Thursday, 28 February 2008

Pervert(s) In Kepong!

The first case happened I think one year back when sisters and I were walking back home from the night market in Kepong. It was dark, and we were only a few houses away from our house when a pervert came from an alley without us noticing him. He quickly touches my sis's bum! We shouted and he ran and disappeared into the dark alley. I seriously couldn't understand what excitement he could get by doing so! Such a pathetic loser!!

The second case happened the day after the bum-touching incident. This time it happened early in the morning. Both sisters of mine were playing badminton outside the house and I was standing right at the gate watching them play. Then I realize a guy a guy *I think it's the same loser* squatting down behind a van parked opposite our house, staring at them. He was giving us a very dirty look. When I realized he was there, I stared at him to see what he is up to but he stared back at me and smile to himself! I looked as though he was fantasizing there. Gross!!! When I call out for my dad and I wanted to chase after him but he ran so fast to the same alley again!

The third incident occurred yesterday morning. Sister and I just woke up and still a little blur when we brought Kobe out for her to do her morning business *yes, she needs to pee first thing in the morning :)* Sister was holding the leash as I watched from the gate. I then saw a guy walking passed out house. He was holding and rubbing his bro *yeap, his bloody dick!* down there as he walks! $%^&(*%$#**%* I saw what he was doing and quickly asked my sister to come back to the house. He then did the dirty-smile thingy again and walked to the next door neighbour's car. He stopped walking, turned back to face us, stared and smiled as he kept doing what he was doing all the while! That bastard! I act as though I wanted to go into the house to call for someone. He then walks away, still doing the same thing as he walks. But he kept looking back and smiles as though he is contented with what he just did! I was shocked when sister told me that he actually walked passed our house 2 times before I notice what he was doing! Hmm.. no wonder our pup, Kobe kept pulling the leash wanting to chase after the pervert. And Kobe was barking at the gate behind the house! Scary!! *Kobe, good girl!*

I think there are just too many XX chromosomes in this house. That's why there are so many perverts attracted to this house! I wonder how many perverts had peeked into our room windows when we changed in our room! *There were a few that we know, but didn't manage to catch any. Damn!* I'm scared to even get out from the house to get letters from the postman. I'm worried whenever I need to take the public transport. I feel as if I'm being watched! I hate those perverts! I despise them! I am so disgusted with them! These sick losers deserve a place in hell! They should of course suffer before they even get the chance to go to hell! They should all burn in hell for all the mental and emotional abusive they have caused us!!!


wenzi said...

gosh, u better becareful with those Pervert. why dun go make a police report? or ur housing area RT or whatever that can stop that Prvert?

take care lo

3POINT8 said...

be careful horr

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Send sms to Rakan Kop

WoMbOk™♂ said...

That is utterly shameless. That perv needs a good beating.

Anonymous said...

be more careful ohh...

Simon Seow said...

Try to get some picture of the perverts doing their thing and then file police report.

blurryhunniee said...

Thanks for your concerns :)

I can't really report that to the police coz there is no prove or what-so-ever. You know how our police department works.. Most probably they might not even listen to the whole story and ignore me altogether. Sigh~

Sure hope to capture some pictures, then surely I'd go straight to the police! But unfortunately, our (sister and I) camera phones were spoilt. So it's impossible to bring a camera out whenever we go out.

Hmm.. it's best if we could catch him ourselves. Then I can beat him up first before throwing him to the police!!