Friday, 20 February 2009

Up, Down, Left, Right - Busy!

Been pretty busy sending out resumes, attending interviews and meeting up friends. OK, only one friend for like 3 to 4 times already this week :P Can't get bored of the same person and the same place :) And there were only 5 interviews but I'm already sick of it. All says the same thing and offers kind of the same thing. So might as well simply choose one. It's really tiring travelling around. The weather is bad and my health is not even 100% fit. Sigh.

I don't even blog as often. Somehow felt like there's something stopping me from writing. Probably just lazy. No proper New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine's posts or even normal daily updates.

Yikes, I'm still kinda indecisive on which company to choose though. Nobody seems to care much. OK, exaggerated. There were a few who took real good interest coz they are now in the same phase as I am. Hugs* Thanks for the consultations and supports. I was really lost, aren't I? Getting all depressed and feeling stupid. Seems so silly as I look back. Can't really wait for every single person to comment on my own stuffs anyways, deadline is near, decision must be made.

Next week will be a very very very busy week!!!

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