Saturday, 13 December 2008


There's so much to do after exams. Spring cleaning can never end -_-"

Talked to one of my very good darl today :) Then continue with a small gathering with friends who stay nearby (consider near lar Kepong and Damansara). Feels as though I have not been talking to people besides family members for a very long time. Today feels good. I really miss talking -_-"

I end my day with a glass and a half of Heineken.

I forgot that I missed Heineken and now I remember ;)

Will try to reply comments and Cbox tomorrow *yawn* Sleepy!


kennhyn said...

I guess heineken is your favourite beer?

Always like girls that drink beer, but how come there's a tiger glass behind the heineken bottle...haha

blurryhunniee said...

Yeah, one of my favourite! :) Mainly coz I like the design of the bottle. Haha.

Never thought there's a linkage between beers and attraction. Hehe. Er, they provided us with tiger glass -_-"