Thursday, 9 October 2008

I Am Not Dead. And Friday's I Went

It seems like I've been dead for the past two to three months. Not dead as in I died, my body got cremated or buried or whatever that people do to dead bodies. I assure you that my body is perfectly fine right now. Still fat, but alive.

The only reason for the lack of update besides being lazy is.... I was too occupied spending time with Spicy-B coz he was only back for 3 months. Ugh, I lied! After deducting his working period, I only get to spend less than a month with him. I was lazy to blog, so what?! Grrrrrr*

So now, I'd just update according to whatever pictures that I could find in my folders alright. I think everything has already been posted up in Spicy-B's blog. I don't care, I still want to write my own :P You can choose to continue reading here, but jump to his blog at this very second. Looks like I will update in terbalik an antedate sequence since I have already uploaded these photos out of blurness. Sigh.

A little farewell gathering for Spicy-B with his friends at TGI Friday's at The Curve. That was definitely a productive day. We had the protection sticker sticked on our phones and some clumsy people dropped his sim card in the car and it is now lost forever. Apparently it was my fault coz I'm too gorgeous that he had to look at me at that moment and caused the slip of the card from his hands -_-" So not reasonable larrrrr...

We were early so we walked over to Ikano to change the camera cover for his new camera. The camera with 12mp. Doesn't make sense why the pictures below looked so blur and dark right? I thought pictures from a 12mp camera will look very nice leh. Must be the wrong settings. Maybe not. What do I know about cameras anyway!? -_-"

Next stop, at the Borders! Books, books and more books! I love the children's books corner. I found so many storybooks that I used to read. I even found Madeline, the cartoon I used to watch. And I annoyed Spicy-B with the Halloween song I learned from Madeline :) "Wooo~ Wooo~ Wooo~ Wooo~ Halloween is co-oo-ool......." x2

I find this picture very cute and I just got to put this up XD

Spicy-B malu-fied himself that day. We bumped into one of his friend who is supposed to be joining us for dinner but we did not know that as we were not the planners of the gathering and Spicy-B asked, "What are you doing here?" a few times! Yes, he was stunned and need to be asked a few times only he could generate an answer out. One word - awkward.

Anyways, I was surprised to find that Friday's staffs forgo our reserved table to other people. I have always liked their customer service in my previous visits. We end up having to wait for some time outside the restaurant and they finally squeezed a table large enough for us.

They can hardly move -_-"

Time to eat! Time to eat! "Order, please." :) I was hungry.

Smart people know to share as the 3 course meal is too large for one. Who could that be? Hehe.

See see look look for so long, end up almost everyone ordered the same thing -_-"

We were too busy eating that we forgot to take pictures of our food. Anyhow, the food was not as nice as it used to be. What happened to TQM eh? Tsk*tsk*

Bah! Let's get on with the not-so-high-quality pictures, shall we? :P

Vulgar. I like. LOL.

Us :)

Uniform? Two in black striped shirt and another two in white.

Group photo is a must. But I die die must post this particular group photo here coz I realized my hair looks so thick! It's like double of the thickness of my actual hair! XD

Enlarge it, zoom in and view my hair! Hehe.

The last one from Friday's.

I was the photographer, hence not making an appearance in this picture.

The night was still young for many of them. So we headed to another destination. Coming up next as this has become a long winded babble. Hehe.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

the first pics look so dummy =P

That's cute eh? Your sense of taste getting a little haywire dy he he.

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
All I can say is, we have different taste. I have good taste! And you on the other hand, let's just say the only time you have good taste was when you chose me -_-"

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

all the guys with middle fingers*

blurryhunniee said...

Why you trying to sound innocent? :P