Thursday, 4 December 2008

Whoever Listens To Themselves?

I shall not whine.... I shall not whine........... I shall not whine............... I shall not whine.... at least not here.......

Since when did I ever listen to myself? WTF! Life is a chore that I don't enjoy doing. A lil push is needed at times. But push too hard and bare the risk of breaking me up. Fragile? No. Delicate is more like it. Nobody does the pushing better than oneself. But who the hell likes to push themselves? Not me alright. So, here I lay dead for days or even weeks doing almost nothing every single day. Soulless. Don't think anyone could understand if you have not experienced it yourself. You may think you do, but I assure you that you don't. I only plan to fail, so I fail with pride -_-" Negative vibes surrounding me.

Speak my language if anyone wants to talk. I speak a language of my own. Don't even try to open your mouth if you can't. Be invisible if you must. If anyone of us doesn't worth anybody's time, don't mention it. Just disappear!

Gastric.Insomnia.Discouraged.Down. For about TWO fucking weeks already! I should eat. Bye!


Tekkaus said...

Wow! You should really need some motivation to keep you moving. As for me, my main motivation is my family. No matter what I do, I'll do it for their good. Begin with the end in mind. Life is like a box of puzzle. If you don't open it and arrange it to become a complete picture, no one can. Time flies, seize yours. Cheers and eat! =)

Jayce said...

Get better soon lo. ^_^

BeverLy's Secret said...

OMG.. babe, take care of yourself!!!

Rest more and get well soon ya!!

Buzzing J said...

If nothing else, what you'd written sounds great as lyric to a song. Poetic.

Cheer up.

blurryhunniee said...

Wow. Everything rhymes. Haha. But I don't have much motivation. I've looked up, down, in and out and it has yet to be found =X

I'm kinda better now since exams is over.

beverly's secret
Thanks babe! I'm alright now. Still thinking of the things I want to buy from buy but couldn't get :P

buzzing j
Whoa. I never thought I could be poetic.

Now, who would like to offer me a price for my first piece of work? :P