Monday, 11 February 2008

Kobe And Pou Pou In The House

We have a new family member to celebrate Chinese New Year with this year!! Yay!

This is baby Kobe. It's the same pronunciation as Kobe Bryant. *look at Kobe's colour and you'd understand why the name "Kobe" :P* Please pronounce her name properly. It's not Kobek or Kobeh!! -_-" Kobe is just 2 months old. A german shepherd and stray dog mixed. *Anak celup.. Cool!*

Kobe looks like a big fat rat! :P

Whooppss... notice another dog in the photo? Well, that's Pou Pou. Pou Pou is a stray dog that used to play with MugMug a lot. She kind of like our house *or us..hehe* too much, so she's staying here as well. Correction then:- two new family members this year! =D Two dogs at once, $$$ better keep flowing in!

P.S: Will blog about how mischievous baby Kobe is, soon..


Michael Yip said...

The first thing I think of when I read the word Kobe was... KOBE BEEF... :p

Anonymous said...

such a cute puppy

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

take more pics of the dogs!!!!
I want to see!

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

lesmond said...

'kob pou' power!!! when both of em worked together...hahahhahaha

usws said...

Haha, and i thought "Whitey" and "Blackey" were racing-sounding enough, you named your dog Kobe because its brown?? LOL! Terrible, say it looks like a rat somemore. I think you've violated a few rights today. XD

I see your naming scheme has changed, unlike Pou Pou and MugMug (OMG, so cute!), you chose a non-repeating name this time. :P But where may i ask this doggy came from? You seem to attract alot of attention. XP


p.s. I want attention too!!

Anonymous said...

its pronouncation is same as Kobe Callait.. isn't it?.hehe.

blurryhunniee said...

michael yip
LOL...she is one meaty pup :P

johnny kiu
She's one naughty one though =X

Soon la.. You should know how lazy I can get by now. Haha..

By the way, your bro didn't bother to take pics of your dog back home ler.. Tak dilayan. All your fault!

Lame la you! :P

It's black!! BLACK! LOL! Sue me for having a cute pup! :P

Now that you mentioned about MugMug, I honestly thinks that I prefer MugMug than this =X

I got Kobe from a friend. My friend is keeping Kobe's bro still. Named him Tom. Hehe.

Are you wishing that you'd be a dog in your next life?? *gasp*

Yeah, almost like that. Without the alphabet 'L'.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! R u sure it is Germen Shepard mixed?? Look to me like Rotweilar mixed! Cute puppy! Have a nice day!

usws said...

Lol.. i mistyped racist as racing. -_-' Ugh, my joke tak jadi.. black, brown or otherwise. XD


p.s. I don't have to be a dog to get attention, do I? Sad nya my life... no wonder no Valentine's date. Not dog-ish enough. AHAHAAH!

blurryhunniee said...

hor ny ang moh
Lots of people said that. But Kobe's fur colour is starting to change and the ears are in the process of standing up. So I'm sure she's a German Shepherd mixed! :D

Aiyak, so sorry that your joke tak jadi! :P

No lar, you just need to know how to manja like a dog at times. Then it'd be fine :)

P.S: Careful not to manja too often. You might be inviting girls to slap you instead! Hehe..