Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fugly Professional Haircut

I complained almost everyday that my hair is getting too long and messy for me to handle.


Now I regret for complaining. My "before" hairstyle looks so much better now. I really hate my new haircut. Stupid hair stylist never listens to their customers. Professional konon!


My hair now is damn fugly! I don't even look into the mirror as often anymore. All pictures taken on the day I got my hair cut. The current state of my hair is far worse than these!

Side view

The fringe drops down covering my eyes. Yes, I now have the old mushroom head style. The difference is the current one is much uglier than the one I used to have when I was young. Plus, I am too old to be a mushroom head lar!

Back view

The picture above saddens me the most. I can spot some baldness there *sobs*

Yes, I hate my hair!

The ugly hair spoiled those pictures taken in Bukit Cahaya the next day :(

I almost didn't want to go last Sunday!

BigJeff: Hey, tomorrow want to go Bukit Cahaya?
Me: Don't want! I cut my hair dy. So ugly. I don't want to see anyone!
BigJeff: Aiya, nothing wan la. Tomorrow 7.30am I fetch you.
Me: Don't want la.
BigJeff: 7.30 fetch you! Later I will go yumcha near your place, I stop by tell you the details.
Me: No need. You purposely want to come today to laugh at me first!


And so I went.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park, Sungkai, Perak [Part2]

It's just not normal if you go somewhere and only take pictures of the place and none of your own face and the faces of people who went there with you. Phew* Here goes some of the pictures taken during my Hot Spring trip with the family :)

It is also NORMAL to take pictures in the car :P

But mom never layan! Macam syok sendiri Sigh~

Same goes to dad. That's because that day was not his birthday! Yeap, he will only layan on his birthdays -_-"

At last when I finally found someone who is in the mood to layan me just a little, I failed at capturing a nice angle of her. So sorry but who cares coz I looked not bad here SlowCatchUpKuan!

Here's a picture of our sponsor cum driver, Mr. EatAllYouCanShung. He's no big fan of meat, which explains the bones you see in the picture :P

I introduce to you, the person who enjoyed the most there was TeddyMommy for sure!

She said her leg felt better after an half an hour of soaking -_-" Unbelievable.

My dad being his usual fussy self that day, he didn't talk much but once he open his mouth, seriously like shooting everyone. The picture below made him look like some Hongkie head of gangster! LOL.

I love being in a jacuzzi so much that I refuse to get out of the water when everyone else was taking a break. Hehe.

SlowCatchUpKuan on the other hand was getting all giggly the whole time. She was laughing at her bf's skeleton figure -_-"

Relax for a while.......................

Then, get into action! Note for guys out there, eat more before you get bullied by your other half. XD

Since this is a family trip, it's a must to have a family portrait taken there :)

It's time to get change when we're done soaking.

Die die must put the nicest picture of SlowCatchUpKuan and I. Every other pictures has failed us :(

Here is the one and only picture of mom and dad taken together on that day. They never seem to like taking pictures together. Complicated family I have.

I got myself a little present from Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park! TeddyMommy didn't notice I was passing something to sis and that my hand was at the car door, she pushed it close quite hard and I end up getting a very dark bruise on my hand that lasted a week or so :(

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park, Sungkai, Perak [Part1]

12 October (Sunday):- A family trip to Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park, Perak! :)

The Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park was opened in December 2003, so it is considered quite new. The most important thing about going to such public place is definitely the cleanliness of the place and the water. Fortunately the place is well maintained and the water is clear from what I see. It's a hot spring after all, the hot water should have killed whatever germs that might be there XD

Hot spring!! Hot spring!!! We are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

As you reach there, you need to pay for entrance fees of RM10 for adult and RM8 for children to get the tickets before driving in. The park is surrounded by greeneries and tall trees therefore you can enjoy soaking in the water for as long as you like, provided your body and skin can stand the water temperature.

Mom has been experiencing aches at her knees and certain parts of the legs. We heard that the natural springs have healing properties, so we went there for a try. SlowCatchUpKuan and I had always wanted to go for spas but the modern spas are way too expensive -_-" This hot spring is an alternative spa for us as we can soak in the hot water for as long as we want!!

Public pools

There were a few pools with different temperatures. Most of the people soak only their legs into the water as the water is too hot. There were a few smaller pools that are deep enough for you to soak your whole body in. Unfortunately those pools were occupied when we reached. So we opt for a private pool! :D They charge RM75/hour for a standard type of private jacuzzi and RM125/hour for the superior type. How superior is SUPERIOR? Hmm, I have no idea! We went for the cheaper one of course.

Standard private jacuzzi XD

It is worth to pay for a private room if you're there with family. Soaking in the hot water without any disturbance from outsiders is bliss.

Important notice as you close the door

One hour means ONE HOUR! Better not be late to check out as the notice behind the doors warned you for extra charges. RM15 penalty if you're 10 minutes late. Money sucker Expensive betul!

We are also supposed to take a quick shower before entering the pool. But dad said, "I bathed before we come. No need!" And so we jumped into the water straight :P

The place to take shower

There is also a private toilet in the private room. Yay! You can change inside the room instead of queuing in the public toilet.

I welcome you. That's my FIRST "peace" sign in pictures -_-" Looking at it geli-fied me! Sigh~

This private pool allows us to soak our entire body inside the water without the need to worry of getting boiled/burned/cooked alive in the hot water. Well, that's because we could actually control the temperature of the water! Mom was like an Iron Lady, she can really tahan the hot hot water! That is truly a modern jacuzzi that looks not too modern. Haha.

Hot spring jacuzzi

Like all jacuzzi in those spas centre, this jacuzzi gives you the body massage effect! It felt like the water was hitting your body as the water comes out from those tiny little holes all around the walls of the pool. Mom enjoyed it a lot! :)

Can fit two only ah??

I think the private pool can fit around 10+ people at once.

Of course can fit more!

There were also a notice near the resting area in the room advising us how long we should soak in the water and how many rest breaks we should in between. Too long in the water can pengsan leh! As our heartbeat will increase due to the temperature, it is best to not soak too long in the water to prevent from fainting. Take things slowly~

At the end, take turns to take a quick shower then change in the toilet.

SlowCatchUpKuan saying bye-bye to the private jacuzzi :(

Curious where does the hot water came from? Here's the water source. Never try to use your fingers to touch the water here!

Water source

Besides soaking in the water, you can also purchase some raw eggs and boil it in the pools of water! We did not do that though coz we opt for better food instead. Kekeke. Will blog about the herbal duck mee soon.

Boil.... boil..... boil.....

This hot spring park is a good place for sekeluarga berendam legally in the same pool family gatherings. It opens from 8am to 10pm daily.

Monday, 13 October 2008


Here's my Post-departure-of-Spicy-B-retail-therapy post :) A little later than as promised coz I've been having really bad migraine after the Sungai Klah trip up till an hour ago. Panadol does its magic when you needed it.

I hate having to get used to not having someone who I have been hanging out almost everyday/every weekends for the past 3 months! It has been rough for me. Ugh, I'm weak =X

Retail therapy is definitely something that could improve nearly every girl's mood. So I went for one with sis one weekend after Spicy-B left. The only difference is, I went there with no extra cash to spend. Therefore, no comfort buys for me :(

Anyhow, trying clothes alone did a little good at least. The result of going on a shopping spree with an empty wallet.......................................

The yellow dress that made me looks so fat and weird! It made me look pregnant from side view.

Mama dress =_="

Here's my favorite among all the clothes I tried on that day. Cute eh! Too bad it's a lil loose at the top.

I like! I like!

The little black dress was a little loose as well =S

Just something plain

I purposely chose the blurest picture to put here as the top was a bit too low cut. Sharper, clearer picture could probably show my bra -_-"

One way to hide what needs to be hidden :P

Yes, I seriously think this dress is so so cute! So cute that I want to put another picture of it! (I have no idea how to rotate the extracted picture to the correct position. Sigh) The dress has the right length for my height :D

So pretty.... the dress!

I think I had bend-your-right-leg-syndrome on that day. LOL. Sorry lar, I do not know how to pose wan lar! XD

P/S: My hair is so long that I can tie it up already! It's time for a visit to the saloon soon! :) Or, should I just leave it long? Hmmmm........

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Progress Of Sand Flies Bites

For those who are wondering how the healing process from the sand flies bites, here's the pictures I captured before heading to bed yesterday.

I finished all the pills prescribed to me. But the white coloured cream given to me is still a lot lar. Should I keep applying it or just leave it and start on my Mederma scar reduction regime eh? I don't even know what the function of the white cream is! -_-" Dilemma~

I went to Anis's Raya Openhouse today :) I have no idea when will I get the pictures, so blog update on date is still unknown :(

Sneak peek:-

I might have a post of my post-departure-of-Spicy-B-retail-therapy tomorrow if I'm up for it XD

I might be going to Sungai Klah tomorrow :) Hot spring here I come!!!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Up Up Up To Look Out Point

From the post on Friday's, we now head to Look Out Point! :)

Like I said, the night is still young for some of them so up the hill we went.

But I'm not young anymore, hence the tired look!

Finding a decent parking space is almost impossible. Downhill, uphill, it is all the same. Everywhere you look, you can see cars. After we managed to squeeze the car into a rather small space that I wasn't even sure if it was a parking space at all, we head to find a place to rest our bums :) There were a few restaurants for you to dine in.

One of the few restaurants there.

Of all places we ended up with Gasoline, a place that I never in my life fancied -_-"

Highly attracted to a PDA I supposed -_-"

We only ordered drinks as we already stuffed our stomach with better food (compared to Gasoline, of course!) in Friday's.

Working ah paks 0.O"

Look Out Point is seriously overrated. You need to drive all the way uphill, then take a long time to find a parking space if you are so unlucky to not get one when you reached there and choose between the limited restaurants to dine in. What you get from all these? Just a snap on KL night view.

The best shot of the night.

Oh yea, and you need to pay to get that k! Those Gasoline staffs was shoo-ing those that were not dining there from taking any pictures or standing near that area -_-" Moreover, the cheapest drink available, if not mistaken is RM6+ (got tax sumore!!) for a packet of teabag and a warm water! Sigh~

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Thursday, 9 October 2008

I Am Not Dead. And Friday's I Went

It seems like I've been dead for the past two to three months. Not dead as in I died, my body got cremated or buried or whatever that people do to dead bodies. I assure you that my body is perfectly fine right now. Still fat, but alive.

The only reason for the lack of update besides being lazy is.... I was too occupied spending time with Spicy-B coz he was only back for 3 months. Ugh, I lied! After deducting his working period, I only get to spend less than a month with him. I was lazy to blog, so what?! Grrrrrr*

So now, I'd just update according to whatever pictures that I could find in my folders alright. I think everything has already been posted up in Spicy-B's blog. I don't care, I still want to write my own :P You can choose to continue reading here, but jump to his blog at this very second. Looks like I will update in terbalik an antedate sequence since I have already uploaded these photos out of blurness. Sigh.

A little farewell gathering for Spicy-B with his friends at TGI Friday's at The Curve. That was definitely a productive day. We had the protection sticker sticked on our phones and some clumsy people dropped his sim card in the car and it is now lost forever. Apparently it was my fault coz I'm too gorgeous that he had to look at me at that moment and caused the slip of the card from his hands -_-" So not reasonable larrrrr...

We were early so we walked over to Ikano to change the camera cover for his new camera. The camera with 12mp. Doesn't make sense why the pictures below looked so blur and dark right? I thought pictures from a 12mp camera will look very nice leh. Must be the wrong settings. Maybe not. What do I know about cameras anyway!? -_-"

Next stop, at the Borders! Books, books and more books! I love the children's books corner. I found so many storybooks that I used to read. I even found Madeline, the cartoon I used to watch. And I annoyed Spicy-B with the Halloween song I learned from Madeline :) "Wooo~ Wooo~ Wooo~ Wooo~ Halloween is co-oo-ool......." x2

I find this picture very cute and I just got to put this up XD

Spicy-B malu-fied himself that day. We bumped into one of his friend who is supposed to be joining us for dinner but we did not know that as we were not the planners of the gathering and Spicy-B asked, "What are you doing here?" a few times! Yes, he was stunned and need to be asked a few times only he could generate an answer out. One word - awkward.

Anyways, I was surprised to find that Friday's staffs forgo our reserved table to other people. I have always liked their customer service in my previous visits. We end up having to wait for some time outside the restaurant and they finally squeezed a table large enough for us.

They can hardly move -_-"

Time to eat! Time to eat! "Order, please." :) I was hungry.

Smart people know to share as the 3 course meal is too large for one. Who could that be? Hehe.

See see look look for so long, end up almost everyone ordered the same thing -_-"

We were too busy eating that we forgot to take pictures of our food. Anyhow, the food was not as nice as it used to be. What happened to TQM eh? Tsk*tsk*

Bah! Let's get on with the not-so-high-quality pictures, shall we? :P

Vulgar. I like. LOL.

Us :)

Uniform? Two in black striped shirt and another two in white.

Group photo is a must. But I die die must post this particular group photo here coz I realized my hair looks so thick! It's like double of the thickness of my actual hair! XD

Enlarge it, zoom in and view my hair! Hehe.

The last one from Friday's.

I was the photographer, hence not making an appearance in this picture.

The night was still young for many of them. So we headed to another destination. Coming up next as this has become a long winded babble. Hehe.