Friday, 7 December 2007

Pissed (Don't Read. Just Rantings)

I am totally pissed! Don't ask why. So no proper post today. Just rantings. There is just so much things in my mind. My brain is too small to take that much of stuffs. *Trust me, it is small!* Pressured by the examination, which I'm bound to fail eventually. I hope people don't mess with my mind at the wrong time. And ACCA is killing me already! I want to end it, everything, FAST.. But still got to wait few more days~

Readers, if you have something to say, gimme something nice.


Simon said...

Cheer up, it's Friday. Just relax and don't think any of it. Go for a movie, take a nap, watch DVDs and etc. Do something else that is relaxing. It helps, trust me.

Nux V said...

oh...poor gal...cheer up! it will soon over ;-)

usws said...

Aww, pity you.. i definitely know how pissyness feels. I feel like that all the time too and for no good reason either. You've just got to distract yourself with *fun* things and it'll all go away. As long as it's not anything illegal *cough*drugs*cough* XD

Yup, there's already too many things on our minds these day for us to shove more worries and what nots in.

Naw, but don't say you're gonna fail. I learnt something in school (i think XD) called the self fulfilling prophecy where what you say becomes true. Not sure how it works but i guess thinking negatively only brings negative results. Anyhow, i believe in you! Gambateh-o and tambah minyak!

To end this, good luck, all the best and God bless! Oh, and may the force be with you. :D said...

cool down~~
everything will have its solution
Have a nice sunday, don't let it get spoilt.

billy said...

wow ACCA? My sis is currently in level 3 for ACCA. She told me that the exams are tough. I guess she`s right.
Whatever it is, chill out!! ^^

BB COMMUNITY said... some good thing?
1. i like your blog
2. i like ppl ranting in blog
3. add oil la!

miCheLle said...

make urself like sandwich using 2 pillows.... and scream as loud as u can wif full release, u gonna feel betta after dat


wenzi said...

1 word .. ADDD OIL!!!

blurryhunniee said...

To All
Thank you so so much for your concerns and encouragement! Meant a lot to me =)

Billy, I'm doing my part 3 also..sobs*

Ivy Sterling said...

blog walking here