Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Quite Confirm Those Are Sand Flies Bites

Remember this and this post about the clinic which sells Viagra? Well, I went back there today. Haha. Not for the Viagra! I went to consult the doctor about the bites I've been suffering from for a week already.

The doctor said those bites are most probably caused by SAND FLIES! :(

Spicy-B, I just want to say "I told you so!" Hehe. I seriously have no idea when did I get bitten coz my boy seems perfectly fine with no more than a few ants bites. Sigh. This is why I always say "Life is never fair" and it has again proven right.

I guess my boy really 'min pei hao' :P Don't get? I'm saying that he has thick skin! That's the only reason I can think of. Too thick that the sand flies could not poke its' needle thingy in. On, second thought, maybe they were not interested in him to start with. Tak ada attraction la! :P Or maybe bulu (hair) too long that they got lost in his jungle of leg hair, so the suckers gave up? Stop. Stop. I shall not be mean. -_-"

Continue. I now need to take 9 pills per day, apply the cream twice a day and hopefully the scars will just fade slowly as fast as possible. Aku tak boleh tahan tengok my ugly leg! :(

This could have been my leg. Luckily mine was not that serious. Bitches Beaches are scary :(


limcyam said...

I admire you.... I had these before... and I cannot stop myself to scratch them!!

No itchy meh??

EVo said...

I asked already...according2my dad he got bitten last time (i think about 10 yrs ago) but he left it untreated..

D next 10 days it became very super itchy and it swelled up super red..and finally there was alot of puss such that it could be pulled out like a small cylinder..he said quite painful lar.

Until now also there's still a smaaaaal scar left lor.

but he left it untreated that's why..if u treat it chances r that it'll be alot better =)

blurryhunniee said...

No need to admire me. I scratched -_-"

Phew* Luckily I have no puss or whatsoever. Just swollen and itchy!
I hope my scars will fade. I bought Mederma :) Will use it after I finish applying the cream the doc gave. I'm not even sure if I'm suppose to finish the cream or what. Sigh

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ugh confirmed? According to the bites there must be a lot of sandflies. It is very small is it? weird thing that we did not notice it? and when we came back only it started to pop up>?

Hmmmm... Damn. Lesbian Sandflies. Cough**

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
Most probably.I don't think anyone can give any confirmation regarding that. It is very small I guess. Almost like mosquitoes?

Your skin is thick. The sand flies are not lesbians >__<

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ceh. more like bushy? =(

they are les indeed

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
I using 'bushy' to describe makes you better. It's bushy then.

Les or not, up for you to think.

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