Monday, 28 July 2008


What can stress do to a person?

You get headaches. Real bad ones.

Your gums which stopped bleeding, starts to bleed again. Sigh.

Your mind gets so tired that you can't think much or react much.

You feel like you're about to vomit almost every seconds of the day.

You're stress coz you think too much. But then, you think even more when you're stressed.

You feel lousy. Plain lousy.

You can't do much of anything.

You don't crave for food. It only makes you want to vomit.

Fever-ish all the time.

Bad dreams just keep haunting you. Those people just can't leave your mind alone in dreams or reality.

You have irregular periods and PMS.

I'm having all that. Not too sure if it's due to stress. But I believe so.


cazzycazz said...


2 more to add on to your list based on my experience.

- dandruff
- hair lose

That's really bad isn't it???? My hair is thinning!!!


TZ said...

Try to find somewhere to de-stress... I usually go to the gym... do some exercise to release my stress. I feel great after the exercise :->

blurryhunniee said...

Er, I'm lucky I don't have such problems YET. Phew* You better do something before there's nothing can be done anymore.

I think I'd start my exercise routine back. I think a new lifestyle will make me feel better gua =S