Thursday, 20 December 2007

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant In The Gardens

Another belated post with a belated wish >_< Mom's birthday was on 25th November, and we celebrated it at the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant in The Gardens.

Who would have guessed that each and every dish offered in this restaurant is cooked with tea leaves! Talk about healthy lifestyle! Tea may help in reducing gastric, esophageal and skin cancers! *Miracle* This is just the right place to dine in =)

They offer variety of teas to choose from. *Duh!* They even have an area where they sell tea leaves in packets so that customers could easily buy the teas that they enjoyed during their meals. Not only that! Those beautiful teapots are for sale too! There were two different sizes of teapots available.

Bu er Tea.... really smooth type..

Even the rice was cooked with tea leaves.. This is the reason I said EVERY dishes have something to do with either tea or tea leaves.

So much better than those regular white rice.. I feel so healthy >_<

I can't really choose a favourite among the dishes that we had because everything tasted good. Haha. We had HM Beancurd *HM stands for Homemade??*. The texture of the beancurd is very important. HM Beancurd was very smooth and hence it was good!

HM Beancurd with 'dao si' toppings ... mmm..mmm...

Vegetable 4 in 1 with pickle consist of petais, ladies fingers, brinjals and long beans. SlowCatchUpKuan who doesn't like greens commented that this is one of her favourites. I was like "Wow, you're eating veggie! Green ones!!!"

Shredded pickle is very crunchy...Crunch. Crunch.

Another smooth one- herbal steamed egg. Besides these, we also ordered the Bean Paste Fish but unfortunately no pictures was taken because like what SlowCatchUpKuan said, she was busy gobbling up the food that she forgotten to make use of her camera -_-"

Look at the tea leaves.. ahh... I love tea!!

Last but not least, the very special soups! The soups were served in small teapots and each teapots could only fill about 6-7 tea mini cups full of soups. So we ordered 4 different types of soups- Burdock Tea Soup, Ginseng Tea Soup, Tea & Wine Soup and Lotus Root Tea Soup. Hmm.. I must say that my mom makes better lotus root soup, without tea leaves though =(

Mini teapots of soups

The customer service was good. Overall, it is worth to dine here especially if health is the main thing you consider when you look for food.

Happy Belated Birthday once again, Mom!!

Bu er Tea (8 persons) - RM16.00
Herbal Steamed Egg - RM9.00 (L)
Vegetable 4 in 1 with Pickle - RM22.00 (L)
Burdock Tea Soup - RM5.00
Ginseng Tea Soup - RM5.00
Tea & Wine Soup - RM5.00
Lotus Root Soup - RM5.00
HM Beancurd - RM18.00 (L)
Bean Paste Fish - RM30.00 (L)
Green Tea Rice (8 persons) - RM8.00

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Lot LG, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-22836090


usws ( said...

They should make tea leaf chocolates, tea leaf candy, tea leaf fried chicken, tea leaf burgers and tea leaf pizzas so i can eat as much as i want and still feel healthy. HAHA!

Uhh, you make all the dishes sound so delicious. Somemore can convert your sibling into a veggie eater, not easy to do oh. OMG, i need to go out more and try different foods. Can't keep staying here eating all the same *unhealthy food*.

Pandai make money, everything also for sale. Actually it saves them so much to sell the same thing in so many forms. It's like, it's already there anyway, so might as well sell it off. Haha... tables, chairs, cloths also can! XP


p.s. They stole my idea! Now i'll just have to stick with my muffin shop. HAHA!

Nux V said...

hmmmmnn yummy! and so healthy..

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

when u went to The Gardens aR????

3POINT8 said...

WoW...the gardens!
Haha, I went to the gardens today. Not a lot of people there even though its a public holiday. Midvalley on the other hand is jam packed!

wenzi said...

wahh so yummy.. cannot liao.. now i holiday find 1 day go KL "wat"<< cantonese<< u 1 day for food :D

Raymond said...

they should make COFFEE chocolates, COFFEE candy, COFFEE fried chicken (although it is rumoured to exist), COFFEE burgers (not yet) and COFFEE pizzas (definately not yet). Any takers? No? Nevermind...

blurryhunniee said...

I think tea leaves goes with everything. Ahh...thinking about all the food you've mentioned enough to make me drool! Haha..

The food there really makes you feel healthier even by just smelling it! And I did not exaggerate=)

Hmm... those teapots are really nice... Thought of getting for dad since he's a tea lover... But I bet it's expensive :(

Owh... Come up with another new idea then. Hehe

nux v
Yummylicious, I agree!

Yeap! Yeap!

Might be coz The Gardens have expensive brands and Mid Valley more affordable?

Come! Come! Haha... I didn't bump into you in Penang =S

COFFEE is good! I like! But coffee pizza? Nah.. Hehe

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