Friday, 21 November 2008

Curry Chicken Bun @ Seremban

Sis's bf bought us a big big Curry Chicken Bun from Seremban some time back. One that is bigger than my face!

It is not easy to eat this bun. We had to go through a few steps in order to get it into the able-to-eat state -_-" First you need to cut the bun open in order to get to the curry. Mom initially passed us the butcher knife @_@

Since the inside of the bun sticks to the aluminum foil that wraps the curry, we had to use our hands to open it. Make sure your hands are clean! Cleanliness is of vital importance to prevent from getting food poisoning.

There's another layer of plastic inside the aluminum foil. Cut the plastic open and VoilĂ ! Curry chicken and potatoes!

It's time to eat now. Grab the bread at the sides, dip in, put in your mouth and chew. We finished the bread but did not even touch the meat in there. Hehe. As for the curry, there's nothing special about it. Tasted a bit too sweet and not spicy at all. Fail! The curry tasted a lil like Malacca kind of cooking -_-"

More information on the location to get this bun, click HERE.


usws said...

So cantik sahaja?

blurryhunniee said...

Ya, cantik dipandang sahaja. Langsung tak sedap dimakan. Masakan di KL lagi sedap dimakan, tak payah pergi sampai Seremban.