Thursday, 21 February 2008

Free Delivery: Cotton Candy to Your Home

Disclaimer: This post is written by SlowCatchUpKuan.

Last Saturday, while passing by the Manjalara Kepong's condominium, we saw a small box with 2 puppies in it. They were left in the middle of the road divider under the hot sun without food or water. I suspect that they had been left there for quite sometime becoz the pups were terrified, hungry and dead dirty. They peed and pooed in the box. One of the pups was so terrified that there was foam coming out of her mouth...

We took them home and
named them Cotton and Candy (twins). Both are healthy female (bitches). Not sure they're mongrels or not but they are very good looking pups. According to the vet, they are about 2 months old. Very friendly and adorable. Loves bread crumbs.

Anyone who wants them please email me immediately. FREE DELIVERY. :P

Else if there are no takers i have no choice but to send them to SPCA (preferably by tomorrow).

Candy + Cotton (ei the one behind is not me ok!)



Candy shaking hand

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