Sunday, 21 September 2008

UK Is Just Too Far :(

I'm missing you so badly already! ;(


jėss.T said...

absense makes the heart grow fonder, i know how u feel babe.

stay strong


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Still got msn and skype ma =)

Anonymous said...

msn and skype is never adequate. it is never the same as having the person there physically.

the ultimate question is this: when you are studying abroad, the core purpose of doing so is more than just studying. its also to learn how to be independent, learn how to adapt to a new place and to meet new people of different cultures and make friends and to socialize and be equipped with skills that are required in the 'real' world.

thats why most people choose to study abroad. to get that bit of exposure and a better class of education and pride.

but if you are in relationship, do you skype everyday and miss your home or do you expect your loved ones to understand what you need to do and expect them to stand by you all throughout even with very little communication?

isn't that quite the dilemma right now?

Anonymous said...

and if you become way more clingy with your loved one who are back home, it makes it so much more difficult for you to adapt to your new situation and you find yourself becoming way dependent on the person back home and spend nights crying with lights off just because you wished you hadn't made the choice of coming abroad.

it really gets confusing, because just before you left country, you feel that you have everything under control and hope to god everything goes smoothly. and then slowly, things become more stagnant and you realize whatever you do, is just never seem to be adequate. from both sides. how would you fix it all..?

if love can sustain, why wasn't plans made to be together and why search out for selfish desires to become better person or individual on the own?

deep inside, what exactly do we expect? that we get to do almost everything as we like with or without being impulsive and still wish everything goes just perfectly?

then, the second question is: is your love strong enough to not only be able to learn the new adventures of life, but to go on just more than everything else.

and if your bf/gf leaves the country to chase his/her dreams, would you want the same amount of attention that he/she was able to provide when they were around you? you know that's almost impossible...

weneedmoney said...
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Anonymous said...

and i am, the sole author of .Please do not think im here to kind of challenge anything at all, i'm just extremely confused over the very simple questions and somehow the normal words of console never seem to calm me. Each day that passes, seems perfect, but my relationship is a tragedy that i never quite seem to understand and I still spent nights tearing deep inside my heart like a small child who lost his parents.

Simon Seow said...

Got Internet mah.

Johnny Ong said...

not goin to be easy but stay strong

blurryhunniee said...

Thanks for leaving comments. We'll all see how it goes k. I don't want to give up that easily too. But girls' emotions are unpredictable.

Yes, MSN and Skype is never adequate. This will be my second year of LDR. Let's all hope that things work out. "The normal words of console never seem to calm me" - applies to me too :(