Saturday, 21 February 2009


I got really excited when my sister told me that there will be a movie on Sherlock Holmes. That is sure a must watch movie and nothing can stop me from watching it. I don't care if I have work or exams, I just must watch it! I wonder there will be only one mystery to solve or truckload of mysteries waiting to be solved.

But if you're like me, someone who is very much in love with detective related matters, then I bet you'd sure enjoy as this website provides you mystery stories that indirectly hint clues into the plot to allow you to solve the crime alongside with the story's protagonist. Points will be awarded in finding all the clues. You don't even have to wait long till you know the true criminal in the plot as the solution will be revealed the day after each mystery is published. There were too many mysteries there and it just got to me especially the one where Presidents of United States are used as characters to tell a story.

Reading stories like such will get one excited, can you imagine getting involved in solving it? Absolutely amazing! Just sign up and you sure won't regret. was even being featured on ABC News (video here: Yes, it's that good!


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