Friday, 18 July 2008

Kobe Had Her First Dog Menstrual

Woke up around 6 something today *Yawn* because everyone was getting ready to go to the University Hospital for dad's cataract surgery. I must have surprised Kobe to see me so early in the morning. So she had a little surprise for me too. Blood! -_-"

Yes, you did not read wrong. BLOOD! My baby Kobe is no longer a baby anymore. She had her first period ever this morning. She's a young adult now! I feel like a proud mother. No wonder Kobe has been acting strange lately. Getting all pissed and angry when I patted her the wrong way. She has been paddling with her two front legs and the butt on the floor the day before. It must have been the PMS. LOL.

No easy job for us to take care of her. She stained the floor wherever she sits. I found out that dog's menstrual takes one month! *gulp*

I wonder if I should get her spayed. It will sure cost a bomb. But the thing is I heard that dogs sometimes get depressed and inactive after they are spayed. I do not wish Kobe to be like that. Dilemma.

I really AM a proud mom! :D


Simon Seow said...

Spay her fast. It only cost around RM 250. If not you'll attract loads of male dogs coming to your house.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
Kobe now weigh about 18.8kg. So it would cost RM280. Vet said if she reach 20kg, then they will charge higher rate =S

According to the vet, we should spay her at the end of August.

Serene said...

oooo she is a WOMAN now! if u wanna sterilise, shd do it soon.. dun drag liao.. i neutered my georgi when he was 6 months old.. he is still the same.. no change.. mayb coz i sterilise him early.. :)

blurryhunniee said...

Will get it done end of August. Kobe is only about 7months old now ;) still a baby to me :P

Serene said...

ooo young lady! hehe.. great to hear tat you are doing it soon. sterilisation brings them better health anyway so no loss.. jus be there for her after the operation. when they are young, they heal really fast and in no time kobe will be up and bubbly again :)

blurryhunniee said...

I hope she'd be ok after the operation. She is really cranky nowadays. She just bitten my other day yesterday. First time seeing her so fierce. Scared us.

She also likes to bite on things. Am worried her itchy mouth will keep disturbing the wound.