Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tell Me What You Would Do If He Cheats On You!

What if your other half is cheating on you? What would you do?

Let's build up a scenario here:-

You are a girl. Not sure if you are? Check yourself if you've got any elephant trunks on your body :P *if you're not a girl, then imagine to be one or give comment as a guy lar*. So girl, you have a boyfriend who you have just started a relationship with for about one year plus. But half year through the relationship, your boyfriend went to study in overseas. Let's just say the boyfriend went to U.K to study, k?

Things have not been that great before he left. You could imagine how things would be after he left, right? So you and your boyfriend quarrel a lot eventhough you guys are so far apart. You got tired. He then got tired. Then *ka-boom*, you heard rumors. Rumors that he has another girl there. Another girl that is very close to him. A girl who follows wherever he goes. She is just everywhere. Wherever your boyfriend is, she's be there. Let's assume, you'd find her standing right next to him whenever and wherever they are *if you got the chance to see, that is*. You are not sure what you heard is completely true. You're not even certain if he's cheating on you. One thing for sure, you can feel the change in your boyfriend. His behaviour. The way he talks. His patience. Everything!

What would you do if you are that girl?

IF that is me, I'd just leave him to do what he is doing. I wouldn't ask anything at all and hopes that he would do the same to me. Best if he doesn't talk to me ever again. I'd then verbally wish the so-called new couple best of luck and happiness but sincerely curse them in my heart till the day I found someone better! Wakakakaka... I'm evil. Please take note of the word 'better'. If the future one is better then why would I want to curse her/them anymore right? I got a better one alright! :P Anyways, who cares if the other girl is better than me. I'm not the one who's having a relationship with her.

OR...... I might just leave things as it is coz I got too many things to think now. Haha. Oh yea, I'm a real busy lady. Hehe. This type of questions gives me headaches. Better not think and wait for your comments! So fill me up with loadsa lollipops aightz! :D

There sure is more than 2 persons in there -_-"

All persons and companies listed in this blog are purely fictitious, and resemblance to existing persons and companies is purely coincidental. Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about a writer simply because you read their weblog on a regular basis. Any judgements you make will be based on the information they have provided you about themselves, which is probably vague, incomplete or embellished. Whatever opinion you form on them as people, or their life as a whole, is probably best kept to yourself.)
-I got this disclaimer from Michelle's blog and it fits my post! :D-

Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm Lovin' Pull and Bear!

I did not study much yesterday or today! *actually for every single day :( * Instead I went shopping at One U! With an empty wallet, that is. Sigh*

I'm doomed! My wallet will never be full anymore. Kobe's health is not that great, so frequent visits to the vet will only make my wallet bleed. And Kobe needs to be spayed soon. With her weight *12.5kg*, I think will need to fork out another RM250+ *can you hear me cry already?!*. Dog biscuits have just finished! *ka-ching* Did you hear that?? RM100+ flying away!! The expenses for the pets are endless.

Brokeville welcomes me very often. My skincare products are finishing too. I desperately need to make a purchase real soon. I had my eyes on Kose range at first but looks like I've got to throw that thought away. My handphone has gone cuckoo too! May she rest in peace. Add another item in my long list! With all these expenses/debts/accruals, how could I afford to shop? *I so wanna cry dy!*

I have a serious confession to make. Here goes my confession. I love Pull and Bear!!!!!! There's something I tried on today that I really like. Oh wait, not like. But LOVE!!! Despite all the harsh effort of talking me out of wanting to buy it *you know who you are*, I am still thinking about it. So tempted. Even SlowCatchUpKuan said it looks nice on me, k! I need instant cash! :( Any volunteers/sponsors out there?

WaMu - Saving Services

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Friday, 25 April 2008

Sexy Legs With Some Colours

Remember the bruises I mentioned in the . Heartbeat. post? Let's have a look at how it looks like. Er, no sexy legs for you guys to see though. I'm born with fat thighs! Haha. That's my excuse for being fat :P

I can feel the pain :,(

My left thigh.... Ouch!

The picture above is kind of too bright. So, you can't really see the real colour. Here goes another one in another lighting.

Can see now?

Up close and personal -_-

Let's give my right sexy thigh a chance now! :P *Damn perasan!*

Not as bad as the left... I should be happy. Haha

This should be much clearer

Thursday, 24 April 2008

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Siti Thinks I Was Cursing Her!

I was introduced to Malaysia'a very first TourismBOT (BOT = robot), named Sitimalaysia. I bet it was named after Siti Nurhaliza. Hahaha. Anyways, Sitimalaysia is suppose to provide you information about Malaysia. Read all about it from HERE!

hi, siti
Hello, I'm really glad to see you again... hope you're having a great day so far. I'm having a blast in Malaysia! Just type "home" if you wish for me to suggest a topic to chat about.
ure so so sweet...
I don't know how to answer that.
when's ur next concert?
Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding you. Try typing "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
shanghai again?
Could you try saying that another way? I'm having a little trouble understanding you.
只会一点儿。我说普通话,认识简体中文。 (in Chinese)
or bm?
I am sorry, I didn't get that. Please try asking me another way, or type "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
how come u speak chinese but not malay?
That's interesting that you should say that, but I don't think I can answer.
u were awesome at the recent AIM award!!!
I don't know how to answer that.
stop askin me to go home la
I won't then!
u dont wanna chat with me is it?
I'm Siti! That's my name! Don't wear it out now! I even have an introductory video to share with you about me and what I am here for. I'd like to share it with you. Wanna see?
sabar.. sabar
Did you mean:
1 Keaamatan, Sabah
2 Kota Kinabalu
sabar itu separuh dari iman
Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding you. Try typing "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
ure so so famous..
I don't understand this fully enough to say anything smart about it...
who x know u?!
Hmm. I didn't quite get what you said. Try typing "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
even shanghai ppl know u
I am sorry, I didn't get that. Please try asking me another way, or type "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
zhau yi dian hui jia... hau hau shiu shi...
I am sorry, I didn't get that. Please try asking me another way, or type "home" to see examples of questions I can answer.
zhou tit fan ow kay... hau tit yau sik
I've heard more interesting curses than that.
oh my god!
I'm sorry I'm not able to help you.
i'm not cursing you
I don't understand this fully enough to say anything smart about it... This is all quite fun, but let's chat about Malaysia!
cham lo...
Hmm. Could you try saying that another way?
u say i curse u pulak
That's interesting that you should say that, but I don't think I can answer. sigh
What's up?
ure my idol.. how could i do so...
I don't understand this fully enough to say anything smart about it...
take good care of urself kay
Bye! Hope to see you again soon.

I'm sorry but I was so tempted to make fun of Siti. Hehe. *Please don't sue me. I'm just curious* I vow not to misuse this programme in the future. *Kekeke*

However, I hope Sitimalaysia could actually help to promote the tourism industry. But, it needs to be improved especially in the language department. *How come Siti don't know how to speak Malay wan???* I must say Siti did a very good job in promoting Malaysia. No matter what nonsense I asked, she'd find a way to "U-turn" back to the topic on Malaysia. *Muahahaha* Keep it up! :D Siti Boleh! Datuk K Boleh! Malaysia pun Boleh!

PS: Check out the conversation SlowCatchUpKuan had with God! Haha.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

M.C.Square The Sex Tutor

Sex Education with M.C.Square before Corporate Accounting class!

Me: Why are you sitting here?! (directing that to M.C.Square as he was sitting at my usual place)
M.C.Square: Shhh... I tell you something. Jessica is pregnant! *whispering to my ears*
Me: Huh? Hahahaha! Ok. Ok. But why are you sitting here?!
BadBoyVincent: What are you guys laughing at?
M.C.Square: He asked me to sit here lar! Not my fault. (Ignoring BadBoyVincent) Faster congrats people lar.
Me: Ok. Congrats Vincent. Hehe.
M.C.Square: Congrats la. Become father already. So happy.
BadBoyVincent: Hehe. (I bet he's happy to hear that! :P)
Me: Where's Jess? So late wan.
M.C.Square: See lar. Asked you not to save few Ringgit wan ler. You spend few Ringgit for precaution, now no need to worry lor. Wife pregnant already, you happily sit here. Also don't know what happened to her!
BadBoyVincent: What~~???!!!!
Me: How many months already eh? How long it takes to realize she's pregnant? Hehe.
M.C.Square: 2 months lar! You know when her period doesn't come that month then must buy the batang (pregnancy test sticks) to check. Then the batang will have blue and red. Blue means safe. Red means die!
BadBoyVincent: Wah. How you know all these?
Me: Her sister gave birth to a baby already. That's why he knows.
M.C.Square: Eh... (slightly offended) I don't ask my sis all these details k! I just know! (continue) Then the batang got alarm. If it's red, then the alarm will be set off!!
BadBoyVincent and I: Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaha........................................... Crazy!
M.C.Square: Eh, you don't laugh at people. Later your turn, with the Indian guy in the class! Better than you go "play" with Kobe and give birth to something else!
Me: Eeeuuuwwwwww.... What Indian guy?! I don't "play" with Kobe alright?! -_-

Just as I said that, the Indian technician with a tummy as big as the tummy of a lady pregnant with a few months old baby came in. We looked. We blinked. We laughed our arses off!!! Jinxed*

Monday, 21 April 2008

. Hearbeat .

Yesterday afternoon, as I was walking to Jusco to meet up with mom and sisters, my heart was beating super fast. Almost double or maybe triple times than my normal heartbeat. I was sweating, my body was oh-so-warm and my head was spinning. A girl asked, "Are you OK? Did you drive here? Do you want to have a sit and rest first?" Apparently the flush of red on my cheeks was too obvious to be ignored. Being a hero again, I rejected her offer and slowly made my way there, crossing the roads and all. Luckily I had mints in my bag. That made everything better! Not good, but better. Phew*

When night falls, headache hit my head hard! But the more I force myself to sleep, the harder it was to fall asleep. I had a sudden urge then to SMS someone. Anyone! You know how it's like when you just feel like sending out an SMS to someone for no reason at all. Anyone will do. Just as long as you get a reply in return? Just to talk/chat. But the thing was I couldn't think of anyone to text as the clock already flashes time passed 12 midnight and everyone would have been asleep by then. I end up sending it to M.C.Square. After all he IS a 'night ghost' like me. Thanks for the entertainment (:

Let's end this post with a conclusion. It was a bad day! :( PMS sucks! I'm lucky I did not faint in the middle of the road. Did I mention I found a few big blue-black bruises on both my thighs?! *Sobs*

Sunday, 20 April 2008

You Said She Got Small Breast! Not Me!

There are some craps from people that are so entertaining compared to some which you wish you have not heard it at all. I'm lucky to have M.C.Square as a friend. He has always been able to put a smile in everybody's and anybody's face (: Thanks, man! Click on the image below and look at one of the random crap we chatted about. @_@ Hehe.


One of the symptoms of PMS:-

Collapse in the living room right after dinner. I had that. Blank. Don't even have the time to think, or reach for a more comfortable space. Susah betul jadi perempuan!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Let's Bathe Together! -_-

* h.u.n - says:

hey i wanna go bathe ler

* h.u.n - says:


* h.u.n - says:

i'l c u tmr k

* h.u.n - says:

faster copy ah

mak says:


mak says:

we r same boat 1

* h.u.n - says:


mak says:

i also havent bath leh

* h.u.n - says:

i asked jess for alll her notes frm 3rd notes onwards..the ones she wun b studyin la

* h.u.n - says:

then i copy wateva finish thn pass to u la

mak says:


* h.u.n - says:

k la

mak says:


* h.u.n - says:

let's go bathe

mak says:


mak says:

i cant

* h.u.n - says:


mak says:

my mum say that is not good 1

* h.u.n - says:


mak says:

cannot bath with u

mak says:

* h.u.n - says:

* h.u.n - says:

go die la

* h.u.n - says:

mau bathe with me?

* h.u.n - says:

mimpi 1st la yea

mak says:

u ajak 1

* h.u.n - says:

bin tai

mak says:

not i ask 1

* h.u.n - says:

whr got?

mak says:

just now

mak says:

u let 'lets bath'

* h.u.n - says:

u go bathe in ur bathroom n i go bathe in mine la

mak says:


* h.u.n - says:


mak says:

u say clearly mah

mak says:

make me scare

* h.u.n - says:

but u think senget senget for what??

* h.u.n - says:

u ah..kenot tahan u lar...1st u wan me to 'kau' the girl u like..then u go 'kap' the twins til eyes wanna drop out like dat..then tell me u like naked girls

* h.u.n - says:

scary betul

* h.u.n - says:


mak says:


mak says:

wat scary

mak says:

is nature

* h.u.n - says:


mak says:

nature of guy

mak says:

all guys

* h.u.n - says:


* h.u.n - says:

dun care..i wanna bathe dy ler..late liao

* h.u.n - says:

c u tmr

mak says:

The Gardens And The Rat

There was a big rat in The Gardens! Running freely as though that's its home and we were the intruders -_-"

How could that be, right? The Gardens is like all new and clean *looks clean though* but to our surprise the mall is also a home to such creatures. I bet there's more than one!

I don't know about my companion of the night, but I was dumbfounded when my eyes caught the rat running inside the mall. Looks like they only keep the mall as clean as what our eyes could see. Luckily it wasn't too near to me, else I'd jump or scream or cry... ugh, God knows what I'd do. All I know is, I would surely end up in embarrassment!

Sir BabyPanda canceled tomorrow's plan :( So no breakfast, no movie, no seeing you before you leave. Yeap, he's off to U.K already by tomorrow night. *Boohoo* It's never fun to see anyone close to fly off far far away *although it has been Again and Again for him -_-" * *sniffles*

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Over The Weekends

HungryJess had food poisoning over the weekends.

BadBoyVincent had diarrhea over the weekends.

I've lost my appetite, had allergies and stressed out over the weekends.

M.C.Square had been eating shit over the weekends :P

YanIsFair is perfectly fine.

BadBoyVincent said I've been exposed to Laughing Gas today. Coz I laughed :D

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Miss Stress In The Cinema

I accidentally brought Miss Stress with me to the cinema today. I couldn't make myself talk as much as I would love to.

This is BAD!


Monday, 14 April 2008



I HATE YOU!!!!!!

*literally screaming my lungs out*

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Saturday, 12 April 2008


I received a postcard. Haven't plan when to read it yet. @_@ Keep it first. *chuck it into the cupboard*

Will be going for an early birthday dinner with dad. Time to go take a hot bath and get ready!


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It, Miss Bossy Queen, Bitch!

I like the "Dear Miss Bossy Queen" by SlowCatchUpKuan. I totally understand how you feel. That's because I was and am still one of the victim/person involved. If you don't already know, It that I mentioned in my previous post "It, who steals" and "It, steals again!!!!" and the Miss Bossy Queen is the same person, if you would call that a person lar =X Here's another dedication to It.

Not talking to her has been part of how our lives go. It's not easy if anyone were to force us to talk to each other once again coz we have been too used to not talking to each other. It would crack my dear head to think of something, anything to talk to her about. Me no like seeing you everyday walking around the house fashion showing all your expensive new dresses like some sick person just came out from Tanjung Rambutan alright?! Nobody do ironing wearing what they wore to go out, especially if you're wearing a silky dress. How selfish of you to only iron clothes that belongs to you when others need to wash your clothes as well once in a while. Plus, mom does all the washing and ironing considered every time. Is it so difficult for you to iron additional 4 to 5 clothes? I'm sorry that you're not matured enough to think straight.

How old are you already? Can't you see or understand or feel what our family has been through. You know what they say, you are what you've been through/experienced. Even the youngest in the family know how we've been able to pull it through the hard times when we barely can afford to continue our studies. We know how much mom have contributed to this family. We can see how much suffering she has been through. Being the daughters, we know deep in our hearts that we must repay what she has done for us. It's not only something we need to do, but it's also something we want to do! "Do you know how hard it is to take public transport?! You should try taking it more often. Then maybe you know how hard!" Treating her like your slave is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! I'm sorry if you're too blind to see what all of us can see.

I'm very much disgusted by your acting. I don't see the reason for you to put up a show to make your colleagues think that you're such a good daughter, when you're obviously not! What's with the call from your office asking both parents to make passport coz you want to bring them travel when you have no intention at all? You make both mom and dad get all excited about it and then disappoint them? You play good daughter in front of dad and leave mom out?! I don't see the rational in this. You don't take responsibility for the show you've put on and leave it to those of us who are not too capable to bare it?! You're the one who made the call. You're the one who is earning big bucks. And now the ones who are still studying and not earning as much have to bare the cost?! I don't mind, really. Coz they are my parents. I'm just so sorry that you're born a bitch!

Now, that's how I end up making my own passport as well today.

Friday, 11 April 2008

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In Short

I'm exhausted! I've been out almost the whole day. Finally home, with a passport. No energy for details now. I'm off to get a good evening nap.

*Yawn* *watery eyes*


I cut my finger again. A deep cut at the right thumb :(

I'm craving for meatballs. I love balls! I want loads of it, please. Maybe mom could buy some balls from the morning market? Let it be fish balls, meatballs, pork balls, whatever. I don't mind. I just want balls!


I wish I could just throw the laptop down from my bed. I don't want to climb down.

Nitenite! *imaginary kisses*

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Nursing School

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Edy Will Be Coming To KL

Edy will be coming back to KL!!! *Yay* When?? Er, I don't know. But he said it will definitely going to be this year. He will drop by KL for a few days then head up to Thailand for his holiday. And to visit Zak I presume? Anyhow, I'm glad you're coming back here first! :)

One of the best pictures I could find =X All also very good looking alright, but the problem is they are not very photogenic :P

Richard, Suherry, Edy

Ahhhh.... I envy you, Edy! He works for his dad and so he can take a long break off work whenever he wants! That's what he said, at least. He is one of the not so many people that I know who enjoys working more than studying. I think I would too if my dad is some stainless steels supplier in Jakarta! *Hmmmpphh* I wanna work for your dad too lar. Can I get as much privileges as you? *flashing big big goo goo eyes*

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Sounds Gay, But Not A Lesbian

It is very gay. But I'm not a lesbian lar! Am still very much attracted to hot guys. =X

I am still wondering why M.C.Square asked me to go after the girl that he likes -_-" If she really choose me over you, how? :P

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

[HELP] What To Get For A Retired Man's Birthday?

*scratch head*

I have no idea what to get for my old man's birthday this year!! SlowCatchUpKuan and I have been thinking day and night for days already but there is still no list of things that we could possibly buy at sight. *Sigh*

Daddy is a retired man who enjoys tea a lot but he already got his own tea set. So cannot but tea set lor! He loves his afternoon fruit juice. But getting him a fruit juicer might end up like getting mom a new appliance for her cookings! Another no-no. He used to go jogging early in the morning but he kind of stop doing so. I have no idea why. Those huge running machines are way too space consuming for our little house. Another No here.

Aiyo... How lar!!!! His birthday is so near already. 14th April! Apa nak buat ni?!

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Monday, 7 April 2008

Not Short Lah... Not Tall Only

SlowCatchUpKuan and I: Maaa.... you want to climb over??
SlowCatchUpKuan: Yalar. Haha.
Me: Uhhhh....
SlowCathUpKuan: What's wrong?
Me: My legs are short. Terkena the side. Hehe. Difficult to cross over. Haha.
SlowCatchUpKuan: Huh?! How come? I thought you are taller than mom!

After comparing me to my mom.

SlowCatchUpKuan: Wah! Really shorter leh. So short!
Me: Woi. You kutuk mummy ah! I tell her you say she short!
SlowCatchUpKuan: What?! Really ma. I always thinks mom very kecil molek. Mana tau, you even shorter!!! Hahahahahaha......
Me: -_-" Teruk betul!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Happy Birthday, SlowCatchUpKuan!!!!!

It's a late wish. My bad. Better late than never :)

Happy Birthday, sis!!!!!

May you have all the sweetest things in life! Hopefully very soon to come. Be happy and not let others pull you down! Sorry for the ugly picture down there. Me no artist lar! *blush* I'll buy you a cake when we go out alright! :)

Once again, you're not old! Be young, feel young and stay young! :P

Loads and loads of hugs and kisses ,


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Got read my post Guess or not? Only one person guessed! I beh syok lar! Potong steam betul lar bloggers out there! :P

Time to reveal:- The place I was supposed to go is
Nirvana Memorial Park!!

Yeap, those pictures were taken there. I was supposed to go pai san (pay respect/honour my ancestors)! Ching Ming used to be a day where we go sweep the tombs and offer food and tea, and burn those paper accessories to the ancestors at the grave site. And not forgetting there will also be loads of complaint from the youngsters *ahem* about the hot sun, the muddy road and also the smokes from all the burning that could easily cause asthma attacks, if any of us have such sickness.

But now very modern lah. Where got hot hot sun anymore. They provide us big umbrellas like the ones you see at the stalls selling char kuey teow, yao char guai, etc. Then burning also they provide you with a big 'tong' to burn in. Some more now the view around is extremely nice that they no longer call it a grave site, but a park instead! -_-" No longer scared of lady with very long hair in white long dress. No longer looks like a haunted place lor. Like go picnic only -_-" And so, that's where we took all those pictures of those beautiful people! :P

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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Cravings. Pamper.

I'm craving for,

.: M&Ms. Please let it melt in my mouth.
.: Ferrero Rocher. *crunch*crunch*
.: a bubble bath! I feel like soak myself for at least an hour! *Anybody wanna lend me their bathtubs?*
.: a jacuzzi bath!
.: a full body massage!

Gosh, I really do need some pampering right now~ Pamper me, please. I beg. I beg! *showing goo goo eyes*


Look at that long long hair of mine! Oh, everyone looks younger here! That's coz those pictures were taken last year :P I'm suppose to be going to the same place tomorrow, but I have 'class'! Try your luck and guess where am I suppose to go (:

The 3 very hot stooges! :P

Cam-whoring moments

Check out my esprit cap and SlowCatchUpKuan's fishing hat! Hehe....

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Friday, 4 April 2008

Wake Me Up

I love pleasant surprises! (:

Charlene gave me a wake up call all the way from Tasmania this morning! Er, it was not meant to be a wake up call but I was still sleeping at that time. So it became a wake up call. Hehe.

"Still sleeping again ah? Aih, no surprise! I'm shopping!!"

See! No surprise! Haha. She can sense the problem with my biological clock. Did I mention that she's one of my childhood friends?! Well, now you know. She knows too much about me already =X

Shopaholic on the move! She got high over the purchases she have made. I'm so happy for her, and myself as well. Haha. You know why? I'm not telling............ :P

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Online Bingo Sites

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Look what my birth date says about me:-

"You have the boss character, but not a leader. Most people look up to you for your capability and confidence although they find you quite stubborn. You should listen more to others. You are a unique and charming individual. Your Love, You hardly take the moderate track. You either love or hate someone. Whom you call friends are the chosen ones. If any of them betray you, you won't let them get away without having hard time."

What's the use of having boss character when I can't lead, hor? I also don't know. I'm stubborn! Advice me to listen more to others makes no difference. If I don't want to listen, I hear no words from you, you or you! Oh friends, be proud that you are my friends! Haha! :P And try not to be evil behind my back, or else!

I know I'm talking crap here. I'm not feeling too well for a long post. So this short one will do. Sore throat monster attacked me and it disturbs me so much that I'm getting headache now. Sobs* Guess I'd surprise Simon Seow this time when he see me posting something at such early hours ;)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

My Aainaa Is The Best Aina!

Happy Birthday, Aainaa!!! and Happy April Fools' Day! *special betul bday kawan aku ni, same day as April Fools' Day lar. Ahaks*

May you have another sweet 22 and more years to come! So sorry for not being able to be with for you on this year's and previous birthdays. Hope you know how much you and our friendship means to me despite not being able to be with you all the time.

Rindu sangat sangat masa kita lepak sesama! Miss each and everyone of you so so much! Beyond words and beyond imagination lar, sayang. Let's meet up when you're free alright?!

Love you so damn bloody much!

Sending loads of hugs and kisses in the air. I hope you could feel it :D



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He Was My Vietnam Dessert! :P

"Oh, Hun wakes up already! Let's go!"

How weird to hear that from dad the first thing I woke up. Dad have been waiting for me to wake up to bring his drop-dead-gorgeous daughters *ahem* to fill our stomachs with Vietnam food! *wiping off my saliva* It was my breakfast, but their lunch. Yalar, I admit lar! I sleep like a pig lar! I woke up at around 12.30 to 1pm @_@ Vietnam food as breakfast was a little too much for my empty stomach to take. I can barely move after the meal. *I walk and I look like a pregnant lady after-meal* Another diet disaster! boohoo~

Oh yeah, I saw someone on the way home!! I was staring out the car window on the way home and I saw a guy who looks like the guy I used to like/admire/minat/(insert whatever word appropriate here) when I was still in my teenage years! *F*ck! Feel so old liao* I'm quite sure that was him! :D But on second thought, that could be just a look-alike. Nowadays, every guy looks kind of similar in a way. Nevermind, syok sendiri once in a while isn't so bad after all. If that was really him, he sure changed a lot. I like both used-to-be-nerdy look and the cool look just as much! *ini bukan panggil gatal, ok! :P*

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