Wednesday, 21 January 2009

School And Certs

I was supposed to go to Putrajaya to settle my SPM and PMR cert. However due to some reasons, we head to CBN first to settle my Testimonial, Kerja Kursus cert as well as my Taekwondo cert. feels good to be back to school. Everything was so so familiar! The canteen looks a bit different though. The food doesn't look as nice as how it used to be. I bet it doesn't taste as good either! :P Uncle Christopher and his family is not in charge of the Chinese food and snacks section anymore, I didn't see Pakcik Yusoff around nor did I smell any of his keropok lekor, tempura nuggets or hotdogs, I didn't notice my favorite ayam masak merah booth and the one selling chicken chops and ice blended was not there anymore!!!!! They must be crazy to change all that. I've tried foods from a few other schools and ours was the best so far. Booooo~ Lousy changes!

Anyways, the people in the office was much help to me. I collected my 1119 cert *happy* and Miss Choo helped me on the Kerja Kursus cert as well as the Testimonial (they are going to fine me for that! -_-"). But my favorite Mr. Hoo so no luck that he can't see me coz he has already went back home. Therefore I need to go back to school to see him to see if he can do anything about my Taekwondo cert since he is in charge of that co-curriculum activity. I'm excited to see my Taekwondo sir once again as well! Hehe.

Oh oh oh... After that, I brought my friends to see see look look my primary school. Not much changes except for the new paints. And my art piece that has been exhibited along the corridors for years was not there anymore! :(

We didn't expect to spend so much time in school and we ended up not going to Putrajaya as it was already quite late. The Putrajaya office closes at 4.30pm. Sigh. Need to plan another trip to go there after CNY.

P.S: Congratulations to Mr. Hoo on his soon-to-be-born baby girl! :D
P.S.S: My Diploma cert will cost RM300! Crazy! :(


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

don't forget the fried sotong! waaa i miss it so much!

maRCus said...

Waaah.. cert oni wor.. RM300? siboh? XD

Anonymous said...

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blurryhunniee said...

How could I! But since Uncle Christopher is not there anymore, no more yummy fried sotong la. But I seriously found a place that have fried sotongs that is comparable to the ones in canteen :D Ken knows the place!! Will ask then we go k?! XD

Siao la! Really RM300. More expensive compared to UK or US replacement of certs -_-"
Anyways, what's siboh??

Same to you. ALright, will have a look later.