Monday, 7 July 2008

Love You Not, Big Apple

Another outdated post this should be. I am still not in the mood to blog about the Malacca trip yet. Things have been rather stressful the next day right after we got back. Sigh. I will be attending my first Advanced Taxation class this coming Tuesday. A subject that HungryJess and I opted for just because it has the highest passing rate in the whole wide world. We really do not like the image of us taking any ACCA papers still at the age of 50. That is a horrific image I tell you! Start praying for us!!

Alright, back to the original post. It's about doughnuts/donuts (I thought 'doughnut' is the correct spelling, but I see a lot of people using 'donut' nowadays. I guess both are correct?). It has been long since I crave for any doughnuts. So as most of the Malaysians coz I can see no long queue at Big Apple's or J.Co anymore. We are all so over with the big hoo-hah about the dough with a ring in the middle. Oh yea, I am easily influenced in certain things. I admit I did join the long queue at J.Co once. Take note - ONCE! :P

Sinful! Sinful!

So much as I don't crave for it, my Spicy one and I had it for lunch. 6 pieces of it! Finished by only the two of us! Gosh, fattening!!!! You see, Mr. Boyfriend has a dog at home now (will blog about his dog next time) and he is trying to be a good owner since the irresponsible person who has brought the dog home has not been doing anything a good job in taking care of the dog, let alone pampering the dog. So we went to get Rooney (the dog) some snacks in Desa Park City. That's how we end up eating dough for lunch. LOL.

Will just briefly talk about the doughnuts since everyone would have already tried every flavor that is available. Pardon me for not able to give you the exact names of it. The one far left is a chocolate flavor doughnut with melted chocolate filling. It was still hot at that time, the burst of melted chocolate in the mouth was oh-so-good. But clumsy boy here stained his pants! *shame-shame* My boy is cute. He is very cute! Hehe. Next, (clockwise) I do not really like the vanilla flavor one as it is too sweet for my liking. If I have it a week before my menstrual, maybe I'd like it. Hehe. Shhhh.... A week or so before menstrual, girls like me do like to eat food rich in flavor.

My favorite will still be the hazelnut flavor. I like the crunchiness in every single bite :D From my favorite, to the least I like. Cinnamon flavor, that is. It tasted like those kuih sold at the morning market -_-" The next black doughnut is actually coated with sesame. You know how sesame can add flavor to food that we eat. Same goes here. It's very nice for a doughnut to taste like this. Not sweet. A lil' crunchy. Just the right amount of sesame.

OK, now you see the one with green filling in the middle? That's kiwi jam. Sweet. Nothing special. More like jam with bread? =S

Big Apple Donuts

After all these, if anyone would offer me a treat of another half dozen of doughnuts, all you'd get is, thanks but I think I'll pass.

I can't believe I have written so much. Feels as though I've not been talking for a very long time. Mood swings. PMS. -_-" I shall sign off now.


P.S: I used the last picture as my MSN display picture and someone asked, "You took this from Malacca?" and "This picture looks like taken from a helicopter!". This picture was taken before the Malacca trip. I was in Mr. Bf's car in Desa Park City. LOL!


JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Lolx...The Donuts.
My bro bought it last week but i scare to eat ><

blurryhunniee said...

Why scared? Coz it's fattening?
Oh, you're all bone and no fats, you just just get it all down into your stomach without thinking twice.