Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Spicy-B!

Oh well, if you ask me, I think everyday should be Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a day where you show your love to your loved ones. *not only for couples k! Include family and friends lar!* But, why should one only love a person on one particular day? Aren't you suppose to show the same amount of love to your boyfriend/girlfriend/family/friends every single day? It's still up to to define what the celebration means to you.

How did I spend my Valentine's Day? Hmm.. with the boyfriend being overseas, what else to do but to go online early in the morning to chat with him :) But Spicy-B was too tired of waiting and fell asleep! -_-" To make up for that, Spicy-B got his friend *thanks Hao Lim* pre-ordered... Taadaaa.....

The fat-looking and blurry-looking me.. Gimme a break, I just woke up not long -_-"

No skill in taking good photos.. Sigh~

It was suppose to be a surprise but the delivery fella called me a few times to ask for direction to my house and revealed that he's delivering flowers here!-_-" Anyhow, I'm loving my Ferrero Rochers! *Sisters kept asking me to "pluck" the chocs out for them to eat! Tsk*Tsk* Thank you so much, B! *Muacks*

I love my


Plucking the flowers...sob*

The boyfriend over in U.K, thanks for everything. You have definitely been a great boyfriend .*compared to me only ler :P* Thanks for putting up with my bad temper! *Blush* I know you've been really patient with me.*I can be very annoying. Hehe..* I appreciate your efforts.*Even if you always thinks that I don't* Can't wait for 8th June to come! :)

There sure are a bit too much photos in this post... As requested by Spicy-B

A close-up :)

I do not want to make this a too lovey-dovey post, coz it's so not me! Hehe. *Don't be upset k, Spicy-B* And, I do not wish for any readers of this blog to puke after reading this post. @_@

Signing off with hugs and kisses~


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

you ma hou lor. i so envy. so much effort. like what i said. ask him to come back and teach that idiot of mine -_-"

wenzi said...


got flower woooooooo

chocolate sommore..


happy b'lated v day lo.

Raising Mercury said...

the teddy bear is wearing a hoodie! thats soo cute!

blurryhunniee said...

Haha. Don't like that lar! Everyone has got their own weaknesses. But, you wait for 9th June when he comes back then you tell him to teach your boy yourself aightz :P

Thanks! Happy Belated V Day to you too! Hmm, you didn't send me any dragon ball biscuits from Penang in the form of flowers!! Hehe..

raising mercury
I love the hoodie too! Most f my jackets have hoods :)

Lee Chien said...

very lovely leh... hahaha...

usws said...

I think it already IS a lovey-dovey post.. since the part about you wanting it to be V-day everyday. HAHA! Not good you know, suicide rates will rise if it's V-day everyday.

Haha, delivery surprise tak jadi. Or did it?? Maybe the deliveryman was pretending not to know so when you look at the address, you'd go *GASP*!


p.s. I already puked earlier.. No need for that anymore.

Canny Har™ said...

sooo sweet :)

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Lolx lolx...
someone curi-curi so 'sweet' with the flower, didn't share your story with me also!
hemph! dun want friend you already. =P

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