Friday, 14 December 2007

When Is The Best Time To Blog

Examination period is the best time to blog. That's the period where you get so many inspirations to write. That's the time where you just can't resist the temptation to go online just to feel your fingers touching and pressing the keyboard, to write just about anything and everything or reply readers messages in the CBox.

But when exams are finally over, you don't get the urge to write anything at all. All the before-exams-inspiration topics was left untouched and hence the unsatisfied readers :P

I don't know how many of you are like that. But that sure explain my condition during these two months. I was suppose to stop *temporarily* for two whole month to concentrate on studies but you can just check the number of posts I've posted during the time. Haha. When there isn't much time to do what you're suppose to do, that's the time the urge to do the so-called can't-be-delayed things. Everything became 'undelay-dable'. Haha. Alright, proven that I'm plain lazy!

I have abandoned my blog with no updates whatsoever for about one week only and my CBox had been bombarded with messages. Apologies to all. ACCA's fault >_< !! In addition, BaBy_oN_BoArd and Flux had already made a move to request on updates in the blog. But no need to threaten me lar!

Yeap, Flux said "Update your blog or die..."

o_O I don't want to die so I write straight away.

P.S: Outstanding posts and tags will be updated soon ;)


Eddie Law said...

I blog when I am tired as blogging can make me relax

yipguseng said... bout put it like this,

when u have examination near and u want to study for it, u will actually have a lot of inspiration to blog and keep on feel like writing it.
when u finish ur examination finally, u won't have that many inspiration or maybe u still have but dunno how to start writing it :P

eve said...

I think it applies to every blogger students. lol

For me, it's coz I'm a procrastinater. and what better way to procrastinate, than to go on the net, and blog! (while you're supposed to be studying)

That probably explains the increasing number of posts during examinations period, huh? ;)

Chee Hoe said...

Since I have left my school bags years ago I no longer have the luxury of burning the midnight oil studying (thank goodness for that.. hehe).

Nowadays inspiration comes in short spurts. I get an inspiration and i will type it down maybe just as draft for me to follow-up later or on a piece of paper for future reference. I am absent minded so if I don't write it down, I would surely be banging my head at the inspiration that got lost earlier.

Getting old and absent minded.....

miCheLle said... true and i controlled it by turn my pc OFF hehe XD

keili said...

very very true!!

i still remember my a level examination days! tonnes of inspiration to blog, so i wrote down a to-blog list, but after my examinations, inspiration gone!

pamsong said...

Ooo yeah, I had this problem too when I was studying. And even now, when I'm stressed at work, I tend to take time-outs online at my blog. I write there to clear my head and then it helps me do my job with a clear mind after. Haha.

And I love the way it allows procrastination to rule my life. =p

Nux V said...

luckily i nvr blog during my college years...hehehe...
but it happens sometimes when i got inspiration to blog at certain times but due to some commitment for work, hav to put it aside, oni to find out tht the inspiration gone after i completed my tasks.

blurryhunniee said...

eddie law
When I am tired, I can't do just about anything. Hehe.

You got it right there! Full of excuses XP

Well, I AM the queen of procrastinaters in the house!:P Blogging is definitely more enjoyable at those times. =S

chee hoe
Gosh, I am still studying and I already have short term memory lost!! I am OLD!

I tend to forget what I wanted to write days back. But then I don't have the habit of drafting things down. *Whack my head*

By the way, despite burning midnight oil, I still think studyin is better than working. Stressful~

Cannot resist lar! Sure turn it on. LOL!

That's why! That's why need to stop study to blog so many times!! Hehe.. Then of course sacrified the study time ler.

Shhh.. You better be careful if you're doing it during working hours. You don't want to get caught ,right?

nux v
Looks like you've got short memory span as well! :P

usws ( said...

Haha, YES! So true.. During that two weeks i was on 'hiatus', i actually had more to blog on then i usually did. Now pulak, it's hard to even find one tiny but interesting thing to write about. Had to settle for self-imaginated materials. XD

I tried drafting out some post but ended up deleting them because they were either outdated (and not fun to write about anymore) or i couldn't remember why i drafted them in the first place. LOL!


p.s. My OpenId doesn't work. Crap!

blurryhunniee said...

What's wrong with us young people?? We tend to forget almost everything that we're suppose to remember, don't we? LOL.

It's good in a way to know that I got teman! It's so sad to have such problem alone :P

3POINT8 said...

High Five!
I blog more frequent during exam hours. Dunno why, I'm super motivated to blog during busy hours!
Sad thing is... I won't have any exams in my life anymore...

flux said...

leng lui,you are safe now..i wont kill u..muahahhaa

dont worry la,i definitely wont kill u,juz wana read ur blog..wheres the viagra post??? O_o

blurryhunniee said...

High five!
Go take up some professional pepers :)

Scared me! LOL!
Wait yea... be patient :P


i plan my blogging hour b4 i start to blog, jux like i plan on my work, my vacation, even my makan time~
na...kidding la, wahaha~

blurryhunniee said...

bb community
Haha. I thought what you said were true! Scare me only

Raymond said...

Blogging is an act of escapism. It is a random rabbit hole where people go into to escape from the clutches of things called life. Long live blogging.