Friday, 25 July 2008

Repeating Nightmares Almost Every Night!

Can you remember all your dreams? I'm sure some of you can, while there are some just like me. I can't remember my dreams well but I subconsciously know roughly what happened. I know whether it's a sweet dream or if it's a nightmare. But if you ask me the story line, I couldn't tell you a thing of it. But I will feel like I know but I actually don't. It's like I know but I couldn't put it in words or in drawings? I just know but not clearly know. Gosh, I hope you get what I am trying to say coz I am a little lost here.

I had a few, let's call it bad dreamS (plural) instead of nightmares coz it doesn't involve ghost or devil although the female character in my dreams were somehow like one to me -_-" I had been having almost the same bad dreams I think. Maybe not the same story line. But it involved the same persons. And it's about the same things. When I woke up, I felt like I cried. Maybe I cried in the dreams. Maybe I cried for real and stopped just moments before I woke up.

Oh well, I guess it's all due to stress that I give to myself. I hate too much. That's why they haunt me like there's no tomorrow. I hate directly and also subconsciously. I'm in a very serious state.

Can I turn back the time and relive my life as an innocent child with no worries and filled with nothing but sincere love from everyone around? Not that I don't like myself now. It's just that I prefer how I used to be. I seldom have nightmares when I was younger. Anyways, how does dreams work? Will reality be exactly like what we dreamt? Or will it be opposite?


Big Bright Head said...

someone said.. the dream world is the real world, our world now is the dream world...

i also blur...

Cherry said...

Hope you won't get the same dream tonite...try not to stress yourself too's bad for health!

blurryhunniee said...

big bright head
Wow. That's confusing. I sure hope it's not true coz I have not been having good dreams these few months.

I know. But I just get stressed easily. I hope I don't get the same dream too tonight.

I think it might due to stress too. Coz I've been having bad headaches, my gums started to bleed again, and I just don't feel good already. Sigh. I just hate to dream about people that I hate -_-"

Johnny Ong said...

most of the time (say 98%) cld never recall what i have dreamt