Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Jessica Quah!!

Happy Belated Birthday, lesbo! :P

My first friend in college :D It's amazing how we could chat like we've known each other forever when it was only the first day knowing you. We could talk about almost everything. Friends, family, love, food, etc. Everything. We update on each other's health, menstrual cycle =X, how many times we go to the toilet, every crazy things that happened at home. You have been a great friend, a sister and a mother to me. Kekeke.

It enjoy every moment we spent together. It is just so bad that we don't get to see each other in college every day anymore. But fear not, it's not so easy to kick me out of your life. I guess it's the same for every other relationship. It's not easy to break the bond when it's strong, right? It is so nice that we share the same sense of humor. It's funny that we can share the same funny image that appears in our minds. My favourite was the one where Veronica *cough* sitting on the floor next to your dining table eating with a dog. Remember that? LOL.

I am becoming less sociable nowadays. Finding new friends are getting tougher. It was never easy to find real and true friends. But you definitely are one! One that I would cherish forever. You are the first friend that I used the work "fuck" in the one SMS I sent you during diploma years. So sorry about that. Hehe. Luckily that did not spoil our good friendship. I feel so comfortable talking to you now that I could just use whatever rude words that comes to mind :P WTF. WTF. WTF. Haha. Never expect to influence you and M.C.Square that much. Paiseh* But that kinda feels like we are in a higher level in a relationship already eh? :P

My birthday wish on your birthday: I hope that our friendship will last till we leave this world. I really hope that we'll both achieve our ambition (we have the same one) and let's pray Aussie dream will come true as well. Cheers*

I love you, darling! And Happy Birthday again , O.K.U/ Sister Jess/ HungryJess!! You are officially as old as I am =S

I found another something that we have in common the day I stayed over at your place! A red devil from BadBoyVincent! Hehe. I got a red Patrick from my boy too! :D

Her red one!

My red one!

Sorry for the late post. Internet was down on your special day and we were already heading to Malacca on the next day. Hehe.

Birthday present would be a belated one since you have not decided what you want from me this year :) Hope you enjoyed the Malacca trip, minus the hot weather.

I lap you, girl!!

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