Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I Was Bullied By A China Bitch From Singapore

I hate China woman! I really do! Not all, but some. I hate! I hate! I F**ckin hate her!!

I went to work for this Beauty Fair or something in PWTC yesterday for this company selling some vest thingy (I shall not reveal the name) all the way from Singapore. This Singaporean boss of mine is actually a China man. He brought a Singaporean sales girl woman with him to help him out with the sales. This particular bitch woman is actually a China woman bitch! She is one rude bitch I tell you! Not saying that I'm very polite or have good manners but if compared to her, I'm like an angel :P Serious. Anyhow, I have nothing against Singaporean. Those are China man and bitch.

That bitch was no friendly one. Never said hi or smile to me from the start. Being a "senior" there does give her the power to belittle me and my effort to do the job right, or so she thinks. The commissions from the sales must be very important to her from the way she does her sales. Very hard sell wey! She pushes and elbow people around, those that are just not interested with the product that we were selling. Those victims would glare at her in return but she could pretend like she sees nothing and put up a fake smile to the other potential buyers. The fake smile has been plastered at her face the whole time from the minute she start selling.

That bitch only speaks mandarin. Customers who said conversed in Cantonese and English, very naturally I was the one who served them. The worst is whenever I was about the get them to buy the product, she pushed me away and gave me a fierce stare! Bitch! Then when the customer asked me something, she gave me another shot of the fierce tigress stare and asked me to go away and serve other customers instead! Double bitch! So not motivated to work. Not like I care about the commission. Take all the commissions that she wants. Like I care -_-" It's only a few Ringgit, she can have it if she asked properly.

Did I mention I only went to the toilet ONCE there, from 10am to 6pm?! And I stood there the whole time from 10am to 6pm. I did not get to sit to rest my bum at all! When it was supposed to be lunch break, dear boss asked me to buy something for that bitch and him. No big deal, so I agreed. I got a lost for a while in the building, couldn't find the exit. I found that it was raining out there when I finally made my way out. So, no food for me and the others as I couldn't cross the road to the other side to buy food. The boss asked me to go back to the booth. When I went back, he complained that I was out for more than an hour! Untrue! I think it was less than 15minutes, alright?! The girl from the next booth asked me why I didn't get to take any lunch break. Even she did not notice that I went out for "lunch"! She thought I was away for toilet break.

There, no lunch for me while they happily eat their bread. God knows where they get that. I stood there till I had backache. Those China people really bully me like hell! That bitch made me look like I did not do my job coz the sales list comprised almost fully her name. There was only ONE line with my name there and that's because the Indian customer could not speak Chinese at all. The China man boss gave me the look as though I did not work hard enough.

Hey, China man and China woman! Please appreciate that I helped you guys out as I know it's not easy for you guys to find local helpers. I went to work despite of the laziness in me. I know what responsibility is. I did not go there to be bullied like this. I do know how to differentiate between a tough job and being bullied. And what happened was bullying.

My family and HungryJess asked me not to work anymore. I did not want to also. My salary, they can keep it to buy poison to kill each other or something. I am so not interested. I forgot to mention that I stood at the KTM station for two more hours and reached home almost to 9pm!!

I wanted to send an SMS to the boss telling him I couldn't make it to work today. But so happen that the phone message setting went crazy the moment I wanted to send the message out. Too bad for them. Too bad for me too as I couldn't receive any SMS or send any SMS out anymore. Bummer! Faith, I guess.

Now, you tell me, she BITCH-FYING or not??!!!!


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Walaueh...What a EMO post.=S
Come....i belanja you makan 2morow =)

PenangTuaPui said...

aiya.. so far and its already over.. else let 3 of us go and teach her a lesson.....

Tam Ciak is the best in handling those "bitches" with his good looking faces......hahaha

I am Huat Koay from

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

if i were you i wouldn't have stayed the whole day lar. gile ker. give her the the finger and go back oni. work is not all roses but still got limit geh...

wenzi said...

omg.. u also can tahan one hor.. not bad ma.. nvm lah.. nvr work for them agian lo.

Simon Seow said...

You've got patience. Next time find a local company.

Johnny Ong said...

one of those days ....... sigh

Anonymous said...

WTF!This kind of !@#$% boss!I may be chinese but the china chinese sometimes make me ashame to be one!

Do not even work for china people!!!

zhenlong25 said...

I admire your patience toward this whole incident actually....if i were you, i would have quit right away=.=

I clicked your post randomly=)
cheer up!

e s t a n c u s said...

whoooooooh... ganas

blurryhunniee said...

Thanks but make that a delivery k? So I can bum at home and enjoy the meal :P

Oh gosh, I really can't speak a word of Hokkien at all. You really got me blurred there =S

I stupid lor. True that there's a limit! I wasn't sure whether to work the whole week or not at that time. So I stayed. I am stupid larr!!.. SIgh*

Really NEVER!!

simon seow
They called me actually -_-"
Anyways, it's tough to find jobs nowadays when you're out of the freelance job world for quite some time already.

johnny ong
Yea, one of those days :(

Sorry to say, but a lot of China people are rude. Will never work for them anymore!

I didn't even know I have patience at all. I thought me giving up by the end of the day is considered no patience -_-" I should have quit right away actually. My mistake.

Cheered up in a way already. Thanks :)

e s t a n c u s
It goes both ways.

The Malaysian Life said...

These people come from a poor country and survival of the fittest is the order of the day. For us a few ringgit is nothing, but for them its a lot.

They are like Vietnamese refugees who now live in Australia or UK. They act like that because thats how they are brought up. Competition is with EVERYONE. They are not interested in making friends; they just want to WIN.

blurryhunniee said...

the malaysian life
I have worked with another china woman once before. A very nice one indeed and she is from the same company. This one... sigh*

Amilyn said...

i agree with the malaysian life.

the one you met fits his description. the one you worked with before is probably more experienced or simply more good-natured and friendly.

cannot blame some people who grew up next to nothing.. they just need someone to teach them to be more gracious.

but bottomline, OMG HOW CAN THIS WOMAN BE SO BITCHY TO A YOUNG GIRL??? not in their own territory lagi. it's people like this that makes other chinese (even more, chinese not from china) embarrassed.

blurryhunniee said...

I do understand that when you're not in your own country, you do need to work extra hard to survive. But treating people like that is no excuse.

I tried to be nice and all. If I didn't, then maybe I wouldn't even be complaining here from to start with coz I didn't treat her very nice too. But since I did the whole time, I felt it really hard on me. The bullying, I mean.

Charles said...

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blurryhunniee said...

Wow, you know I'm in accounting uh? Hehe. That was just part time. I do need to eat, right? =P Erm, advertising products? How does it work?

Anonymous said...

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