was real nice and cooling. It's different from those coconuts I've drank before and the flesh is really smooth! I'm craving for more! Thai food lovers out there it is a MUST to try and be the judge yourself.

Moreover, they provide good service! The staffs are all Thais, therefore they barely speak English. The food came fast after we placed our orders. They were writing in Thai when we were ordering. HungryJess commented that the writing looks more like Tamil. Haha. It was raining heavily while we eat and we saw one of the waiters was standing outside the restaurant with a large umbrella helping their customers to get to their car. Excellent service!

Receipt in Thai

Wow, we're really enjoying our holidays here. We are two happy people, when we don't have to study that is. Hehe..

To my dearest Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya. Hope you guys get loadsa duit raya this year..Maaf zahir & batin. Rindu kat korang sangat sangat. Muacks*

At Last! Pavilion!!

Another new mall! Yippie..

HungryJess and I had been trying to make plans to check out Pavilion, to see what's so great about the mall that have caused tremendous congestions around Bukit Bintang. Somehow we've cancelled our plans for god knows how many times for few specific reasons. So, we don't even dare to invite other friends to go along. Who knows how many other times we'd cancel it, right? Hehe.. Who would be happy if you ffk too many times, right?!

We've been trying to meet up with our diploma friends for countless times but to no avail. Our timetable clashed. Sigh. Lucky us, RadiantMeiLing is free on Tuesday. Finally! We've made it to the Pavilion together-gether =) Great seeing her again. Too bad InnocentSiewLing can't make it. Too bad for you girl! =P

Not given a choice, I had to wake up super early because HungryJess would fetch me to her house at 9.30am right after dropping her mom off to the office. I woke up at 9am! ok, to ME it's early.. Thank god this is compensated with the tasty bak kut teh brought over all the way from Klang by RadiantMeiLing. Yummy* After lunch, we went over to Tesco do some grocery shopping before heading to Pavilion. As none of us brought any cameras along, I need to 'steal' some pictures from other bloggers to show how Pavilion looks like. You see HungryJess, never listened to me, now I have to steal =S

"Hey Jess, remember to bring your camera yea."
"Er, ok. Let me check if it's working and to make sure there's battery inside."
"Owh.. I didn't know you use AA batteries. Hmm, you didn't check when I told you about it yesterday uh?"
"Hehe. Yea. Coz this is an old camera from my sis." (still examining the camera and the batteries)
"Whoops.. The batteries are flat lah.."
" -_-" "

Back to Pavilion. One of the first things that caught our eyes was the whole stretch of restaurants for us to choose from! Haha..

There you go..

View from the entrance

The whole stretch of restaurants

I think this the the biggest Guess outlet in Malaysia

The typical Zara

Yes! Banana Republic in Pavilion too..I love...

Good news for us. Unlike The Garden
s, you can still find those ordinary brands for instance Zara, MNG, Giordano, Topshop, etc in the Pavilion. But of course there are those designer brands as well.

Tired of walking and it was tea time. Head straight to J.Co Donuts & Coffee. Had some yummilicious doughnuts (Glazzy, Alcapone and Krunchy Krunchy) and beverages (Moccabella and Iced Chocolate). Their slogan "Don't Blame Us For Making You An Addict". Trust me. You WILL be ADDICTED!

Yummilicious J.Co Donuts & Coffee

They even have good service

We didn't eat this much k!...hmmm...I'm hungry already~

Oh yea, updates on RadiantMeiLing. She just changed her handphone not long. The boyfriend bought her Nokia N95 and she's getting him a puppy as a birthday present.
*Special thanks to RadiantMeiLing for waking up 7 something in the morning to get us the bak kut teh*

As for today, I went to Maju Junction. Nothing much to blog about. Crowded.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Summarized Summary Of Events For The Last Four Days

Very Very tired.



Painful arms.

Painful legs.

Faced ultra-annoying + bitchy women!


Puffy eyes.

Blabber the whole day.





New friends.


Late dinners.




What I've been told?

Travel. Travel. Travel.

The eyes are the window to a man's soul.

Knowledge is the key to life.

Virginity is cancerous in today's world.

Healthy Vagina Makes Happy Women! by Kitsui

You don't always have to say Yes. Learn to say NO!

There are people who are so self-centered that they think they are the most important person in the whole damn world! Plus, they blame others for their own wrong doings. God knows if they realized it.

Seek for something better, I was told.

- I'm too frustrated to even blog about I've been doing these 4 long days! It would take few pages of test pads if I were to write the whole story out. Conclusion, it was awful!

And I'm having menstrual pain now! =(

Friday, 5 October 2007

A Walk In The Gardens

KidCheng and I strolled around Mid Valley and The Gardens with SlowCatchUpKuan after her interview. Just to walk around, take some photos of the newly opened mall to show Spicy-B and my other darlings overseas. However, we went home empty-handed=( No money = No shopping *saddening*

Many, many couches along the way for us to rest *I like*

Now you understand why the coucheS..A lot of walking to do..

'Galaxy' in The Gardens..ahhh~

Enough is those pics..Interested in seeing more then you would just have to check out their official website =P

Now, here goes some of the glamorous shops.

Karen Millen's bewitching dresses..especially the one on the right =)


Banana Republic!! There is something I really really love in there!! <3

Wow..I can still walk the whole day..I'm impressed!hehe..