Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Make Money With Blogging With Smorty!

At last! Smorty has finally approved my blog after declining it once.

Now, I can start to earn some cash to buy the shoes, shirts and the Levi's jeans I've been dreaming of without even asking money from my parents. I call this being independent. Haha.

Smorty is a blog advertising service that connects both the advertisers to the bloggers. Smorty provides a chance for advertisers to advertise on blogs, and through this, bloggers get paid for blogging. It is a good opportunity for bloggers, especially students like me to earn some extra pocket money by getting paid to blog with just writing your opinion on the products, services and websites. The best thing about it is you are actually getting paid weekly in USD! Woohoo!
Why not blog for more benefits? Blog because of interest, but complimented with payments that could satisfy your other needs as well! All that is needed to do is click the link below or the icon at the right bar to register and get started!


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