Tuesday, 30 September 2008

MIA, That's Me

Sorry for MIA for some time. Truth is, I'm coping very well since the departure of Spicy-B to the land far far away for another year. I didn't feel like talking, socializing or even blog about anything. I've been very emotional (will not go into details what happened) and I still am. Ugh. I serious hate LDR! I'm lost of words to express myself. Keeping quiet might be the best thing for me for the moment. Some feelings and thought are better to be kept for myself.


Went to submit ACCA examination fee today then head to Mid Valley with a man who suddenly has saggy breasts and a bunch of people whom I enjoy crapping with :) I shall threaten that man first before blogging about it. Hehe. My dear friend, this is what you'll get for trying to embarrass me in the shopping mall. Beg me to not publish you photo! :P Never mess with girls ok! Most importantly, never mess with me! Haha.

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