Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Be Merry, Be Jolly

Merry Christmas and a Merry New Year as well!

Don't tell me I'm late as I'm not! Have you not heard The Twelve Days of Christmas? :P

This year's Christmas was the least Christmasy one I felt. No allowance=No impulsive buyings=Restricted=No fun! So Christmas shopping was mostly about buying clothes which hopefully can be worn for both casual outings and work in future.

Here's something that I like and but did not get due to the functionality problem that comes with it. The price was considered average, RM100+ and everything about it was good except for the fact that I need to open up the whole thing and be naked (almost, excluding bra!) if I wanted to do business in the toilet. Yes, it's a jumpsuit -_-"

Complement my body, doesn't it?

Did I mention I found a bag that I kinda love from Miss Selfridge!? L.O.V.E. not LIKE k! And this Miss SLK gotta pick that particular bag as her birthday present :( Sengaja lah! I want that bag! I wish I could shit money out my ass! Sigh. Now I've got to stare at the bag whenever she uses it when I'm around. It's so so difficult to find bags that I like :(

A little update on what I did on Christmas eve and the day itself. I slept the night away on Christmas eve. Haha. Then supper at Chili's with darlings followed by movie on Cristmas day. You guys should go watch Ip Man! I'm so in love with Donnie Yen!! XD

Noticed my lack of updates? I'm blogging for the sake of keeping my blog alive. Am so lazy! And in order to not offend anyone with things that I write, less writing is the solution! :P Pray that my writing skills don't karat and my mood comes back alright.


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Saturday, 27 December 2008


Look what I found while going through my folders! Little Kobe who is apparently not so little in size anymore caught in the act! These pictures has been awhile and she definitely has grown quite a lot since then.

I remember I was calling out for her inside the house when I heard some noise outside the house and I found her with a flower pot near my mom's car. The more I call for her, the worse the situation gets. So I end up taking photos of her instead :D

Trying.... trying.... trying......

Nothing is impossible for her

As usual, after awhile she got bored of it coz I tak layan. Haha.

Sexy back

Here's another picture of Kobe while she was sight seeing from the balcony of sis's bf's condo. Yeah, we seludup her in XP

She sure love the height


Thursday, 25 December 2008


I visit Brokeville more than any friends around me. Sigh. No fun! If only Brokeville would blacklist me from going there. Ban me from there. Never ever allow me to enter anymore. This is not happening. *slaps* Wake up Hun! Stop dreaming and clean up the mess in Brokeville!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Glamorous What!

Date: 2 December 2008
Theme: Glamorous
Location: My house, One U then outside My house

This time was a surprise. Charlene called and told me that she's back in KL and I claimed that she was fooling around with me AGAIN. Yes, there were times that she will purposely call me up all the way from Australia to ask me to get dressed as she's on her way to fetch me along to One U! -_-" Anyhow, this time she was serious. An emergency trip back to Malaysia. Let's not get into her personal life. It's restricted to some of us only :P

We had our chat-gossip-shop-crazy-meet up on the day in between my first and my second paper exams! Blame it on the price of the air ticket that she needs to go back so soon. So, she had a theme for our outing -_-" Glamorous! SLK and I were shocked to hear that. We were supposed to be having dinner together only, what's with the theme right? Anyhow, we gave in.

We shopped, we walked, we ate at Chili's and we went back. Charlene was in her super cute MNG shirt which I fell in love with, vest, jeans and her very glamorous new bought heels *super gorgeous* and I was wearing my XOXO tube top *loves*, shorts, long cardigan and a new heels from Charlene whereas SLK was wearing her brand new skinny jeans, flats and the Zara top we bought for her last year's birthday! Glam? Yes. But end up with blisters alright! We can barely walk by the end of the day :(

As usual, we did our "thunder" dance in her car when we reach my house. It's a tradition! LOL. We have forgotten to take pictures throughout the day and only take it in the car. Mostly are pictures of SLK and I coz Charlene was busy on the phone. Pictures are all dark due to bad lighting and this is all I could do to adjust it. Sigh.


Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Ok. She's finally done!

This has got to be the nicest one

I look bad! But who cares?! This is the only picture of all three of us together that day.

And here's my favourite!

So scandalous right??? LOL

We will be having such fun with Liz soon. Very soon! *yay*

Personalized Holiday Gifts

So many December babies around. So many birthdays. So many gifts need to buy. It is a difficult task to decide what to buy for each of them. And now Christmas is just around the corner?! Gosh, more things to think about. What to buy? What to buy? *scratches head*

I think something personalized should do the trick. It shows how thoughtful you can be. Here are a few personalized holiday gifts that I found on Pexagon:-

1) Personalized Thumb Drives, where you can store pictures of your love ones. What is so personalized about this? Well, you can actually engrave the recipient's name on it through custom laser engraving and it is absolutely free!

2) Personalized Pens with 3 unique styles. Free line of personalized laser engraved text is also available for this item.

3) Business Card Flash drives that would make a perfect gift for dad, boyfriends or other working friends. You can choose to engrave some text on the front of it and there's a small hidden USB cable at the back of it. How cool is that!

4) Wooden USB Flash Drives that is very much environment friendly that suits friends whoa re environmental conscious!


There are personalized gifts available enough for everyone! Best of all Pexagon is offering 20% off for the above items until the end of the year. Make a quick move now!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Celebration Is Optional

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of us!

2 years, not to say long, not to say short. Some things are better felt than say. Some things just words could not used to describe. Expressiveness is what I lack. Happy moments is what I kept. Let's hope for the both of us to have many more to gain till our brain explode with joy o.O

Wish him by clicking HERE!

One the other hand, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the tiny one :P

Birthday wish of course is to pass your exams dengan cemerlang! You are now as YOUNG as I am. I'm glad!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Things To Do After Exam a.k.a NOW

.: Recover my certs. Lost it. Have no idea how to get back my SPM and ACCA part 2 cert :( By any chance anyone of you out there can help me out?

.: Spring clean. Quarter way through.

.: Write my CV. No idea how I want it to be yet since cert also sudah hilang.

.: Apply for jobs.

.: Get a haircut soon. Will leave it long this time but still need to trim it.

.: Exercise! LOL. OK, this is a tough one.

.: Shop for working clothes. With limited budget.

.: Read. Magazines :) Anyone who owns a library at home and willing to lend me their fiction story books?

.: Blog. All the super outdated post will be up soon, I hope. Coz I'm lazy. Hehe.

Hmm, will update this list if I can think more.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


There's so much to do after exams. Spring cleaning can never end -_-"

Talked to one of my very good darl today :) Then continue with a small gathering with friends who stay nearby (consider near lar Kepong and Damansara). Feels as though I have not been talking to people besides family members for a very long time. Today feels good. I really miss talking -_-"

I end my day with a glass and a half of Heineken.

I forgot that I missed Heineken and now I remember ;)

Will try to reply comments and Cbox tomorrow *yawn* Sleepy!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

My Last Paper

Last day of exam:-

Mom: Did you bring your IC, ID, ruler, pencil, pen, eraser, etc...?
Me: Yes!
Truth: Yes!

At the end of the exam:-

Mom: Went well huh? Since you're smiling and all.
Me: No. I'm smiling coz I'm looking at Kobe.
Truth: Yes. I'm telling the truth again.

Wait till you see my conversation with some friends after the exams -_-"

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Second Paper

Second day of exam:-

Dad in charged of fetching me to the college this time.

Dad: Let's go!
Me: Ok.
Truth: OK.

Mom called -_-"

Mom: Remember to bring IC, ID, calculator, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, etc.....
Me: It's all in my bag.
Truth: It is all in my bag.

At the end of exam:-

Mom: How did it go?
Me: Well, I prepared the most for this subject. There's no one question that I can answer confidently but I wrote what I can write.
Truth: I was telling the truth lor!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My first paper

First day of exams:-

Mom: Write quick quick! Don't know how to do also write!
Me: Yea. Yea.
Truth: Yes, I always do that. I write a lot even when I don't understand the requirements of the questions.

Mom: Faster! If you reach there late, it's not going to be my problem!
Me: Ok. Not your problem. And we won't be late.
Truth: Nevermind if I'm late. I don't mind arrive at the minute the 3 hours and 15 minutes ends.

Mom: Did you check? Are you sure you brought everything you need?
Me: Yes.
Truth: Yes.

At the end of the exam:-

Mom: How was it? Know how to do?
Me: No.
Truth: NO!

Pass on the savings!

I hate cleaning! I really do! But I love living in a clean environment. If only I could afford a maid to clean the house for me right now. But too bad, not so soon. I hope that day will come soon enough.

Cleaning is not to say a difficult task to do on a daily basis if we are all provided with the appropriate and sufficient cleaning equipments and machines. However if you happen to stay under the same roof with a bunch of stingy people like the ones at my house here, then I'm not surprised to hear you complaint as well. My sisters and I are a big fan of the latest cleaning machines available in the market. Not only it gives you the I'm-living-in-a-modern-house feeling, it also helps you big time in the cleaning process.

Compare the time you spend sweeping the floor and the time you spend using a vacuum cleaner. You will soon notice the amount of times you have wasted everyday. Besides, the vacuum cleaner definitely cleans better than the broom stick alright! That is why I find machines like the vacuum cleaner and washing machine to be a long term investment. No matter how expensive it can be, it will sure be worthwhile to purchase it. is having an online promotion now. Vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines are all available at a discount of 10%. Quickly log onto the site and enter the code EZVCAC10 to apply the discount on any order over $20.00.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Whoever Listens To Themselves?

I shall not whine.... I shall not whine........... I shall not whine............... I shall not whine.... at least not here.......

Since when did I ever listen to myself? WTF! Life is a chore that I don't enjoy doing. A lil push is needed at times. But push too hard and bare the risk of breaking me up. Fragile? No. Delicate is more like it. Nobody does the pushing better than oneself. But who the hell likes to push themselves? Not me alright. So, here I lay dead for days or even weeks doing almost nothing every single day. Soulless. Don't think anyone could understand if you have not experienced it yourself. You may think you do, but I assure you that you don't. I only plan to fail, so I fail with pride -_-" Negative vibes surrounding me.

Speak my language if anyone wants to talk. I speak a language of my own. Don't even try to open your mouth if you can't. Be invisible if you must. If anyone of us doesn't worth anybody's time, don't mention it. Just disappear!

Gastric.Insomnia.Discouraged.Down. For about TWO fucking weeks already! I should eat. Bye!