Friday, 10 October 2008

Up Up Up To Look Out Point

From the post on Friday's, we now head to Look Out Point! :)

Like I said, the night is still young for some of them so up the hill we went.

But I'm not young anymore, hence the tired look!

Finding a decent parking space is almost impossible. Downhill, uphill, it is all the same. Everywhere you look, you can see cars. After we managed to squeeze the car into a rather small space that I wasn't even sure if it was a parking space at all, we head to find a place to rest our bums :) There were a few restaurants for you to dine in.

One of the few restaurants there.

Of all places we ended up with Gasoline, a place that I never in my life fancied -_-"

Highly attracted to a PDA I supposed -_-"

We only ordered drinks as we already stuffed our stomach with better food (compared to Gasoline, of course!) in Friday's.

Working ah paks 0.O"

Look Out Point is seriously overrated. You need to drive all the way uphill, then take a long time to find a parking space if you are so unlucky to not get one when you reached there and choose between the limited restaurants to dine in. What you get from all these? Just a snap on KL night view.

The best shot of the night.

Oh yea, and you need to pay to get that k! Those Gasoline staffs was shoo-ing those that were not dining there from taking any pictures or standing near that area -_-" Moreover, the cheapest drink available, if not mistaken is RM6+ (got tax sumore!!) for a packet of teabag and a warm water! Sigh~


desmond-t said...

I just came back from Look Out Point minutes ago! Wat a coincidence!

Got that bad ah Gasoline? Hmm...
I can't deny that they serve bad food, but overall, I give it a so-so rating only...

Maybe this is the first time for me at Look Out Point ya?

blurryhunniee said...

High five* although mine was weeks back. LOL.

Hmm, I never liked their food. But the service in the Gasoline atas bukit a.k.a Look Out Point is terrible la wey! If not coz I was with my boy's friends, I sure show face habis habis ady! :P

By the way, that was also my first visit leh. Hehe.