Thursday, 2 October 2008

Vehicle Reimbursement Company

It worries me whenever I think of the fact that I will be joining the work force in near future. Yes, it is nearer than I want it to be. I'm worried about the interviews, the work, the sufficiency of my knowledge, the environment of my future work place and also my transportation. You hear me right, transportation is a big problem to me. I presumed that I would need to drive to work myself every single day.

First, I do not know how to drive even though I already have my driving license. Two, the petrol price has increased and decreased. But no matter how hard the government tries to lower down the price of petrol, they can never reverse it back to how it used to be. I promise the cost of driving a car will be a burden to me.

I hope my future employer will provide me with mileage allowances. However, I've heard that some companies practices troublesome procedures for the employees to claim. For those companies, I think a good Vehicle reimbursement company will just do the trick for you in improving your systems. It will definitely do the companies a lot of good as satisfied employees improves productivity!


TINTIN said...

Driving a car will definitely a burden.. especially when the petrol price now so high.. RM110 of petrol only can last me one week... and I car engine water pipe burst that day, sent to repair cost me another bucks..haihz

carrot said...

try to take the train.. save more money! and free from traffic..but big crowd la :D

blurryhunniee said...

Yikes. Take good car of your car. Save maintenance cost :)

If I can take Putra home then I won't be complaining at all. The problem is there is only KTM here. And KTM is just real bad you know! Everyday will be smelling smelly armpits! *faint*

mileageblogger said...

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