Friday, 11 July 2008

Baby Boy Turning 22!!

P.S: Please leave some lollies (comments, not in CBox, please) for the birthday boy alright. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to receive/read all the wishes he could get. Thank you very muchy :o)

Chin Kok Seng a.k.a Spicy-B, the boy whom I've grew to love more and more each day. It has been such an incredible journey so far. Lots of bumps here and there. Ouch* I don't think there is any fun if everything was of smooth sailing.

There weren't any regrets at all from the day I know him through a friend. He has been a wonderful friend and now a wonderful boyfriend to me. I must be the little Miss Lucky. He is the quiet one but also the noisy one. He is the wacky one but also the serious one. He's matured at times, but he can also be a kid at another time. He is the one who made me cry but also the one who made me laugh. Whatever it is, I believe he loves me for real. He's the one who pampers me when I needed to be pampered. He does funny things just to get a smile on my face :) He has good qualities, I must say. Hehe.

He's determined in what he believes in. He strives for what he wished to get. Among the people I know, he's one of the most capable and responsible person. Multi-tasking is what he does best. But his memory fails him at times that caused him to break some promises at times :P

Good times seem to pass so fast while bad times seems like there is no ending. But the end result is what matters most. He has all the patience in the world and I really hope he has it with him for like... ever? Hehe. He is indeed the most giving person. One random fact, he now eats carrots because I told him it's good for health. *Right?*

We've been through so much and grown so much together over the years. I cannot imagine how it would be without having him around. To the person who is turning 22 on the 12th July, who is also the person whom I adore, an amazing Happy 22nd Birthday to you!!! It's has been a magical ride with you. Cheers*


Big Bright Head said...

first one to wish get half of the birthday cake..right? he he..
Happy Birthday to... he's name? Make good use of it because only comes once a year. Very Happy Birthday

Johnny Ong said...

2nd to wish, gets the remaining half? chin, all the best in yr future endeavour

singingcoconut said...

OMG, he's wearing Adidas!

erm... is it original brand? LOL

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...


blurryhunniee said...

Thanks for the wishes :)

Birthday cakes are very fattening. Nobody should eat it, not even you guys! :P

I think it should be original. Someone bought it for him for some apparent reason. You shall not know what my guess is on the reason >__<

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

hehe happy belated bday +P cough

singingcoconut said...

Hahas, still 4gt 2 say belated Birthday :)

Girl, don't worry no matter who gave him that ADIDAS!!! LOL I'm high to see ADIDAS XD

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
A very belated one once again to you! :P

No prob. Better late than never :P
I love ADIDAS too. Haha. Well, as a matter of fact it does matter to me who gave him that and for what reason he got that =X