Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Can't Wait For The Time To Come!

I'm getting a new puppy in less than 12hours!! YanIsFair's uncle do not like bitches, *Oi, it's female dog lar!!* so he's keeping the male and I'm taking the female. I'm so so excited!! But not as excited as my dad! The first thing he asked me when I woke up this morning was "Hun, what time you going over to Hor Yan's house to get the puppy??" -_-" Looks like the puppy is so much more important than me!

This reminds me of what M.C.Square told me the other day.

"Eh, you be loyal a bit can anot?!"
"What?? I'm only getting a puppy k!"
"Your MugMug just gone not long. You so fast get new one. So not loyal!"

I do miss and love MugMug a lot!! It won't be the same having this new one as it is not a replacement at all! Sigh.. I don't know how to put it in words, but I'm not replacing MugMug!

P.S: We surfed the net to search for female dogs names the whole night! Hehe..


Raising Mercury said...

how sad that mugmug died =( i get it, you are not replacing mugmug in any way just want to get over the process of 'mourning' faster.. i sort of did that, when my hamster died (2 years old), i was soo upset, i went out and bought my first guinea pig, and i had no regrets whatsoever, i look at hammy as like the lil hamster in the sky watching over my piggies (silly eh?) oh well, pet lovers will always be pet lovers! name for a female doggy? i like the name muffin..muffmuff? take care.. good luck with the new lil fella, also..before i forget, happy chinese new year darling!

blurryhunniee said...

raising mercury
No..NO...MugMug didn't die! I think you missed my previous posts.. My MugMug was lost..till now..nobody knows what happened to her.. all our search have failed.

I'm so sorry to hear about your hamster. But I do understand how sad you felt. It's not silly at all k! :)

We named her "Kobe" =D

P.S: happy chinese new year to you too darling!! muax!!

Simon Seow said...

Please lock this new puppy in the house. I don't want to see another MugMug post.

blurryhunniee said...

Yeap, dad did the fence thingy already. No worries :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! New puppy! So have u chose it name??? BTW tq for dropping on my site! Wish u & ur family a very happy CNY!!!

usws said...

The new dog you're referring to is Kobe right? I thought you were looking for FEMALE names? Hahaha.. Nevermind hor? As long as the name is meaningful.. XD

Wow, if only my dad was that excited about animals. He finds them cute like any other human of course but doesn't allow us to keep any. Unless they're small and leave in cages, tanks etc.


p.s. Ugh, something very horrible happened to one of my pet mice. Imagine a scene from Alien movies where the egg hatches from the stomach. And the worse part is, the only suspect is his cage-mate. OMG!

blurryhunniee said...

hor ny ang moh
Yeap, new pup! :) Happy CNY to you too!

Yea, that's Kobe :D Er, it's a unisex name coz I said so! :P

Hmm.. I prefer big dogs. But if you like those small kind then maybe you could just get some toy poodle? Hehe. Can cage it anytime you want:) It's better than nothing. But I warn you, it's no easy job in taking care of a dog. They poo poo everywhere! *faint*

P.S: You better watch out for your mice! It's so gross! It might like human flesh! :P