Thursday, 20 November 2008

Flat Belly Diet

This is what said in my previous post.

"I wake up, I shit, I pet the dogs, I eat, I study, I eat, I pet the dogs, I study, I eat, I study, I eat, I study, I eat, I study, I watch tv, I feed the dogs, I eat, I bathe, I study, I online, I study, and then I sleep."

Have you not notice how many times I eat in a day? That is just a random figure, and I bet I eat more frequent than that! Now, the question that might pop into your mind could be "This lady here is not worried about gaining excessive weight and getting so fat that she wouldn't look good in any clothes at all?" Well, the answer is YES! I am worried, but the laziness in me got the best of me.

This happened too often to me. Weight gaining is nothing new to me. I always end up getting depressed when I get too fat. I get fat even when I don't eat as much as other people. I blame it on the genes.

Everyone has their own "worst part" of their body where most of the fats accumulate. Mine is the stomach area. I never seem to be able to get rid of the fats even at times when I lose weight.


Then I came across Flat Belly Diet that claims to be able to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 32 days with no exercise required. Now, that's something to be happy about. Why effective can it be? I have yet to try it, but do check out the website to learn more about it.


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