Saturday, 15 December 2007

Which Type Of Dysmenorrhoea Have You Experienced?

It felt like there is something in the abdomen. No, I am not pregnant! Although I do look like one with the fats in my body. Sigh. I was having period cramps without the period. Abnormal? Not really. I did some research and found that I am very much healthy, or so I do hope I am.

Pain associated with normal menstrual cycle is common. *but mine is irregular :( * The one I experienced should be the congestive pain that occurs few days before period and it is suppose to improve once the bleeding begins. Scientifically, what I had was just Dysmenorrhoea. It's not as complicated as it sounds. It is just pain in the abdomen, which could get really bad at times.

That's not just it. Dysmernorrhoea is classified into primary and secondary, where Primary Dysmenorrhoea usually begins within a year or a two of a women's first period. It occurs due to the forceful contractions of your womb a.k.a uterus, brought about prostaglandins (normal hormones that are produced by the body). They stimulate contractions of the uterus during period and are responsible for contractions in childbirth, during labour. The contractions are painful because they compress the blood vessels to the uterus, cutting off the blood supply and depriving the tissues of blood.

Secondary Dysmenorrhoea is period pain caused by an underlying disorder. It usually begins later in life. Causes include endometriosis (when tissue from the lining of the womb grows elsewhere in the body and bleeds every month when you have your period), pelvic inflammatory disease, a benign tumour of the uterus called a submucous myoma, IUDs, a rare congenital condition called a blind uterine horn, and narrowing of the cervical canal (the entrance to the uterus), which restricts the flow of blood.

Women who have heavy periods (menorrhagia) have trouble with period pain more often than women who do not. Their pain may be caused by the uterus trying to expel blood clots that have not fully dissolved. For more info, click here.

I guess I had Secondary Dysmenorrhoea! You must be young enough to be in the primary group since that happens during first period. How I wish I am in the primary group!! Yalar, yalar, I am old >_< It is not easy at all to be a woman!!

Yesterday was hell, today is a bliss. I watched Enchanted and I Am Legend on the same day, and had dinner with a group of darlings I've not seen for some time! I am a happy person today :)


usws ( said...

Wow, your post ended really unexpectedly.. Haha, tiba-tiba "I watched Enchanted and I Am Legend on the same day, and had dinner with a group of darlings I've not seen for some time! I am a happy person today :)"

Eventhough it's not thaaat abnormal, it still sounds kinda scary? Ever thinking of seeing someone? Like a doctor maybe? It can't be fun to be always having pains when you're not supposed to, can it?


p.s. OMG, uterus linings growing and bleeding at other parts of the body? OUCH!

amei79 said...

iz it quite common 4 a female to have abdominal pain during PMS? do u like cold drink? if so, stop it right now...& it would be better if u can consult with a gynae dr.

blurryhunniee said...

Haha. I hope you didn't vomit blood after reading it :P Actually wanted to blog about the dinner and movie but after writing about period pain, I got lazy. Hehe.

It IS scary! Till I found out it's actually normal then I feel so much better. I've checked with a gynae long long time ago, I seemed to be er,..normal! :) I assure you, it is not fun at all!

I don't really like drinking cold ice drinks. So I think shouldn't be the problem with me. Yeap, already consulted a gynae.

miCheLle said...

hey dear... try to cut down on tea & cold drinks, and it helps. But at times if u dont drink so much of dat oso can get it, due to improper lifestyle or hormone imbalance.

Is normal la, try to hv chocolate and warm milk if u find it pain.. they help seriously. i used to hv dat too.

take care ya, hopefully it gonna be ok soon. :)

Netster said...

Sounds complicated hahaha

Aronil said...

Hey there, I came across your blog through innit.

And my.. lol at least now I have a term I can use whenever I have PMS-emos coming along - Dysmenorrhoea. :P Was the pain that bad?

Was wondering does smarty and post review actually work?

Aronil :)

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i have the worst case then... sigh...

blurryhunniee said...

Mine should be due to hormone inbalance coz I dont take tea or cold drink that often. Haha.

Think I'd go for choc instead. Period + drinks = Bloat! LOL

It's not as complicated if you're a girl and you experience the pain :P

Yeah. It was bad. There were a few times that I can't walk at all due to the pain.

Yea, they work. You just got to write and write :)

Genes *sigh*

Anonymous said...

it will be ok
if it is too often, better go to gyneacology checkup

Simon said...

Think it's better to have a checkup with a Gynae because menstrual irregularity is not to be taken lightly. A yearly checkup for female is recommended even at your age.

blurryhunniee said...

johnnykiu + simon
er.. I think I'd be fine. If it gets worse, to the clinic I go aightz ;D