Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Glamorous What!

Date: 2 December 2008
Theme: Glamorous
Location: My house, One U then outside My house

This time was a surprise. Charlene called and told me that she's back in KL and I claimed that she was fooling around with me AGAIN. Yes, there were times that she will purposely call me up all the way from Australia to ask me to get dressed as she's on her way to fetch me along to One U! -_-" Anyhow, this time she was serious. An emergency trip back to Malaysia. Let's not get into her personal life. It's restricted to some of us only :P

We had our chat-gossip-shop-crazy-meet up on the day in between my first and my second paper exams! Blame it on the price of the air ticket that she needs to go back so soon. So, she had a theme for our outing -_-" Glamorous! SLK and I were shocked to hear that. We were supposed to be having dinner together only, what's with the theme right? Anyhow, we gave in.

We shopped, we walked, we ate at Chili's and we went back. Charlene was in her super cute MNG shirt which I fell in love with, vest, jeans and her very glamorous new bought heels *super gorgeous* and I was wearing my XOXO tube top *loves*, shorts, long cardigan and a new heels from Charlene whereas SLK was wearing her brand new skinny jeans, flats and the Zara top we bought for her last year's birthday! Glam? Yes. But end up with blisters alright! We can barely walk by the end of the day :(

As usual, we did our "thunder" dance in her car when we reach my house. It's a tradition! LOL. We have forgotten to take pictures throughout the day and only take it in the car. Mostly are pictures of SLK and I coz Charlene was busy on the phone. Pictures are all dark due to bad lighting and this is all I could do to adjust it. Sigh.


Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Ok. She's finally done!

This has got to be the nicest one

I look bad! But who cares?! This is the only picture of all three of us together that day.

And here's my favourite!

So scandalous right??? LOL

We will be having such fun with Liz soon. Very soon! *yay*


JeromeFo said...

I like the last pic.
Is like Berita Terkini!

blurryhunniee said...

*high five* totally loving that picture too. Thanks to my lack of photo taking skills :)
Serious, Hiburan Sensasi xP