Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park, Sungkai, Perak [Part2]

It's just not normal if you go somewhere and only take pictures of the place and none of your own face and the faces of people who went there with you. Phew* Here goes some of the pictures taken during my Hot Spring trip with the family :)

It is also NORMAL to take pictures in the car :P

But mom never layan! Macam syok sendiri Sigh~

Same goes to dad. That's because that day was not his birthday! Yeap, he will only layan on his birthdays -_-"

At last when I finally found someone who is in the mood to layan me just a little, I failed at capturing a nice angle of her. So sorry but who cares coz I looked not bad here SlowCatchUpKuan!

Here's a picture of our sponsor cum driver, Mr. EatAllYouCanShung. He's no big fan of meat, which explains the bones you see in the picture :P

I introduce to you, the person who enjoyed the most there was TeddyMommy for sure!

She said her leg felt better after an half an hour of soaking -_-" Unbelievable.

My dad being his usual fussy self that day, he didn't talk much but once he open his mouth, seriously like shooting everyone. The picture below made him look like some Hongkie head of gangster! LOL.

I love being in a jacuzzi so much that I refuse to get out of the water when everyone else was taking a break. Hehe.

SlowCatchUpKuan on the other hand was getting all giggly the whole time. She was laughing at her bf's skeleton figure -_-"

Relax for a while.......................

Then, get into action! Note for guys out there, eat more before you get bullied by your other half. XD

Since this is a family trip, it's a must to have a family portrait taken there :)

It's time to get change when we're done soaking.

Die die must put the nicest picture of SlowCatchUpKuan and I. Every other pictures has failed us :(

Here is the one and only picture of mom and dad taken together on that day. They never seem to like taking pictures together. Complicated family I have.

I got myself a little present from Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park! TeddyMommy didn't notice I was passing something to sis and that my hand was at the car door, she pushed it close quite hard and I end up getting a very dark bruise on my hand that lasted a week or so :(

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dennis said...

your dad sure has a serious looking face...sure look like a Hong Kong Tai Lo! Ahahah