Monday, 4 February 2008

Kids Say The Darnest Things

A mother of three went to a mall to buy new undies for her 2 elder sons, while the youngest watched them choose which to buy. The youngest is only, I think, about 5 years old.

Youngest Son: Mom, what are you and gor gor (elder brothers) doing?
The Mother: We're choosing the sizes of underwears for your brothers.

Few minutes later,

Youngest Son: Mommm.... What are you all doing?
The Mother: Still looking for sizes. Need to buy new underwears for your brothers for New Year.
Youngest Son: Why need to buy underwear?? Daddy also never wear!
The Mother: -_-" (She went far far away as everyone near them were staring at them!)

Luckily The Father was not there. Hehe.

Note: This is a true story.


Imagica Chan said...

oh my.... this is so farniee!!! lol

Canny Har™ said...


-R·K- said...

LOL... this is funny ^^

Raising Mercury said...


Adrian said...

this is killing me :p
if the father is around, totally cant imagine his face :X

usws said...

Haha, i think i would have stood far away too. Good call, Mrs. mum! I didn't know though that you needed new undies for New Year. I mean, new clothes to show off during the reunion but i don't think you want to spoil everyone's appetite by showing your briefs, do you? XD

Were you one of those who were there staring at them? Haha, that would be as funny as heck. I would have stood there laughing... darn evil!


p.s. But what's WRONG with not wearing underwear? XD