Thursday, 20 November 2008

Bitch Fight Video!

It has been awhile since I last blogged. I have a very restricted life now a.k.a NO LIFE!

I wake up, I shit, I pet the dogs, I eat, I study, I eat, I pet the dogs, I study, I eat, I study, I eat, I study, I eat, I study, I watch tv, I feed the dogs, I eat, I bathe, I study, I online, I study, and then I sleep.

Note: To the part where shitting is concern, it is all up to whether I am capable of doing so for that day. One of my PMS symptoms is to constipate, which is so annoying and san fu! Fruits do no good to me at all. Ugh~

I eat and snack so many times in a day for like, everyday! By the end of my exams, you can label me as a pig already! :(

I feel so sick everyday being inside the house. It is really getting into my head like a virus. I can't sit still or concentrate on my studies anymore and my mind tends to wander really far. Why I said far? Well, apparently it took trips to UK and Australia once in awhile -_-" Adui, I feel so pathetic already lar! God please help me. I don't want to study anymore and I don't feel like working as well *boohoo*

The only entertainment left is my favorite bitch dog, Kobe! You should really watch this video. I think she thinks she's human coz she always try to converse with us at home with different sound of barking. So so cute!! *I have no idea how and if I can rotate the image or not*


e s t a n c u s said...

WHat lar are you doing to you dog?

NVM> more importantly,


*bad take on video*


usws said...

Cheh, i thought got 'real' bitch fight. Hehe.. Your voice is nice by the way. And so it Kobe's. XD

blurryhunniee said...

e s t a n c u s
What did I do? We were just communicating with her. And she obviously enjoying it k.

Err... I have bad skill. But you don't la kutuk me. Hehe.

LOL. If real bitch fight will sure be one scary one k. Better not watch. Hehe.

Er, that was not my voice actually. Sis was the one barking.. I only asked if Kobe wants to go Shh Shh or not :P