Thursday, 7 February 2008 Promotion Code RD32

What if there's someone out there who has the same name, same address, same credit card number, basically having the same identity as you? Don't you think it's kind of creepy to be in such situation? If that particular person is you, then who are you for real?! This is what it's called identity theft.

Everyone is at risk of being a victim of identity theft. If you're worried and would love to prevent such mishap from happening to you, you can always visit and register yourself as well as your family members to be members. The most advanced Identity Theft Protection system is made available in LifeLock.

If you're worried about the fee that needs to be paid, well, you have less to worry now! LifeLock is having a promotion currently. All that needs to be done is to key in the promotional code RD32 upon registering and you will then receive the greatest discount. However, this only applies to new customers of LifeLock. But let's say you enroll over the telephone instead of doing it online, you will still stand a chance to get the discount offered. You only need to mention the code RD32 to the operator to lock in your service at the discounted rate. The LifeLock promotion code is really a wonderful thing for those who are interested in enrolling.

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