Monday, 24 November 2008

Pathetic Gila Babi!

Walaueh, I think I'm shopping deprived now! It's so serious that I browse through online shops and blogs almost everyday now. I don't even want to study anymore. Alright, that is just an excuse and I memang don't want to study already coz it makes me sick. So sick that I want to vomit only by looking at the notes :(

Anyways, I find myself very pathetic shopping online coz shopping physically shops in real life is trillions times more fun than this. But just because I have not been getting any allowance since I don't even remember how long already a.k.a no extra money to waste, and I'm too guilty to go out from the house since I have not been studying much these few days, I end up solely browsing and LOOKING through the web and admire how thin those girls are and how nice they look wearing the clothes and bringing those bags. Why don't God make us all the same size?! Yea, WTF!

When I'm bored with looking at local girls and local products, I surfed for overseas branded stuffs -_-"

I am pathetic sungguh! Sigh~


e s t a n c u s said...

come go shopping~!! but wait for the mega sale lar.. 29 nov.. hehehz...

yan said...

me too ler darl..u make me feel i'm pathetic....n i do realy purchase stuff tru online shopping...lagi worst den u..not studying still do online da poslaju ppl come visit my house quite frequent...if im not da same poslaju ppl..n i think he recognises me...hahaha...*sigh* =P

blurryhunniee said...

e s t a n c u s
29Nov... Now 10 Dec already la. Baru free to go out. But need to budget first. Too many things need to buy with limited funds :(

Yikes. Sorry dear. But you enjoyed online shopping wert. I didn't. Made me depressed only. It's either the things come in Free Size a.k.a super kecil or I have no money to splurge :( DAmn saddening wey!

You very friend with the post laju fella now eh. Next time ask for discount :P You update me with the things you buy la :)