Monday, 3 December 2007

Toothache That Causes Death!

I had toothache the night before and last night I had a weird dream that is related to that!

I dreamt that I was having toothache! No, that's not the weird part. In my dream I tried to pull that particular tooth that was causing so much pain to me. Once I got it pulled, there was blood coming out from my gums. *Duh!*

Weird things start to happen after that. Everyone in my family started to er.. die one by one! I can't recall what exactly happened to them in the dream. But I know it wasn't natural death. Horrible things happened! Almost like those can be found in horror film. And we were scared and we ran away trying to avoid everything that seems harmful to us.

That was a tiring dream. I woke up with my heart pumping so fast and it felt like I had just cried. I used the wrong word, it was more like a petrifying dream. It felt so so real!


flux said...

u must have done something bad thats why the toothfairy gave u that dream..hahaha..btw dun think too much ,itz juz a dream..

Johnny said...

that's dream only right?
Comment from Johnny

yipguseng said...

a dream with bad tooth, that really is a very bad dream ler :(

wait till ur wisdom tooth come out :(

Anonymous said...

did u watch any horrible films b4 da dream? otherwise, that was just an imagination of u. sometimes, horrible dream can be caused by pressure too.
dreams are fantastic & weird!

miCheLle said...

jus a dream la.... dont think too much abt it, after u speak out the spell broke ady.. so u & ur family wont die lol
chill baby chill =)

blurryhunniee said...

I have been an angel alright! XP
I thought toothfairy will only come out when you really have a tooth pulled and kept it under your pillow? Hehe..

Of course it was just a dream. Else you will see my face in today's headlines!

Real bad :(

Two of my wisdom tooth is already out and OUT as in I had a surgery to take OUT! Ouch*

Only some dreams are fantastic. Mostly are plain weird! =S

I didn't watch any horrible dreams before I sleep. Only read the boring study text. That must be the cause! Argh..evil book! :P

LOL! Yeap spell is broken! Luckily I'm not the one who did the killing. Scary!

Anonymous said...


According to Philippine folk-lore, if you dreamed of a bad tooth ache (anything from a loose tooth, broken tooth, bleeding gums, shattered tooth), especially if it was your own tooth, it actually means that you will probably lose someone dear to you… *scary!!!*

Quick remedy - upon waking up, don’t talk to anyone, find the nearest plant, and bite it. It is said that the bad energy from the dream transfers to the plant, and kills it. And you're love one is saved!

I know it sounds scary and ridiculous, but it’s better than losing someone you care about…

blurryhunniee said...

Gosh, you are scaring me!!

I don't want to lose any of my loved ones. But I don't to bite on leaves as well :X

ALright, maybe next time I'd just grow some indoor plants to make sure it's clean and safe to be bitten.

I hope my family won't think I'm going nuts when they see me biting on plants. I do get dreams about having toothaches quite often.

Thanks for the tips!

3POINT8 said...

Death of unnatural causes??
reminds me of the movie 'Final Destination'

blurryhunniee said...

But it does feels like that. Final Destination..Creeps me out man!