Sunday, 30 December 2007

Laptop Is An Important Asset

I'm back from my Penang trip!!! =D *jumping up and down, left and right* Miss me?? Miss me?? No?

Hundreds of mails! Hundreds of Facebook application requests! A long list of unreplied messages in my CBox. "Why no update geh?" "You busy ah?" "Still exam?" "When u wanna update??"

Well, these were all due the malfunctioning of my laptop about a week or more ago. My laptop fell sick and just not interested to see anyone, so it wouldn't switch on no matter how we press it. After the visit to the clinic, it got attacked by virus till we can't log into our desktop!! That's the reasons for all the upcoming oh-so-outdated posts. Hehe.

Anyhow, the laptop recovered, so I hope I can write at least one post a day. Well, it is merely a hope, no guarantees :P



agree, laptop is one of the most important things nowadays!

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High five!

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