Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Ticking And I'm Disturbed

Tick* Tock* Tick* Tock*

The clock is ticking and I'm supposed to be sleeping by now. Don't feel too good. Physically and mentally unwell, so opt to write instead of rolling left, right, back and forth on the bed. I got to be up at 6am tomorrow :( Work starts at 7am. Sigh! This is the least I can do for now since I've used up my money to pay for tuition fees last Saturday. I even borrowed from sis coz I did not have enough. *Self-pity mode*

One the other hand, the deadline to reply those companies that are offering me a full time job is rather near. Think I'll just throw a coin to see which I should choose then call them up tomorrow. Hope they still want me since I made them wait quite long. Hehe.



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