Saturday, 27 December 2008


Look what I found while going through my folders! Little Kobe who is apparently not so little in size anymore caught in the act! These pictures has been awhile and she definitely has grown quite a lot since then.

I remember I was calling out for her inside the house when I heard some noise outside the house and I found her with a flower pot near my mom's car. The more I call for her, the worse the situation gets. So I end up taking photos of her instead :D

Trying.... trying.... trying......

Nothing is impossible for her

As usual, after awhile she got bored of it coz I tak layan. Haha.

Sexy back

Here's another picture of Kobe while she was sight seeing from the balcony of sis's bf's condo. Yeah, we seludup her in XP

She sure love the height



sabahking said...

i think around the pet, the dog is really our good friend. the dog always will do the things that surprise us and sometimes understand what we want. I love the dog too.

Harmony said...

haha that dog lied so lazily.

blurryhunniee said...

I totally agree with you. They are such smart creatures and they sure know how to entertain us! Loves dogs too :)

LOL. She can be very lazy at times.